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Chapter 84 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Disease (5)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3178 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1396 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

When their carriage arrived at the venue, Inglis and her group were greeted by the sight of the Royal Castle decorated with various colored lights. Inglis momentarily wondered just how did they make the colors show up, before her attention shifted towards the music, which was also audible from where they seated, creating a somewhat magical atmosphere.

「Waah, so beautiful.」

Leone smiled with her entire face.
Rafinha was just as excited, with her eyes sparkling.

「Amazing! That’s the Royal Capital for you, they’re so elaborate! Right, Glis?」
「Yeah, you’re right.」
「This means the food is also very promising, right? It must be delicious.」
「Sounds like a delight.」
「 We’ve arrived. Let’s get off then, girls.」
「Al~right, let’s get going already, Glis! My tummy is aching!」

Rafinha who hopped off the carriage first couldn’t hold back anymore and tried to run.

「Ah, Rani. You’ll fall if you run around in that outfit.」

To match with her gown, Rafinha was wearing high-heeled shoes she usually wouldn’t wear. As Rafinha broke off to run with her usual body pose, she slipped right after.

「Geez, just right after I told you. Your underwear is peeking out, hurry ‌and hide it.」

Inglis fixed the rolled-up hem of Rafinha’s dress, then went to help her stand.

「Haha… Sorry, sorry. Thanks, Glis.」

And then, a humanoid figure came rushing in.

「Rani! Are you okay!?」

It was Raphael who came over. Perhaps he had been waiting for Inglis and the others to arrive. He lent a hand to get Rafinha back on her feet.

「Here goes…! Are you hurt? It’s bad to inconvenience Glis too much, okay?」
「Ouchie… Ye~s.」
「I’m sorry about her, Glis. Thank you for caring for Rani all the time.」
「Don’t be. We care for each other, after all.」

And, as he saw Inglis’ smile directed at him, Raphael’s face slackened in a daze. It was as though his mind had left his body behind.1 

「Brother, what’s the matter?」
「Ah, no, my bad. It’s the first time I saw you dressed like that, my eyes just wouldn’t let go of it…… You’re really beautiful.」
「Thank you very much. It’s all thanks to Rani, who dressed me up.」

Inglis liked to dress up mainly for self-satisfaction and enjoying her own appearance. Not that she had the desire to be praised, but it didn’t make her feel bad to be complimented either.

「She’s beautiful, right!? Right!? I’m very proud of myself this time around!」
「Yeah. Perhaps you have the talent for it, Rani.」

It was Rafinha who seemed happier instead. So long as Rafinha was happy, Inglis was happy for her too.

「And also, umm… I see you brought Rene too.」

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Raphael had told Inglis beforehand that he wanted her to bring Rene with them. Inglis didn’t know the reason behind his request, but the Rene in question was currently peeking out of Inglis’ cleavage to ‌look at the outside.

「Aah~ Big brother, you peeked at Glis’ chest, didn’t you? You know Rene is here because you glanced there, didn’t you?」
「S-… Sorry! It wasn’t by choice, and uh… I was wondering where she would be, so…!」

It wasn’t unreasonable for a man to see a woman in that kind of sense, as it was a natural-born instinct. As someone who spent her whole previous life as a man, Inglis fully understood it. Although it was a different matter altogether if she was asked if she felt comfortable.

It was her first time seeing Raphael blushing to the cheeks, perhaps from guilt, so instead Inglis felt admiration for him. It had been years since he left his house for the capital and grew to be an adult within these lands, and yet his innocence from his juvenile phases still latched tight on him. In a way, it was charming.2 

「Even so, brother. What do you need Rene for?」
「Aah, that’s Mr. Theodore’s——the new envoy’s request.」
「The Highlander envoy’s request…?」
「Eeeh!?!? Will Rene be alright? She’s being targeted by such a person…」
「There’s nothing to be worried about. The information Glis and Rani gave me about the Nova town incident was reported straight to His Highness Wayne by me personally. His Highness kept Rene’s existence a secret from Special Envoy Myynti, but he opened it up for Special Envoy Theodore. His Highness judged that he could be trust——」


Inglis and Rafinha’s stomachs rumbled loudly at the same time before Raphael could finish his sentence.

「Uwah!? Wh, what’s wrong with you two?」
「I’m hungry… I haven’t eaten anything since morning.」
「I’m the same. We thought that we can eat good food here, so——」
「Th-, that’s not good… Let’s save the talking for later and let me guide you inside. How about it?」
「「Please do!!」」

Their eyes gleaming as brilliant as could be.

「Haha… Sounds like you two are famished.」
「Let me ask you on my behalf too, Sir Raphael. It’s embarrassing to be with them when their bellies are growling like that.」
「It surely is. Let us grab some bites first.」

Both Leone and the Principal looked troubled as well.

「Let’s make haste then. This way.」

Following Raphael, Inglis and the three stepped into the castle. Just by passing through the place, Inglis’ appearance seemed to have stolen the gazes of all that present.

「Uwah……! Oi, you see that? How beautiful that girl is——」
「Yeah, I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as her in my life. You think she’s Sir Raphael’s acquaintance?」
「She’s like a walking doll; everything about her is so perfect…! Even women like me can’t help but watch——」
「The other girls are cute too, huh? Seeing that Lady Miliera is with them, they might be students of the Knight Academy.」

Amidst such high praises—


「!? W-, what was that…!?」
「Someone’s belly…?」
「D-, don’t look at me. Perhaps one of those girls?」
「Hahaha… Forgive me for that. I’ve been busy that I haven’t had time to eat.」

Mediated Raphael to the gallery.

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「You’re so kind, big brother~! I. Love. You 𝅘𝅥𝅮」
「Thank you for the cover-up, brother.」
「Aah, don’t mind it. Come, the food is served in the banquet hall.」

The room they were led to was filled with several tables clustered with platters of food and a delicious smell. A heaping pile of expensive-looking meat steaks. Brightly colored pasta, lavishly made with seafood. Chocolate cakes for dessert, neatly stacked like a tower. There were more, and they all looked luscious. It was an irresistible sight for the starved Inglis and Rafinha. It was the greatest treasure trove there could ever be.

「Yaay!! Come on Glis, let’s dive in!!」
「Yeah…! They all look delish.」

Inglis and Rafinha cheerfully approached the table with meat dishes, but—— a silhouette suddenly flashed across from above.



The tables, the plates, and the dishes on them were blown away. Something huge jumped down and crashed into everything.4 

「WHA……!? Magic Stone Beast——!? It shows up even here!」

Leone raised her voice. It was a humanoid Magic Stone Beast with ears and a tail of a beast. It was the beastman Magic Stone Beast they encountered a few days ago. It jumped down from the top of the high ceiling. The sudden intruder elicited cries of surprise and fear from the attendees.


Rafinha’s scream was for something else. Her long-awaited food was now all over the floor, messed up and spoiled.

「Uu…… It’s still not three seconds yet, it’s still not……!!」
「Sdoph idh Wani, yhou mushn’d eadh dhings fwom dhe gwoun.」5 

Inglis stopped Rani, telling her that picking up fallen food was bad manners
——while her mouth was busy chewing.

「Hey, Glis!? What are you eating!?」
「Meadh. Ay shavedh idh bhifow idh yeach dhe gwoun.」6 

In that split moment, Inglis secured as much meat as possible in the air before they were splattered onto the floor, then threw them into her mouth. She relieved herself of the constant high-gravity load she put to train and even activated Ether Armor to reach her utmost speed. If it was to save a good meal, she would stop at nothing.7 


  1. Mab:…did this guy just imagine him marrying Inglis, have some kids, living a happy couple life, retiring into countryside, and spending the rest of their lives together? Shame for him, Inglis is a battle maniac! She’s married to adrenaline and blood!
  2. Mab:Come to think of it. If I too grew with a supernaturally beautiful girl during my childhood, I wouldn’t think any other girl as a “woman” as well coz nobody can match Inglis. Hopelessly narcissist she may be, she is divine.
  3. Mab:Just keep smiling and pretend nothing’s happening *smile smile
  4. Silva:Don’t mess with the food, you’re gonna regret it! (I’ll go into hiding first, you guys deal with the aftermath)
  5. Gibberish translation: Stop it Rani, you mustn’t eat things from the ground.
  6. Gibberish translation: Meat, I saved it before it reach the ground.
  7. Silva:What a waste of good power!

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