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Chapter 124 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (32)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2249 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 996 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Inglis nonchalantly picked up King Charleas’ arm from the floor.

「Pardon my intrusion. Your Majesty, please stay still for a moment.」

As Inglis attached the bisected section to the wound, King Charleas frowned.

「Uggh……!? W-, what are you trying to do……!?」
「We are attempting to heal your injury. It may hurt, but please be patient.」
「C-, can you do it!? Inglis!」

Following King Charleas, Redas asked Inglis.

「Yes. Rani will…」

By then, Rafinha had already activated the Gift, and her hand was enveloped by the healing light.

「Yes! I will do it……!」

Rafinha held her hand out to where the wounds met. Her face was a bit stiff, and very nervous. It was probably because of how gruesome the injury was.

Inglis, due to various experiences in her previous life, was not shy to press her hand against a cut-off arm, but Rafinha didn’t have that much of an experience yet. The wounds she healed on Silva the other day were indeed fatal, but nothing was as severe as an amputation of an entire limb.

However, what was so amazing from her, was that there was no impurity in the healing Gift she exerted. The new Artifact Rafinha had had two Gifts, and each of them needed to be fed with the correct wavelength of mana.

Normally when she used the Artifact without thinking about it, the usual rain of arrow of light would be activated. While the newly acquired healing Gift was difficult to be activated unless she put a lot of concentration on it.

And yet, the Gift shone gently and powerfully, unwavering even. As this also showcased the core strength of Rafinha, Inglis was pleased to see this sight.

King Charleas’ injury began to recover little by little, starting from his skin.

「H-, His Majesty’s wounds are……!」
「It’s getting healed!」
「H-, however…」

Redas and the other Knights raised a relieved cheer while King Charleas’ eyes shifted towards Abel. It was obvious what he wanted to say, but it was hard for an injured to speak too much. In his stead, Inglis spoke up.

「Lord Abel. Would you mind if we continue healing His Majesty?」
「Well, I wonder……? What do I do? I don’t really mind, though?」
「Thank you very much.」

As Inglis went to bow politely, Abel halted her.

「Wait. I’m still taking a substitute, okay? An arm from another person… who will this King choose to sacrifice in order to wag his tail for me……it’ll be interesting to see that. Now, King. Who is going to lose an arm in order to please me? Come on, tell me now.」
「Kgh……! I-If so, then I don’t need any healing! Just let it……!」
「That’ll be a waste. Look, the maids have done their best to heal you. You can’t waste their effort away like that, can you?」
「Don’t underestimate us…..! For the country and our King, just losing an arm wouldn’t…!」

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Redas was about to step up, but Inglis quickly put herself in.

「Please wait a minute. It was me who was speaking with Lord Abel.」

Leaving Redas to support the King’s arm, Inglis walked towards Abel.

「Then, as the substitute, I offer you my arm. Please show me how you cut it off.」
「Yours? Your movement was quite excellent, but you’re nothing more than a Runeless aren’t you? It’s worthless.」
「Well, I wonder about that?」

Inglis cocked her head slightly as she continued to smile. She did it as she transformed her Ether into mana.

Hyrule Menaces like Eris and Cystia, in addition to Cyrene who was a Highlander, were able to sense Inglis’ strength to some extent by doing this. It was annoying that she had to go through the trouble of converting her original power, Ether, into the less-powerful mana to make people understand how strong she was.

However, Inglis was interested in Abel’s power. By all means, she would like to taste it. And so, she had to make sure that he was interested in Inglis here. As a Highlander, Abel should understand how strong she was.

However, his reaction was not what Inglis had expected.

「Hmph. What’s that smug for? How laughable. So it’s true that you can control some powerful mana without the use of Rune, but that’s nothing more than boor power, you know?」

Eris and many others were all surprised, but Abel wasn’t even agitated. He even sneered at her. It was proof of his confidence. This suddenly made Inglis’ expectation flew off the chart, she couldn’t help it.

「Oo—— Is that so……! Then that’s more the reason for you to do it to me, by all means!!」

Inglis’ glistening expression seemed to have irritated Abel.

「What are you so happy for……! Fine, I will cut off your arm. Don’t you think I’ll hold myself back just because you’re a woman, okay? I hate women like you who stand out wherever they go the most……!」
「Yes, that’s even better!」

Because that meant he would attack her without restraint.

「G-, Glis……!」

Rafinha raised a worried call.

「It’s all right, Rani. You only need to continue healing His Majesty.」
「Y-, yeah……!」

While Inglis turned to Rafinha and gave her a smile, light showed up at Abel’s fingertips.

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「……Fufu!! I can’t wait to see what kind of scream you’ll make when your arm falls off!」

Inglis then took a closer look at the flow of power that swirled around Abel’s fingertips.

「I knew it, it’s not just the movement of mana, is it……? Not to mention, it appears that a number of wavelengths are intermingling, producing a new flow of power altogether?」

It seemed to her that it was the result of a rather complex control of power. And, was that also the reason for Abel’s confidence when he said that mana was just boor power?


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