Chapter 135 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (43)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2257 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1071 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Lord Abel! I am glad you are okay!」

Inglis’ face lit up as she congratulated the fact that Abel was safe.

「What a brazen lie to tell on my face! Who do you think kicked me!?」
「It wasn’t a lie. I am really happy to see that you are safe.」

It really wasn’t a lie. She wanted to fight strong opponents time and time again. If Abel was safe, that meant she could fight him again.

Moreover, he had a strong vanity in his martial abilities and was belligerent himself. There was a very likely chance that he would polish his skills and challenge Inglis for a rematch.

There was also a lot more to see in his Mana Refinement skill, and Inglis could feel its expandability too. He still could get stronger.

By all means, he should get stronger and use his power against Inglis. Therefore, his wellbeing was something Inglis truly congratulated.

「Archlord! A Highland’s High General, is it? And if you are here……that means you are in charge of the negotiation, correct?」
「Hmph. So what if I am. You must be the head of the Ironblood Chain Brigade. I’ve heard that it’s a man wearing all black, but really, what a bad-taste costume. I’m sure your face is so unsightly that you have no confidence showing it?」
「Fuh… Indeed, I would be anxious if I weren’t dressed like this. Now then, our goal is to kill the Highland’s envoy… It’s distasteful to fight against a child, but I’ll have you let me accomplish our goal.」

Inglis quickly stepped in between the growing tension between Black Mask and Abel.

「Lord Abel, please fall back. He is aiming for your life.」

After that, she spoke to the black mask

「You must know that Lord Abel never had the intention of taking up the negotiation in the first place. So, even without your meddling, both Arlman and Shealot won’t be taken away, you know?」

The situation where Black Mask and Abel crushing each other was most undesirable for Inglis. It would leave her with fewer opponents to fight. It would be a huge waste of opponents.

If that were to happen, then Inglis would have no choice but to lean onto protecting Abel. Currently, Black Mask had the overwhelming upper hand between the two.

She would protect Abel so that she didn’t have to have fewer people to fight. Besides, there was that deal from Principal Miliera about extending the all-you-can-eat buffet.

「Hmph! Everything went exactly as I wanted! I’ll be sanctioning these insects who call themselves Ironblood Chain Brigade myself! I’ll just have to trample their leader under my foot here!」
「If so, then I shall take up the fight you wish to bring. The head of an Archlord is valuable, after all.」
「Please, wait! You mustn’t fight for something like that! Now, put your weapons down! Peace is the way to go!」
「「Look who’s speaking!!」」

They both said the same thing to her.

「I just don’t want anyone else other than me to hurt and get hurt.」

After all, that would mean fewer people to fight.

「But, if the two of you would like to fight me together, then you’re welcome to.」
「Don’t be stupid! There’s no point in doing that now!」
「We don’t fight for pleasure as you do.」
「……It can’t be helped then.」

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Inglis turned to face Black Mask and activated her Ether Armor again. She should act to protect Abel here.

Abel was by no means someone praiseworthy, and there would surely be a debate as to whether protecting him in this scenario would bring prospect or ruin to the country and its people in the future.

But… that was for someone else to think about sometime later. Inglis would only move the way she wanted to move, is all.

Shortly after, a Flygear flew out and drew nearby from within the Highland’s ship. There, a familiar face was seen. A Hyrule Menace with her long, lustrous red hair——Cystia.

「I’m sorry for the wait! We have the bridge under our control!」
「Good work. Withdraw the captured ship immediately!」
「Yessir! I have already issued the order!」

Just as Cystia said, the Highland’s battleship was on the move and moving further away.

「You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲! You’re trying to steal my ship? What a bunch of war looters!」
「Nothing comes from nothing in a battlefield. We should increase our military strength if and when the opportunity arises.」

Don’t tell me… that’s their actual purpose? If not, why would Cystia seize the bridge of an enemy ship? She must have snuck into the airship before it reaches the Royal Castle to take down Abel. That should have been their main objective, after all.

But still, the fact they changed their aim to the airship must mean that they have somehow known about the situation that unfolds in the Royal Castle. Do they still have moles in there that report to them in real-time?

Because of that, they switched their main objective to seizing the battleship instead, huh? Quite a shrewd and resourceful move on their part.

「Well, it matters not. I’ll just kill you here and take it back!」
「Insolent! Who do you think you are!?」
「He is the Highland’s Envoy, Cystia.」
「Eh!? Then let us take him out before we withdraw! This is a good opportunity!」
「Yes, that is what I meant to do!」
「I won’t let you. Hurting each other here will result in nothing but vain.」

Mainly for Inglis, that is…

「Fufufu…Cystia, don’t you think the situation has grown complicated?」
「Yes. You are most correct. And there’s the matter with Leon too!」
「You’re right. In the end, strength speaks the loudest in situations like this. And, even if I could protect myself, I can’t possibly outmaneuver her on my own. Hence, I have no other option but to borrow your strength.」
「……! Yes, if that’s what you wish!」

Lightly, Cystia jumped down from her Flygear and lined up next to the Black Mask. Her body began to glow brightly from within.

「My very being, my very power……they are yours to wield. I entrust you with my everything.」

*This is, don’t tell me—— *

「Hyrule Menace’s weaponization!?」

By all means, I want to see it……!

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