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Chapter 125 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (33)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2327 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1114 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Don’t speak like you know about it! Now, go ahead and cry your eyes out when I cut your arms off!!」

Abel’s fingertips lightly brushed over Inglis’ upper arm.

This was a dreadful attack that had bisected the body of the assassin and cut off King Charleas’ arm. And it… just for a little, teeny bit, tore the sleeve of Inglis’ maid attire.

「W-, WHAT……!?!?」

Abel’s eyes widened in astonishment.

「O-, Oi……!? That one hit, right!?」
「Yeah, it must……! But that maid girl……!」
「S-, she’s fine——?」

The Knights were in a buzz.

「Ooh——A-amazing. As expected of you……!」

However, Inglis had her eyes opened wide in surprise. It was because the power of Abel’s attack was far beyond what she had expected.

He already announced that he was going to cut her arm off, and he really took his time in executing it, so defending against the attack was easy. Right at the moment of contact, Inglis consciously activated the Ether in her body in response to Abel’s movement and defended herself.

It was close to Ether Armor, though less powerful. By doing this with half the power than usual, Inglis could increase her defense without needing to glow up so gaudily.

It was just a simple technique, but the fact that she could now distribute power in stages like so was another result of her training. Previously, she could only exert 10 percent of her strength, no matter what.

That being said, with her in that defensive state, save for her body, she actually never did have an intention to get her clothes damaged. She took a liking to this attire, so she hoped she could bring it home in good shape

However, that attack went beyond Inglis’ expectations and damaged her clothes. As expected of a high-ranked Highlander. It was a real and solid ability, one that deserved praise.

However, Abel was apparently displeased by her praise.


This time, Abel enveloped his entire hand in the mysterious light. He used his whole arm to whip it, slamming it hard. It must be more powerful than before. If that’s the case…


Exhaling a short breath, Inglis fully activated her Ether Armor. With that, Inglis’ body was covered in the pale brilliance of Ether. As Inglis intended, Abel’s hand knife didn’t damage her clothes even slightly this time.

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The light on his hands grew even brighter.

I see, so that ability can be activated in two places at the same time. His control over his ability is just as excellent.

Abel’s two glowing hand knives struck Inglis’ body from all directions again and again. However, Inglis who was enveloped in her Ether Armor didn’t even flinch and was completely unharmed.

The Knights, who could only see what was happening on the surface, seemed to take this situation as anti-climax.

「W-what’s happening! Is that power actually not that big of a deal?」
「No, but……It split a single human into two and sliced His Majesty’s arm off, you know?」
「Is it possible that it weakened because it’s tolling as it is extreme……!?」


Another batch of Magic Stone Beasts entered the venue. They were all quadrupedal and around ten of them showed up. It was a splendid horde.

「Noisy! Shut up!!」

Looking frustrated, Abel flashed his hand sword towards the beasts. The light from his hand ran through the space as though splitting it, and the horde of the Magic Stone Beast was felled in one blow.

And with that, the Knights finally comprehended the phenomenon before them.

「No, it’s that!」
「The maid girl is too strong……!」

After observing, as well as receiving, Abel’s attacks again and again from up close, Inglis began to understand how it worked.

「……I understand now. You are not using simple mana, but instead a superior power that resembles mana…I see now, this is an interesting concept.」

From the perspective of a Divine Knight who manipulated Ether, the will of the Gods, mana was a form of power with a lot of wastefulness. In Abel’s case, what he manipulated was something resembling mana, but it was far more efficient and had less consumption. Perhaps it was better to call it a superior version of mana that had been refined. In terms of quality as a form of power, it sat in a place between mana and Ether.

The basic concept of enhancing one’s sorcery was; the more mana you pour, the stronger the sorcery. In Abel’s case, however, the concept that he exercised was to improve the quality of mana itself, the very source of the sorcery.

It was a technology that Inglis hadn’t seen in her previous life. If this technology continued to progress in its track, perhaps there would be a day where it could reach the level of Ether.

I don’t know how much time has passed since then, but people’s power does evolve, too. Isn’t that wonderful? How interesting.

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「It’s Refined Mana! By clashing the mana you’re clad with against each other to chip off the excess, you can increase the purity and efficiency of the power!」
「I see, so you possess such a technique! Wonderful」
「……I can’t comprehend you at all——! I know you have power, but I don’t know what power it is……! JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOUU!!!」

With his breath roughened, Abel attacked her furiously, but all to no avail.

「I am but a simple maid, though?」
「B̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲……! ARE YOU TAKING ME FOR A FOOOLLL!!」

Abel put all his strength into that attack. It hit Inglis in the chest, but was still blocked by her Ether Armor.

「GRRrrr……It’s as if it doesn’t connect at all!?」
「Excuse me. I know you are still young, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to touch a woman’s breast for so long.」

Without much reason, Abel’s hand had stopped on the swelling parts of Inglis’ chest. With a smile, Inglis grabbed Abel’s wrist and twisted it high in the air.


Abel’s face contorted in anguish. Even for him, Inglis’ strength was nothing to scoff at, as he was unable to resist her.

「Aah, forgive my rudeness.」

Inglis quickly let go of his hand. After all, this was not a fight. She was currently receiving punishment by having her arm cut off.

「Let’s continue. Please slice off my arm.」

That graceful, ladylike smile only frightened Abel instead. Just what kind of creature was she? Her appearance itself was sweet like a lovely flower, but she was a monstrosity unhinged from any common sense.


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