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Chapter 126 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (34)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2844 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1305 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Inglis, isn’t it……As if there’s a maid like you!!」

There is no way a monstrosity like her that could withstand the power of an Archlord would be a servant for a castle on Midland. It was obvious that she had some kind of background and agenda.

The only thing that came to Abel’s mind was that she could be a new type of warfare weapon prepared by the Three Archdukes’ Party. Technology was an ever-progressing thing. There was a possibility that they might have created a being far superior than Hyrule Menaces that Abel wasn’t aware of.

The lots from the Dukes’ Party, especially, were very particular in technological innovations, unlike the Church Founder’s Union which valued doctrines and traditions. In other words, they were a bunch of troublemakers who prioritized intellectual curiosity over safety and stability. The reason why they easily lifted the ban on bestowing armaments such as Flygears was that they were so confident they could produce armaments that outperform it and their advantage over Midland wouldn’t waver.

As for Abel himself, he doesn’t believe that the people of Midland could threaten the Highland, not even if the heavens and the earth turned over. However, his lord the Founder was concerned. The lord’s decree was absolute for Abel.

And while they were not intimidated by those garbages on the Midland, they still could be threatened by the Dukes’ Party, who were Highlanders like them too. Special Envoy Theodore who had shortly arrived in this country, in particular, was a young engineer who was especially famous even among the Dukes’ Party members.
There was no denying that Inglis’ presence was a trap prepared by Theodore.

Is he trying to take advantage of our plan and test out the performance of the new weapon they have been keeping a secret of? If that’s the case, then it’s a good thing that I’m the one who came here. I should expose as many capabilities of this Inglis woman as possible while I can. If not, she might be a huge problem for the Church’s Union later on. This abnormally pretty female poses that much danger in her, after all.

「Tell me! What are you planning here!?」
「Actually, I wanted money for my hobby of eatery tour, so I came here as a part-time worker……I am usually a student of the Squire division at the Knight Academy.」

Inglis repeated the explanation that Rafinha had also given earlier. Behind that, she was planning to extend the all-you-can-eat deal at the Knight Academy’s cafeteria by guarding King Charleas and Envoy Abel. Even deeper behind that, she was also looking forward to fighting the leader of the Ironblood Chain Brigade, whom she expected to attack this place. However, she promised Rafinha not to say anything weird.

「Hmph, so you have no intention to say the truth!」
「That is not true. Everything is exactly as I said.」
「Well, I don’t mind. You can say whatever you want with your mouth! Rather than that, your power! Come, show me more of it!」

Abel then beckoned her to attack.

「Even if you told me… I am currently in the process of receiving punishment and nothing more, though?」

It would completely become a match if she were allowed to attack back, which was what she really wanted, but she couldn’t just do that. King Charleas would never allow her to attack Abel. He even said earlier that he would execute anyone who tried to harm Abel.

If Inglis violated that, of course, she would be in huge trouble. The all-you-can-eat cafeteria deal would be a thing in the past.

「That doesn’t matter! In fact, I’ll overlook the punishment if you can defeat me! So come!」
「So said Lord Envoy, but what do I do?」

Inglis turned to King Charleas and asked. She would if she could fight, but…

「Stop! We can’t possibly create a ground for future problems by injuring an esteemed envoy of the Highland! We have to settle things amicably!!」

King Charlea’s reply was as expected. Inglis could feel an undying conviction in his stance of absolute reverence towards the Highland. His stance wouldn’t be shaken even if Abel urged him verbally.

「——So I was ordered. I’m sorry.」

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Inglis bowed lightly. Her face seemed calm, but in her heart, she really regretted it. Things didn’t always go your way in life. She was so saddened that tears might as well fall.

「Hahn! You’re really a fool dog, King! That attitude of yours means nothing! Listen, I didn’t come down here for the negotiation you called! If that was all, we only had to send some lowly servant as a diplomat! There won’t be any Hyrule Menace exchange happening! Or any rapprochement with the Church’s Union! Lord Founder is angry, and this country will soon be wiped off the face of the map!」
「Wha……!? Then why did you come here!?」

King Charlea’s eyes opened wide. He seemed to be quite shocked. No wonder. He had gone to great lengths to negotiate with the Church’s Union, but now it was revealed that they never had the intention of accepting it.

「There is a talk about an anti-Highland organization called Ironblood Chain Brigade that has been overstepping the line! We knew that if they heard any rumors of negotiation to sell off territories, they would sabotage it, so we laid a trap! When they waltzed in so shamelessly, I will eradicate them with my power! That is why I, the Archlord, am here! Your country’s wellbeing is never in consideration! Hahahaha!」

That scornful laughter was enough to shoot the Knights’ temper high up.

「W-, what did you say……!?」
「You deceived us and used us as your stepping stool!?」
「Then why did His Majesty have to suffer that humiliation……!」

Abel further provoked the enraged Knights.

「There’s no meaning! No value whatsoever! Not to you incompetent b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ crawling on the mud down below!!」

In the midst of all these angry roars, Inglis was smiling so joyfully. It was a flowery smile, completely out of place, and utterly lovely.

「That’s great! This means that you are a villain who backstabbed His Majesty the King and sliced his arm off for no reason, doesn’t it? Isn’t that correct? That’s how it is, right?」

Which means she’ll be allowed. She can fight. She can enjoy herself!

I don’t know why he revealed his true aim, but it doesn’t matter at this point. All I can say is that this is very favorable for me.

「Yes, that’s how it is! That is absolutely right!」

Declared Abel.

「Then, Your Majesty. If you command me to strike down the sinner, I shall do so. However, what is your order?」

With the smile that wouldn’t fade off, Inglis asked the King. Rafinha, Redas, and all the other Knights near him nodded their heads strongly, agreeing to Inglis.

「……don’t kill. Arrest him!」
「Yes. By your order.」

She bowed deeply and received the order. Now, she finally had permission to…

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The very next moment, the sound of an Aerial Battleship reverberating through the air high in the sky was heard. It was a different one than the one anchored above the royal palace, the sound of a new vessel.


A series of explosions, or rather, gunfire, echoed from the sky. Immediately afterward, many sections of the Royal Castle drummed and shook, like a rumble in the ground.

The newly arrived Aerial Battleship appeared from beyond the clouds and bombarded the area. Its figure could be seen in the sky outside through the large broken window.

「That’s Ironblood Chain Brigade’s battleship……!」

Inglis’ most anticipated guest, the Black Mask, had finally arrived. Things would get busy.


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