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Chapter 85 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Disease (6)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,a151 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 957 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「AAAaahh!!! That’s not fair, Glis!」

Rafinha screamed in protest when she saw Inglis’ cheek stuffed with meat.

「Ish okehh. Ay shabed youws dhoo, Wani.」1 

Inglis brought a fork with several pieces of meat into Rafinha’s mouth.

「Dhadsh Kwish foh youh! Yhouh knaw whad ay mhean!」2 

Exclaimed Rafinha in glee, while Inglis’ own mouth was now emptied. She still wanted to eat more, but for Inglis, Rafinha was like an endearing granddaughter of hers. What kind of grandparent wouldn’t share food with their grandchildren?

「Some tables are still safe too, so let us keep the food safe.」
「Honestly. Prioritize the people, not the food. We aim to be Knights who protect the country and the people, aren’t we?」

A scolding befitting of the diligent Leone.

「Well, it’s the same thing, ultimately.」

Replied Inglis, looking back to Leone.


At that moment, the crashing down beastman monster drew near to Inglis.

「Inglis! Behind you!」
「I know.」

She already marked its aura. She only turned back to Leone because she knew that it was fine to turn back. Inglis’ index finger was pointing straight at the beast without letting up. At the tip of her white finger was the pale brilliance of Ether.

Ether Pierce, a battle skill that fired a thin ray of Ether from your finger. She aimed that on the forehead of the beast. As she had already locked on to the target, it would never miss.

「Ether Pi——」3 

However, right before Inglis could unleash the light, the silhouette of a man waltzed into the space between her and the Magic Stone beast.

「Fall back, Glis!」

It was Raphael. He should have been in a much farther position from there. His tremendous speed at entering the fray surprised even Inglis.


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Like a gust of wind, or perhaps a streak of lightning. He was completely outside of Inglis’ calculation, so firing Ether Pierce now would be very dangerous. She managed to retract her finger in the nick of the time, however.4 

「I won’t let you hurt Rani, Glis, or anyone else!」

Raphael’s Artifact was the Dragon-schemed long sword hanging from his waist. When unsheathed, it revealed its semi-transparent crimson gem-like edges. Inglis wondered if it actually emitted some kind of pale luminescence. It was a truly beautiful sword.

However, the most valuable aspect of this Artifact was that Raphael could unleash a flying slash with it. As the crimson flying slashes burst out in every direction, the giant Magic Stone Beast was mutilated into small dices of meat.

「Ooh……! Amazing——」

While the excellent weapon was a factor, it was still a tremendous display of strength, speed, and skill. In terms of pure competency, he surpassed even Holy Knight Leon, whom Inglis once fought. Same thing with the Hyrule Menaces like Eris and Cystia——

This is marvelous. I’m awed he’s improved this much. This must be the result of that glimmer of talent I once saw in that little boy being honed and polished earnestly.

While his innate sincereness and strong sense of responsibility are also a factor, it is also a result of the education from Marquis Wilford and Aunt Irina. Every single factor in his life converged, giving birth to this Holy Knight Raphael who boasts of his dreadful sword arts.

Truly a sentimental thing——Inglis’ body shivered without her intent. Of course, it was a shiver of excitement. By all means, she would love to fight him. She would love to clash her sword with his.

「That’s big brother for you! No one else can move so fast that it’s invisible to the eyes but you and Inglis!」
「Brother Rafa, your downward slash at the fifth and forward thrust at the seventeenth were especially brilliant. Your movements were beautiful.」
「You could see all of them, Inglis!?」
「Yeah. He brandished his sword 21 times, why?」
「That much!? Hey, Rafinha. How much did you see…?」
「Just the first couple ones——」
「Right? Thank goodness I’m not the odds one out——」

And so, Rafinha and Leone whispered to one another.

「Hahaha. I see, Glis saw through everything. Maybe you didn’t need my help after all. Still, my body reacted before my mind, you see… I’m sorry about that.」
「Don’t be, you’ve shown me something delicious after all. By all means, I wish us to clash our swords. With our everything.」
「N-, no, that’s——we have to avoid getting injured too, so… Well, if it’s just some practices, then anytime.」

Said Raphael with a vague smile plastered on his lips.

How do I make him fight me seriously——I have to think about this.5 

「Raphael. Leave this place to them and go to His Highness Wayne and Special Envoy Theodore. We can’t afford to lose them.」

Principal Miliera appealed to Raphael. While he had butchered the Magic Stone Beast that appeared in front of their group, there were still several of its kind left in the banquet hall. There might be more to come. He couldn’t leave this place unattended, but ensuring the safety of the prince and the envoy was his top priority. It was best to follow Principal Miliera’s advice and split the force here.

「… Understood. I leave this place to you! Rani, Glis, Leone. Take care of the rest!」
「Yes, big brother!」
「Leave it to us!」

After affirming the three’s replies, Raphael turned on his heel and dashed out of the hall. As though encircling the lingering Inglis and her group, the Magic Stone Beasts drew closer.

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「We’ve finally worn dresses, and yet we do the same old thing again!」

Complained Rafinha, holding her Flowing Radiance Artifact in her hand.


  1. Gibberish translation: It’s okay, I saved yours too, Rani.
    Silva: Gosh I hate these gibberish words, I’ll bet the translator hate them even more
    Mab:You have no idea
  2. Gibberish translation: That’s Glis for you! You know what I mean!
  3. Lilith: This is one reason why you shouldn’t shout your attackes, takes too long and someone will get in your fracking way. Friendly fire is all on you then
  4. Silva: So it was her own (incompetent) ally that dragged her down.
  5. Mab: Easy. Just say that you will only marry anyone who can defeat you.
    Silva: Or go the extreme route, join the Ironblood Chain Brigade.
    Mab: Or go the extreme route, join the Ironblood Chain Brigade.
  6. Footnote content.

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