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Chapter 123 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (31)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2473 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1120 words
Editor(s): Hydra


The Knights in the vicinity shouted in awe of the power of the Highlander who just bisected a man with his bare hands and shuddered at the horrific death of the assassin. Their voices could be in response to either.

Since Inglis was at zero distance from the tragedy, she had blood splattered on her cheeks and hair.

「Glis! Are you okay!?」

Rafinha came running over and wiped her cheek with a handkerchief.

「Ah, yeah. I’m fine.」

Seeing Inglis’ condition, Abel gave her a cold smirk.

「Hmph. You remain unfazed even after being drenched in blood, you have some nerve, don’t you? And yet those burly men over there are shrieking like babies.」
「Much obliged.」

Inglis only bowed, brushing the ordeal off. Rather than something like this, she was more interested in the power Abel displayed earlier.

She could feel the movement of mana, so it had to be sorcery, but she couldn’t grasp details of it at first glance.

It felt like an even faster, stronger, and more sophisticated flow of power compared to the mana that flowed through ordinary sorcery structures or Artifacts. The fact that it was mysterious was good. It only meant that he was a strong opponent with more bites than the usual opponents.

Without her noticing, Inglis already made a delightful smile on her lips.

「What are you smiling for? Are you the type to smile when angered?」
「No, sir. I am a maid, so is it not natural for me to smile at a guest?」

I think I did a good job deceiving him.

However, Inglis aside, Rafinha was furious.

「Did you do that on purpose!? That was nasty!」
「Is it? Don’t you think it’s nastier to invite people over only to kill them? Hey, King, did you lure me into your land and try to kill me?」

Abel fended Rafinha off and turned his gaze to King Charleas.

「N-, nonsense! Our Kingdom held no will as such!」
「I-, indeed! One woeful group, the Ironblood Chain Brigade, has been crawling all over the Midland as of late, I suspect they are responsible for what had happened!」
「Exactly! As a King, it is disgraceful of me to let such a band operate within my walls……」

King Charleas and Redas continued on their vindication.

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「Hmm……Well, I don’t mind buying such a story. However, that means there’s a new problem, isn’t there? You have put an envoy of the Highland in danger through your incompetence. How are you going to atone for that crime?」
「My lord. This humble Charleas is prepared to receive any kind of blame that comes my way. I pledge for your forgiveness!」

King Charleas knelt before Abel, his head low and flat. He prostrated so low his forehead might as well touch the floor on Abel’s feet.

「「「Y-, Your Majesty……!」」」

The Knights had an indescribably complicated look on their faces to see that their own revered King would stoop so low.


Rafinha was also silent, but her eyes reflected misery.

Even so, Abel kept his callous smirk on his face.

「Too lenient. That’s not good enough, King. An apology can only work if and when both parties are of equal standings! The Highland and the Midland are heaven and earth apart. You are nothing but the head of a herd of livestock. And livestock are nothing but livestock, you know? Which only means…」

All of a sudden, Abel’s fingertips moved to strike King Charleas’ right upper arm. His fingertips were surrounded by the same mysterious light as before, and…

「……!? GUAAaaaakgh……!?」

With a thud, the right arm fell to the ground, spurting out blood.

「I’ll take one arm as an apology, okay?」

It was a very joyful, disgusting smile.

「B-, B̲A̲A̲S̲T̲A̲A̲R̲D̲D̲!!」

Naturally, after they saw him injuring their King, the Knights surrounded him in a frenzy as though they had hit the limit of their patience.

「Oya? So you are planning to attack me, after all?」

As Redas seemed to have been enraged as well, he drew his sword and pointed it at Abel.

「Shut up!! I shan’t allow anyone wronged my King to live!!」
「CEASE IT!!!!! Calm down, all of you! Anyone who doesn’t obey shall be put to death in the name of the King!」

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King Charleas roared to the Knights with a voice so loud it echoed throughout the entire venue.

「「「!? S-, sir yes sir……!」」」

Having been told off so far, Redas and the other Knights had no choice but become crestfallen, as though icy cold water doused their heart.

「L-, Lord Abel…… Thank you for your magnanimous treatment…」

Despite losing an arm, King Charleas hung his head down to Abel.

「「「Y-, Your Majesty……」」」

Some of the Knights wept at such a sight of him, whether out of misery or vexation.

「Kukuku……Very well, I pardon your blunder. Now, make sure to protect me properly, okay?」

Abel nodded in satisfaction.

In a hushed voice so that only she and Inglis could hear, Rafinha whispered.

「H-, hey Glis……」
「Is this really the correct thing to do……? Is this right? Something like this is…」
「To each and their own, remember? What you believe to be right, Rani, is the right thing.」

As for Inglis personally, she could sense a certain kind of conviction in the King who had thrown away his position and pride as a monarch to the point of making his subordinate cried out in vexation.

No matter how many times he was trampled on, he would maintain absolute reverence for the Highland to keep his kingdom and people alive.

Inglis could see that in his eyes.

It was only natural that he would have a hard time coming to an understanding with Prince Wayne, whom Inglis felt was trying to gain power for the Midland and reduce the power relationship with the Highland.

Just what would come out from this conflict? Well, Inglis would leave that to each of them to work it out. It was none of her business. The people of this age should determine how they would lead this age.

「Rather than that, Rani. Don’t you have something to do in haste?」
「Eh……? What do I do?」

Inglis touched King Charleas’ right arm that had fallen on the ground.

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「If you hurry, it may still get attached back.」

With the healing power of Rafinha’s new-type Artifact.

「Y-, you’re right……! I got it, I’ll do it!」

Rafinha’s expression tightened, then she nodded.


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