Chapter 106 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (14)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,429 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,109 words
Editor(s): Hydra

After seeing Yua off, Inglis returned to Rafinha and the others. It seemed that the Flygear Carrier Liselotte piloted had landed safely. Rafinha and the others were gathering in a circle and glanced at Inglis as she passed them by.

「Thank you, Glis. With the front space open, we can dock in easier.」

Raphael who was within the circle called out to her.

「No, it was an easy task to be done. I also could talk with Senior Yua because of that, too.」
「What were you two talking about? Did she reject your proposal to fight again?」
「That’s not it, Rani. She said she doesn’t mind fighting me. In exchange, she wants me to teach her something.」
「Teach her what?」
「How to make your chests bigger.」
「……Fufu. I feel like I can get along well with Senior Yua.」
「I-, is being big really that great?! I mean, they’re heavy and taking a toll on your shoulders, they gather attention, and it’s not all fun.」

Leone said the exact same thing Inglis did. If Leone, as a girl, said the exact same thing as Glis, what that meant was that Glis’ senses had indisputably changed to that of a girl. It wasn’t that it inconvenience her, but it was still awkward.

However, she still couldn’t understand Yua’s “I want big ***** and get popular” notion at all. What was so pleasant about getting popular amongst men? She could say that part of her was still sound as before.

Although, she understood how some dresses looked better with the proper size of bust or how fulfilling to see herself in the mirror.

「That’s the luxury of the big-breasted. Girls who have it big without putting in the effort won’t understand the feeling of the have-nots.」

Rafinha’s breath roughened.

「Rani, you tried many things, didn’t you?」
「Yeah, I put quite the effort to raise them despite their looks!」
「Can you tell me what you tried? Since I know they don’t work, I can tell Senior Yua to avoid trying them.」
「Hic-hic…… Shut up!」
「Now, now, it’s disgraceful to bring up this topic in the presence of Sir Raphael and Lady Eris.」
「You have it decent, Liselotte, that’s why you can put on air!」
「And yours aren’t so big to hurt your shoulders too, so you can say you’re having it best amongst us!」
「H-, haa……」

Liselotte chimed in to draw a tie, but both Rafinha and Leone pressed their eyes full of jealousy on her, which in turn made her bewildered.

「Also, you can pass without Rene squirming in your chest too.」
「That’s right, Inglis. Liselotte must experience that too at least once.」
「Okay, Rene. You can go inside Liselotte’s clothes!」

Rafinha unleashed Rene towards Liselotte.

Squirm squirm squirm!!

「Gyaah!? Ah, y-you mustn’t, you’re tickling m……! hyaaun!?」

Once she was satisfied, Rene went back to Inglis and settled on her cleavage.

「In the end, she comes back to me.」

When Inglis poked Rene’s cheek, she in turn went on a rampage in her valleys.

「G-, geez, Rene……!」
「I knew it, big ones are impressive to watch when they sway~. I understand how Senior Yua feels.」

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Rafinha nodded.
Looking at their antiques, Eris heaved a sigh.

「……Raphael. At times like this, shouldn’t you be the one to straighten them up?」
「Ah, y-you’re right. F-, forgive me, Lady Eris……」
「That can’t be helped, Miss Eris. Big brother Rafa can only see Glis when she’s around him.」
「R-, Rani, you little……!」
「Waa~ Big brother is mad at me 𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Eris heaved another sigh.

「He’s just as merry——」

Inglis fanned the topic towards Eris.

「By the way, Miss Eris. Do you know any?」
「Know what?」
「How to make your chest bigger.」
「……You are the very first person to ever ask such a foolish thing to a Hyrule Menace.」
「This is a matter of life and death for me!」

It was all so she could exchange fists with Yua. Inglis couldn’t possibly stay silent without a match if she was in the presence of a fighter as strong as Yua. As Eris would be out on a sortie towards the border zone with the Venefique Kingdom, now was as good a time to ask as any.

「……I don’t know and I don’t care. Once a Hyrule Menace become a Hyrule Menace, you won’t grow older and your body won’t develop any further.」
「How about the time before you became a Hyrule Menace……?」
「That was so long in the past that I can’t remember it anymore. Also, my life wasn’t that peaceful that I had the time to be happy-go-lucky and think about such things.」
「……Which meant that there was some terrifying enemy that terrorized you, right!? Was it a Magic Stone Beast? Have you defeated it? If it’s still alive, may I go and fight it?」
「……You REALLY only have that in mind, do you?」

Eris heaved a much, much deeper sigh, shaking her head left and right.

「Rather than that, how is Ripple doing?」
「There isn’t anything off with her. While the phenomenon that summons the Magic Stone Beasts keep happening as usual, we can stop it from damaging the surroundings just fine. Since Lord Theodore will be accompanying the sortie, we can only maintain the status quo until he is back.」
「……I see. I leave Ripple in your care.」
「Yep. Leave it to us.」

From her side, Rafinha stuck out her face.

「We will do our best, so you mustn’t lose to the Venefiques, Miss Eris! They invaded someone else’s country even though we are all up against Magic Stone Beasts together, what good-for-nothing people. Just knock them back to their land!」
「……Well, I believe Lord Theodore is on this ship precisely to avoid any conflict.」
「? What do you mean, Glis?」
「Because they can’t just attack if a Highland’s Special Envoy is on the scene. The Special Envoy to the Venefique Kingdom is affiliated with an opposing political party, so if things go south, the conflict won’t stay being a skirmish between Midland nations, it will grow to become a dispute between two major forces of the Highland. With Lord Theodore going into the scene, he is threatening the enemy with a question; Do you have the gall to wage such a war?」
「……That is precisely it, Miss Inglis. You really read my intention well.」

Special Envoy Theodore who showed out of nowhere said so with a smile.


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