Chapter 105 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (13)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,613 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,183 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Many Flygear Carriers were already docked in the Aerial Battleship’s hangar, and there were just as many official Knights roaming around. It was a first for them to manage a battleship like this as well, so Inglis could hear them making a bit of commotion.

「I’ll park it in an empty spot.」

Carefully, Liselotte brought the Carrier she piloted deeper into the hangar.

「Sorry! Can you park it around here!」

The one shouting from below was Raphael. He seemed to be in command here. There was also Eris a little further away who seemed to be watching over other’s work.

「Yup yup. Big brother Rafa sure is diligent, he does even odd jobs like this by himself~」

Rafinha looked happy and satisfied.

「Yes! Understood!」

Liselotte responded a little bit tensed, then she brought the Carrier to the instructed place. She mustn’t collide with the wall or other Carriers. It was quite a simple task, but one that required a lot of attentiveness

Inglis was also observing the parking spot, but… another Flygear Carrier went flurry by. Rather than floating, it swayed greatly and was too close to the floor. Taking a closer look, Inglis learned that there was someone who lifted the vessel by hand.

「Ooh……!? What’s with that strength——」
「I-, incredible——That girl must be an Academy student……」
「Not to mention, she’s a Squire student——-」

Those weren’t meant for Inglis. Inglis was standing by, holding a water bottle for Rafinha and the two.

「Senior Yua……?」

Today, Silva and the other third-year students were in charge of escorting Ripple, while first and second year students were made to help the army with war preparations. Yua was lifting one whole Flygear Carrier by herself to bring it even deeper in. It was to make room for the entrance, it seemed. The reason why there was a commotion deep inside the hangar was because everyone was surprised by her display of power.

「Fufu……Rani, I’m off doing work too!」
「Ah! Glis——!」

After Inglis jumped off the Flygear Carrier Liselotte was piloting, she approached Yua.

「Senior Yua, let me help!」
「Hm……? Then, take this inside.」

Yua tossed the whole Carrier to Inglis lightly.


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In addition to the mass of the Flygear Carrier itself, there were a number of Flygears connected to it. The weight was nothing to scoff at.


After staggering for a little, Inglis released her self-applied high gravity pull and fixed her posture.


Without the gravitational shackles, Inglis could lift it normally. Which meant that Yua had at least this much strength in her usual, day-to-day condition.

「You good?」
「Yes. I’m good!」

Inglis and Yua kept transporting Carriers one after another, rearranging them deeper in the back of the hangar.

「That girl is just as amazing——!」
「And she’s a Squire student too……!? What the hell’s happening in the Squire division——!?」
「「「And she’s so damn cute——」」」

The last one was the loudest amongst all comments. Well, it’s not like it matters——

「Mm. That’s the last. Thank you, Boobie girl.」

Yua still wouldn’t call her by her name, after all. Being addressed Boobie girl day in day out was embarrassing, but this much shame wouldn’t make Inglis fold. She had no intention to pull back until Yua promised to fight her.

「It’s nothing, Senior. By the way, don’t you think doing just that feels a bit lacking for some exercise?」
「……Not really. I hate doing work, after all.」
「Umm, the other day, you split a Magic Stone Beast into two with your hand knife, and it was amazing. Would you please teach me how you did it?」
「……Not really, I just put some oomph and whoosh——」

It wasn’t that Yua refused to teach her, but she only replied with an answer that had no substance.

「I would be happy if you could teach me the trick with some training.」
「It’s not really happy for me though——?」
「W-well, that might be true, but…… Then, why don’t we make a bargain? Let me do something that will make you happy too, Senior.」
「Then, there’s something I want you to teach me too.」

Something attracted her interest, it seemed.

「Ooh…… What might be it? Please, ask me anything!」
「How do you grow your breast to become so big?」
「Eh? Ermm…… They grow naturally——is all I can say.」

When Inglis replied as such, Yua shook her head.

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「That doesn’t help. I want to have big breasts and become popular.」

She said while swaying her chest, but there was hardly a bulge there. Perhaps, hers was even smaller than Rafinha’s. She was quite slim and slender. Still, it was the first time Inglis heard someone ever say something like that within the Knight Academy. Yua was, indeed, a bit different than any ordinary person.

「H-, haa…… H-however, they’re heavy and taking a toll on your shoulders, and they attract attention too, it’s not all fun at all time.……」

The further she spoke, the more embarrassed she got. It was because she just realized that the words that came out from her words were completely that of a girl, and not a trace of the previously known King Inglis was left. Familiarity was a frightening thing. Just how familiar had she gotten with her body?

「That’s just fine. Just like you, Boobie girl, I want to show off my cleavage.」
「I-, I haven’t the intention to do that……!」

What a frightening thing to say. Inglis did fancy looking at herself through the mirror, but it was all for herself, not for others.

「At any rate, if you can teach me how to make my breasts big, I’ll fight you as much as you want.」
「U-uuhn……I-, I understand——」

For Inglis herself, those aspects of hers had grown bigger before she even realized it, so she hadn’t the slightest idea of how to do it. How about Leone, did she put some effort to make hers as big as those? Would the things Rafinha tried on herself work on Yua and make hers bigger?

No, perhaps the one person with the size closest to decency, Liselotte, actually had a secret method she kept for herself? Or maybe, if Inglis asked Eris or Ripple, they might know some secret knowledge privy only to Hyrule Menaces?

Wait, come to think of it… Wouldn’t it be possible using Ether? The Ironblood Chain Brigade’s leader, Black Mask, could change Cyrene who had become a Magic Stone Beast into the little Rene. He changed the shape and form of a living being. If a feat similar to that was achievable, wouldn’t that mean Inglis could enlarge Yua’s bust?

Returning Rene into Cyrene was one of the goals Inglis had for improving her Ether manipulating skill. Another goal was to make Yua’s breasts bigger. Before that, however, Inglis thought she needed to listen to Rafinha and the others’ methods.

「Well, that’s that, then.」

Saying so with a blank expression, Yua left the place trotting away.


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