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Chapter 86 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Disease (7)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,848 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,260 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「I second that. Why can’t they let us have some fun at least for today, really…!」

Leone agreed to Rafinha’s comment. Their weapons were in the custody of Principal Miliera, who took them out of thin air and handed them to the girls. It probably was some kind of sorcery or Gift from an Artifact.

With her black great sword broken in the incident the other day, Leone was now wielding a different great sword Artifact. Apparently, it was a Middle-Grade Artifact, property of the Knight Academy.

「I’m having fun, you know? I enjoy fighting Magic Stone Beasts, after all.」
「You’re a special case, Glis. You’re a loose beast wearing a dress.」
「Fufu. That’s so true——」
「Rude. I intend to fight modestly today, just so you know.」

I’d hate to spoil the newly bought dress.
I like it already. I’m thinking of wearing it again.

「Modestly? Like how?」
「Like this.」


A pale ray of Ether was shot from Inglis’ fingertip. The Ether beam went straight to its target, piercing through between the brows of a Magic Stone Beast. The Beastman monster crumpled to the floor, twitching uncontrollably. The rest was to deliver the finishing blow. It seemed like this type of Magic Stone Beast was strong enough to not die in a single blow.

「See? I won’t dirty my gown if I go by this, will I?」

Pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo!!

A series of light rays pierced the glabella of the Magic Stone Beasts, one after another. Their figures mowed down as though they were sitting ducks.

「Look, modest, isn’t it?」
「W-, well, I guess it is, but… Since you defeat them so indifferently, it actually looks even scarier than usual, you know?」
「Hmm… I guess it feels dull——」

While this tactic was ‌efficient, it wasn’t fun. It was too one-sided. It felt better to take on your opponent’s strongest suit and beat them on their game, after all. In short, for Magic Stone Beasts, the most optimal style was to use the completely ineffective physical attacks against them or resorting to attacks with their highest resistant attributes.

Inglis wished only to gain as much growth as possible from every battle she went through. A fight with Magic Stone Beast, beautiful dresses, and delicious food. Everything Inglis Eux loved was present in this one room, and yet a blend of them didn’t appear to be a good experience. What a shame.

「But it can’t be helped, since I don’t want to tear the gown. Ah, Rani, Leone, please finish ‌the fallen ones, okay?」
「Wait! From behind, too! They’re coming!」

Thinking that they wouldn’t be able to match their opponent, every Magic Stone Beast in the room crowded toward Inglis. They were trying to seal off the source of the light ray. This was a relatively strategic move, perhaps a vestige of the fact that they were once human and kept a hint of intelligence. True enough, the rate of Inglis’ rapid-fire wouldn’t be able to cope if they all came at the same time.

「Then, how about this——?」

Still maintaining the barrage of Ether Pierce from her right hand to her front, Inglis aimed her left hand behind.


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From the tips of the other index finger, too, the pale brilliance of Ether unleashed itself. And so, the Ether Pierce was fired, penetrating the beast behind her as well.

「Yes, I did it……!!」

She simultaneously fired in two directions. This was a feat she couldn’t do before. It was proof that the training she was doing every day was paying its due. She could see it with her own eyes, the feeling of her getting even a step stronger. That feeling, at that moment, was the most delightful.

「Look, Rani, look! I can shoot it with both hands now!」


Inglis fired a barrage of Ether Pierce with a dainty, flowery smile on her face. She took back what she said. This was fun, really fun. There was nothing more enjoyable than trying out your grown ability. The Magic Stone Beasts couldn’t get close to Inglis, and they all fell on the floor.

「Phew. Wasn’t that a good fight?」

Her smile was refreshing.

「Hahaha… I’m happy you’re happy, Glis.」
「Now I feel bad for the Magic Stone Beasts. They couldn’t even do anything at all.」
「Hm… I guess I was a bit too excited.」
「I don’t think it’s just ‘a bit,’ though… Well, all is fine, since some tables are still safe!」
「You’re right. Should we eat now?」
「We should! I’m at the end of my limit!」
「Honestly, you two. We have to go to other places. There may be people who need help.」
「It wouldn’t hurt to indulge for a little. We still need to kill the Magic Stone Beast that survived, after all. Let me do that for you, meanwhile——」
「Yaay 𝅘𝅥𝅮 That’s the Principal for you!」
「Thank you very much.」

With the permission of Principal Miliera, Inglis and Rafinha went to approach the still-standing tables. But then——A new Magic Stone Beast emerged. As the space near the ceiling distorted, another Magic Stone Beast showed itself right above those tables.

「! They’re still coming……!!」
「No, our food!」

If this continued, the table would crash and the food would be spoiled again.

I won’t let it happen——!

However, Inglis was worried that her gown would rip apart if she made a flashy movement like leaping forward and sending the beast flying. Ether Pierce wouldn’t be enough to prevent it from falling to the table either, but using Ether Strike here would render the castle half-destroyed.

If so, she would have to convert Ether into mana and create a suitable sorcery——

Then, as Inglis was still hesitating, a human silhouette flew towards the humanoid beast. She was a beauty in her late teen with shining golden hair. It was Eris, the Hyrule Menace.


Eris, charging in with great speed, crashed into the beastman as she slashed her right twin sword. The sword bisected the body in half as each part ‌fell far away from the table.

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Fierce swordsmanship as always. Looking at it made Inglis head over heels. By all means, she would love to fight against her. And, just as importantly… The food on the table was protected, all thanks to Eris.

「Yaay!! Thank you so much, Miss Eris!」
「Thank you very much. You’re a lifesaver.」

The two then bowed deeply to Eris.

「? What an exaggeration. For you, something like that isn’t——」
「Not that. You saved the table from being crushed. You are a lifesaver of this food.」
「Hah? Food?」
「Bon appetite!」
「Ah, that’s not fair, Rani! Me too——!」

Looking at Inglis and Rafinha stuffing their cheeks with food, Eris exhaled in exasperation.

「Girls who live at their own pace. Miliera, they’re your students, aren’t they? Are you fine with them being like that?」
「Ehehehe. Gluttonous girls are cute too, don’t you think?」

The Principal let it pass with a smile.

「Personally? Depends on the time and circumstance.」
「Hmm, you have a point. But, well, they were really famished after all.」
「We weawwy were!!」
「I don’t understand what you’re saying…! Well, fair enough. This area is clear for now, so come with me after you’re done eating. There is something wrong with Ripple.」

Said Eris with a calm but concerned look on her face.


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