Chapter 138 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (46)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2352 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1045 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Shortly before Inglis and Rafinha’s encounter with Black Mask…The subjugation of Magic Stone Beasts that Ripple had summoned in the subspace was still continuing.



Yua’s hand knives slashed the stronger Magic Stone Beasts that were approaching her from both sides, cutting them into two.

「Y-, you’re really incredible, senior Yua……!」

Liselotte who watched it unfolding in front of her couldn’t help but be amazed.

Even that Inglis couldn’t defeat Magic Stone Beasts bare-handed. Just how on Earth did Yua do it?

She didn’t know, but, even more than that, Yua was extremely reliable. They had killed quite a lot of Magic Stone Beasts, probably a few dozens, but they would never be able to do that without Yua’s strength.

「……Thank you, sharpie.」
「Y-, you’re welcome……」

But still, Liselotte would appreciate it if she didn’t address her with strange nicknames.

「But I’m getting a little bit tired.」
「Y-, yes…so am I……」

They had been battling continuously without a break, with the power of their Gifts at full throttle. The sentiment was shared not only between Yua and Liselotte alone, but also the rest of the team.

The same was true for Principal Miliera and Silva who had been supplying Ripple with their mana to summon Magic Stone Beasts.

「……How’s on your end, Mister Silva?」
「I’m having it tough. But, Lady Ripple is still taking in our power, isn’t she……!?」
「Yes. You’re right…」

The summoning of the Magic Stone Beasts had yet to hit an end. Principal Miliera and Silva could feel it with their senses.

「That means we can’t rest……! Let us continue!」
「Yes! Everyone! The next batch is coming! Please be careful!」

The Principal and Silva strained all their strength to supply Ripple with mana. The vortex-like distortion of space occurred yet again. This time, three of the strengthened Magic Stone Beasts appeared.

「I’ll count on you, everyone!」

Silva offered a shout of encouragement while he provided Ripple with more mana, but then Silva noticed something amiss.

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The color of the black sphere around Ripple’s body changed, then a variety of colors blending together, turning into a shimmering rainbow color…

Following that, the intensity of mana that Ripple sucked in became even stronger than before.

「Uu……kgh!? Th, this is!?」
「I feel like my power is getting sucked even stronger than before……!?」

It’s hard to keep up supplying the mana any longer!

Even though they barely endured the mana absorption, the subjugation of the three Magic Stone Beasts was still ongoing.

Yua went to destroy one of them head-on, while Liselotte drew the attention of another. The last Magic Stone Beast was gathering its strength to launch heat rays over a wide area.

「I shan’t let you!」

Thinking of neutralizing its attack, Liselotte attempted to use her Gift, but…


The pair of white wings from her Gift disappeared, it hit the limit of its endurance.

「!? Someone, please stop it!」
「I will!」

Leone’s great blacksword Artifact extended, knocking the Magic Stone Beast off.

「Thank you so much, Leone!」
「Nice going, girl number 2.」

Whilst dealing with a Magic Stone Beast still, Yua also praised Leone.

「…But sorry, I’m at my limits!」

The isolating subspace disappeared, and their view returned to the large classroom they were in before.

「I’m sorry, me too!」
「And me……!」

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Those were the students who had space-isolating Artifacts just like Leone. They were all out of power, and it became difficult for them to continue maintaining the subspace any longer.

「Everyone’s hit their limits……Is it too difficult to continue anymore……!?」
「At any rate, we should kill the Magic Stone Beasts that are here now!」

At Principal Miliera’s command, Yua immediately waved her hand sword.


The head of the Magic Stone Beast that Yua faced fell off. However, the Magic Stone Beast that Liselotte fought was still at full health.

While the Magic Stone Beast that Leone had knocked away had gotten onto its feet and began to gather energies again.

「It’s coming again!」
「Okay, let me!」

Silva stood up to lend a hand, but the moment he leaped to his feet, a strong spell of dizziness attacked him.

Supplying mana to Ripple, which had got progressively more intense, had put a larger strain on him than expected.


With no one stopping it in time, the Magic Stone Beast fired the balls of heat, that formed a complete circle, towards them. So far, they managed to survive without being shot at, but their prevention finally fell short.

「「O-, oh no!」」

As screams rose, a four-legged silhouette sparkling in blue and purple entered the path of the heat ray heading for the students. It was hit by the heat rays and violently burst into glitter!


The explosion and the heat ray’s momentum canceled each other.

「……! That lightning beast was!?」

As though they responded to Leone’s voice, four more of those lightning beasts appeared. They surrounded the Magic Stone Beast all at once.

The Magic Stone Beast went to attack the lightning beasts by striking them, but the very moment its hand touched one of them…

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The lightning beast exploded. The Magic Stone Beast’s arm flew off due to it.


The other three lightning beasts then hurled their bodies against the frustrated Magic Stone Beasts before concurrently exploding. In the end, the Magic Stone Beast exploded and vanished.

「Get away! Young Lady Althea!」

Accompanying those words, the lightning beasts reappeared yet again and headed towards the last remaining Magic Stone Beast that was engaged with Liselotte.


As though taking over Liselotte’s place after she retreated, the lightning beasts rushed towards the Magic Stone Beast. It then suffered the same fate as the previous one, exploded, then vanished.

After the flash of light that enveloped the large classroom had died down, the figure of a young man appeared at the entrance door.

「……Big brother!」
「Yo. Well, you see…I’m sure there are lots you wanna say, but let me give you a hand here.」

Scratching the back of his head, Leon gave his sister a slightly ashamed smile.


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