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Chapter 122 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (30)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2367 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1100 words
Editor(s): Hydra


In response to Inglis’ approach, the winged lizard Magic Stone Beast opened its mouth wide to take a bite of her.


Inglis jumped lightly to avoid its maw. She deliberately kept the height of her leap just narrowly above the Magic Stone Beast’s head. And then, while doing so, she somersaulted in one fluid motion and slammed her heel down on the head of the Magic Stone Beast.


The kick was so powerful that it made the Magic Stone Beast’s head cave in, falling the whole body flat to the ground with a huge splat sound.


The strange sound from the blow and the sight of the Magic Stone Beast crushed on the floor was unimaginable from her lovely figure. The Knights were wide-eyed but Inglis had already disappeared from their vision in the next instance.

With the momentum of her heel dropping, she continued on her assault, leaping forward this time. She easily positioned herself above the winged insect Magic Stone Beast near the ceilings.

Then, as she knocked down the insectoid Magic Stone Beast with a roundhouse kick, she used the recoil to change direction. As if everything was in a flowing motion, she was closing in on the crow Magic Stone Beast.

「Oooh……!? How fast……!?」
「And what a truly beautiful movement—!!」
「Is that girl really just a maid……!?」

With the voices of the Knights at her back, she held the crow Magic Stone Beast by its large beak, then…

「Please help me out here!!」

She swung the beast’s entire body in a circle. The Magic Stone Beast was completely unable to resist Inglis’ strength, perfectly at her mercy.

She then landed in front of the doorway where the dog and the rat Magic Stone Beast had appeared, still swinging the crow in her hand.


With the crow Magic Stone Beasts, she knocked the other beasts away. The dog and the rat Magic Stone Beasts flew furiously over the Knights’ heads.

「……!? H-, her strength is just as abnormal too……!?」
「Even though she’s bare-handed, not using any Artifact at all……!?」
「No, look, she doesn’t even have a Rune……!?」

The flown Magic Stone Beasts neatly stacked up on the winged lizard and insectoid beasts she had hit earlier. To top it, Inglis threw the crow Magic Stone Beast over, and thus born the pile of convulsing beasts.

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「I’m a maid, so it is my job to clean up the venue.」

Inglis tidily bowed to the Knights with a smile.

「……Her strength, her speed, her skill, they’re all great, but… 」
「Even more than that, more importantly……」
「「「H-, how gorgeous……!!」」」

The Knights were thoroughly captivated. By then, Inglis was already calling out for Rafinha.

「Rani! Please do the finishing blow!」

Pure physical attacks were ineffective against Magic Stone Beasts. That was why people in Midland needed the Artifacts given to them by the Highlanders.

What Inglis did was practically only stopping their movements temporarily. If left alone, they would soon recover and start moving around.

「I know! Glis!」

Rafinha drew on her light bow Artifact.


Thin arrows of light scattered and rained down on the pile of Magic Stone Beasts. The attack Rafinha unleashed killed all the Magic Stone Beasts.

「Thank you. Rani.」
「You’re welcome.」

As Inglis and Rafinha gave each other a smile, Redas, who had been stationed by the King’s side, seemed to have noticed their presence.

「You are……Inglis from the Knight Academy!? And you’re Sir Raphael’s little sister! Why are you both here?」
「Today is our day off, so we came to work a day job.」
「We have a hobby of trying food at various restaurants, so we wanted some pocket money for that!」

Obviously, neither Inglis nor Rafinha would tell the truth. They just grinned charmingly, trying to cover up their true motive. Fortunately, he didn’t suspect them of anything.

「Hmm, I see… Either way, we’re very grateful for your help. I have absolutely no idea under what principle you could move around like that, but you’re damn good at it! Ha ha ha ha!!」
「Much obliged. However, please be wary. I don’t think it’s ended just yet.」

These Magic Stone Beasts are probably the result of the prism powder the Ironblood Chain Brigade had. Considering that no Prism Flow has fallen, there is no doubt about it. The prism powder must have been scattered by someone who had already entered the palace.

The Black Mask has even obtained information about the negotiation between King Charleas and Archlord Abel. I don’t know who it is, but I’m certain that there are people within the Royal Palace, and at a very high status at that, who are collaborating with the brigade.

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The Magic Stone Beasts are nothing but an opening act. Just where will they come from, and how…

「Of course I know that! Imperial Guards! On your position! Secure the perimeter around His Majesty the King and the Envoy! Seal off all entrances and exits! Get ready for any intrusion from the windows!」
「「「Sir yes sir!!」」」

As Redas’ instructions flew, the Knights began to move in one same breath.

「Hmph. How irritating!」

One of the Knight drew a dagger Artifact that shone in icy blue towards the sneering Abel.

「Your just punishment……!」

Then, from Abel’s blind spot, he went to stab it into his body! Ironblood Chain Brigade’s collaborator was already on the scene.

「!? No! Stop……!」

King Charleas raised his voice…


Inglis waltzed into the gap between the Knight and Abel then held tight the dagger Artifact with one hand.

「Kgh……! Let it go! Highlanders who prey on Midland must be eliminated!!」
「I’m truly sorry, but I have things that I need to protect too.」

I have that promise with principal Miliera. If I managed to protect King Charleas and the Highland envoy, she would extend our all-you-can-eat period in the cafeteria. I can’t afford to lose that.

「Oi, you. Your meddling is unnecessary. Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to handle a small fry like that?」
「Pardon my rudeness.」
「Whatever. Just hold him like that.」

After saying so, Abel straightened up his index and middle fingers together. The tip of his jointed fingers was enveloped in a dark, mysterious colored light.

He then moved those fingers from bottom to top, passing through the assassin-wannabe’s body, then…

「Oh……!? OOAAAHHHHHH……!?」

His body split in half, and the corpse fell to the floor, spewing blood.

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