Chapter 136 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (44)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2467 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1112 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Wrapped in a dazzling light, Cystia gently offered her hand to Black Mask. When he took her hand, her figure shone even more intensely.

「So bright……!」

Illuminated from a short distance, it was hard for Inglis to keep her eyes open, and she could only barely make out the silhouettes. Then, the shape of the silhouette changed from a humanoid into a long weapon, a spear.

While it was hard for Inglis to see with her eyes, it was possible for her to sense it from the flow of energy. Inglis sharpened her mind with her whole being. And then, she understood. This was…


She could tell that the weaponized Cystia was taking in and amplifying the Ether that Black Mask provided. Yes. Not mana, Ether.

This was astonishing.

Even High Grade Artifacts couldn’t withstand the load of Ether and would be destroyed when Ether was poured into them. Just like what had previously happened to Leone’s High Grade Artifact that was pulverized into shards.

However, not only were Hyrule Menaces safe from Ether, but they also overwhelmingly amplified the Ether that was pumped into them.

It was as if seeing one turn into a five, then into a ten!

If she were to receive an attack from something like that, it didn’t matter whether Inglis protected her body with the full strength of Ether Armor or not, she definitely wouldn’t get away with light scratches. Hyrule Menaces were a weapon that was said to be the ultimate Artifact, and they certainly lived up to their name.

Inglis could understand if it was mana, but she never thought they would amplify Ether too! They were equivalent to the weapon of the Gods that existed in Inglis’ previous life, the Holy Sword.

Highlanders they might be, it was amazing that humans were capable of producing them. To be honest, she was astonished. The world had been evolving in the time before Inglis reincarnated.

Wonderful. How truly wonderful. Inglis couldn’t ask less for an opponent.

「Kgh……! That’s the same unknown power that this maid girl has!? But the Hyrule Menace is responding to it!」
「Please run, Lord Abel. That is dangerous.」

She wanted Abel to step back so she could experience it to the fullest.

「Shut up! I don’t take orders from you! I’ll just have to kill them while the transformation is still ongoing!」

Abel, however, went to approach Black Mask on his own.

「You mustn’t! It’s tactless!」

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It was a grave breach of etiquette to not wait for your opponent to finish their exhibition of power. Inglis kicked the ground to pursue Abel, instantly catching up to him and grabbed his hand.

「Kgh! You keep catching up to me so easily! Damn monster! Let me go!」

But, at that very moment…

Cystia’s weaponization was completely finished, and a golden spear appeared in Black Mask’s hand. It looked like a longer, more lustrous version of the golden spear that Cystia used.

With one hand, Black Mask thrust out the spear. Even to Inglis, who had activated her Ether Armor, the speartip turned into a flash within a fraction of a moment.

The flash pierced the tip of Abel’s shoulder, and everything from his shoulder to his upper arm disappeared without even a sound.


A series of thrusts followed, like flashes of lightning. The thrusts obliterated Abel’s body, waist, legs, heads, his very being one after another.

All that was left was Abel’s left wrist and below, of which Inglis was still clutching.


Hyuun! Hyuun hyuun!!

The piercing sound of the spear resonated with Black Mask’s Ether and it was soon followed by the sound of Abel’s body being shredded.

The sound came late compared to the sight. Furthermore…

The aftermath of the thrusts translated into a fierce shockwave that landed on Inglis’ body.

「Kgh——!? What power……!」

Unable to oppose the shockwave, her body was hurled off the ground. And the place she was blown to… there was no foothold. She was blown off the ship, thrown into the open sky.

「……Ah, I fell.」

Now, how do I get back up… well, I didn’t need to fuss about it, huh.

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「Glis! Hold on me!」

Rafinha maneuvered her Flygear to get underneath Inglis.

「Rani! Thank you!」

Inglis twisted her body, adjusting the angle of her fall before landing on the Flygear.

「Okay, put me back on the ship! I’ll fight!」

She spoke, tapping Rafinha’s shoulder, but…

「WAah!? D-, don’t bring something like that to my face!」
「…? Aah—」

The wrist and the parts of Abel that were spared from being shredded away were still being held in Inglis’ hand.


She threw it aside. It fell to the water channels that led from the Royal Castle to Lake Vault.

「…We’ve regrettably lost someone precious. May you rest in peace.」
「I-, is that the attitude to pray for the dead?」
「No, we don’t have any time, so I thought I’d just bury him in the lake. Should have I left him with you, Rani?」
「No! He was such a bad guy! That much is enough for a prick like him!」
「Then, will you get me back? I’ll be continuing the fight, you see.」
「W-, will you be okay?」

Having witnessed the power of a weaponized Hyrule Menace, Rafinha looked uneasy to comply.

「I don’t know. But, that’s precisely why I’m fired up. I think?」
「Th-, then, you don’t have to fight him right now, right? I’m worried about Miss Ripple and Leone and the rest……」

As though he had also heard her, Black Mask opened his mouth.

「We have defeated the Highland’s Envoy and seized his battleship. We have accomplished enough in this battle. If possible, we’d like you to let us leave right now.」
「I can’t possibly let——」


A thunderous sound came from a location completely different from where they were, somewhere in the urban area. At the same time, a pillar of light rising high to the sky was seen.

That place was…

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「!!! Glis, that’s……!」
「Yeah. That’s coming from the Academy!」

As they were exchanging words, the pillar of light faded and an enormous figure appeared from within.

It was a Beastman Magic Stone Beast, much larger than anything Inglis had ever seen before. It was so huge that it might already reach the roof of the Royal Castle.
And all over its body surface, there were lusters shining in the color of rainbow.

A Magic Stone Beast glimmering in prismatic light. Which meant…


Inglis and Rafinha’s voices came out together.


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