Chapter 107 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (15)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2107 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 902 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Ah, Lord Theodore!」

Rani’s face shone brightly.

「I feel bad leaving Miss Ripple behind with her condition, but Miss Inglis is correct, this mission won’t start without my participation. Please protect Miss Ripple until I’m back. I leave her in your care.」
「Yes, Lord Theodore!」
「We will do our best!」
「Please leave it to us!」

Nodded Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte strongly.

「May the situation concludes in a peaceful manner without needing to resort to military forces.」

When Inglis spoke like so, Rafinha, Leone, and basically everyone in their group made a befuddled expression.

「? What’s the matter, Rani?」
「G-Glis is saying something like that……!? D-Did you eat something strange?」
「I’m just normal, though? I mean, isn’t it wasteful to stay here if there’s a battle happening in a place far away?」

If anything, she would prefer the use of military force only when she was on the scene. It would be nothing but a huge loss if the military strengths of the two nations whittled outside of her watch, as that meant she would lose strong people that she could fight.

「Hahaha…… So that’s what.」
「I see now, it’s Inglis after all.」

After a strained laugh, Special Envoy Theodore cleared his throat.

「A-, at any rate…… I leave the rest to you. Also, Miss Rafinha.」
「There is something I wish to talk about. Can you please follow after me?」

Special Envoy invited her to go deeper into the ship.

「Yes, I understand.」

Without zero caution, Rafinha accepted the invitation with an innocent smile. Showing some opposition to it, Inglis’ sense of danger blared.

「……Then, me too. As I am Rani’s Squire, I will have you allow me to accompany her.」

Any bad bugs for Rafinha must be eliminated thoroughly. Any potential bugs, too, must be guarded against thoroughly.

「Sure, it’s alright. Miss Leone and Miss Liselotte, you may come with us too.」

However, Theodore didn’t seem to take note of it. Either he was cautious enough to not show his true color, or he didn’t hold that much affection for Rafinha. Which one was it? Like his sister Cyrene, Rafinha’s earnest personality and strong sense of justice must have left a huge impression on him. Either way, Inglis couldn’t be too careful around him. Having a lover was definitely too fast for Rafinha. Inglis hated the notion of it.

「Then, we’ll continue with the work. Rani, Glis, everyone, do your best while we’re away.」
「Please take care of Ripple for me.」

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After all four of them replied with a yes, Raphael and Eris left. After then, the girls followed Special Envoy Theodore into the ship’s deeper parts. As they arrived at his private quarters, they were greeted with research utensils filling the room. As tidy and organized as it was, the room was clustered, reflecting the personality of the owner of the room.

From within the heaps of items, Theodore produced an Artifact. Then, he handed it to Rafinha.

「I prepared this, hoping I can at least be of some help. Please receive it.」

It was an Artifact in the shape of a bow. The white-based, wing-like appearance closely resembled Rafinha’s habitually used Artifact that she named Flowing Radiance.

「Isn’t this, the same model as the Flowing Radiance that I have……?」
「Yes, they have the same base. And, this is also an improved version that possesses two Gifts.」
「Wah! Thank you very much! Is the other Gift the same one as Leone’s?」
「No, it isn’t. This Artifact’s other power is healing and recovery.」
「Waah……! Amazing! It’s the first time I see an Artifact with this kind of effect!」

Exactly as Rafinha said, it was the first Inglis heard of anything that had such an effect too. And even during his time ruling as King Inglis, the existence of healing sorcery was a rarity.

「Yes. It is pretty rare so to speak, so there aren’t many Artifacts produced with such a Gift. Which is why I want you to have it. I believe that this Gift is fitting for your pure heart.」
「Hahaha…… You’re thinking too highly of me, I’m not……」
「There is no reason to be humble. A person of your quality is rare for us Highlanders, you shine brightly in our eyes. I’m sure that Cyrene also thinks that way.」
「……Am I? Rene?」

Rafinha asked, but Rene who stationed herself atop said girl’s head kept an indifferent face.

「If there is someone who gets hurt while you are protecting Miss Ripple, please use the power of that Artifact to heal them.」
「Understood! Thank you very much for doing so much for us.」

Rafinha bowed politely.

「Yes. Ideally, the Gift won’t see any uses at all, but I believe preparation is necessary. I don’t have time to report to Miliera about this, so please tell her in my stead.」
「Yes! I will practice a lot so I can handle it!」

Rafinha was enthusiastic with her plan, but as luck would have it, she had to use the power of her newly acquired Gift as soon as they reached the Academy.

Silva, the third-year student who bore a Special Grade Rune, had been injured badly due to an attack by a Magic Stone Beast on his duty to escort Ripple.


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