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Chapter 75 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (25)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,074 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 834 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「…… Hmm, I guess it is a bit gross?」

It sent a shiver to her back when she saw it.

「That’s obvious. Defeat him quick, Glis!」
「I’d hate to look at that for long.」

Inglis, alone, stood up to the Chimera Myynti.

「Once you’ve defeated me, I’ll let you do what you want to me. Now, come at me.」

The tips of the countless spider legs turned into blades of ice and attacked Inglis.
Despite its enormous body, its movement was not slow.


Rather, it was abnormally agile.
Every thrust ‌surpassed the Rune Eater’s attack.
In addition, they were backed with a vast amount of mana resources incomparable to the Rune Eater.
A barrage of ice swords——that would be the best description of it.
As expected, it would be difficult for Inglis to break through the frontal assault with this one.
The density of the attack was too high. There wasn’t even room for one body to slip by.

「For being so big and so gross, it sure is fast!」
「But it can’t hit Inglis anyway! So it’s okay!」

So long as Inglis still could move backwards, it wasn’t impossible to avoid the attack.

「What speed——There are so many of her……!!」

Inglis’ superhuman movements overwhelmed prime Minister Althea.
Not only was she fast, but her gestures were so beautiful he couldn’t help but be spellbound by her brilliance.

「D-, do the two of you see just one of her?」
「Yes, tentatively.」
「Although that is only the extent of what we can do.」
「…… It seems like the current Academy is nurturing some real talents.」

As the conversation took place, Inglis continued to dodge Chimera Myynti’s attacks by circling him clockwise.
Just avoiding him like this felt dull. She must devise a scheme to counter.


Inglis leaped diagonally to behind the Chimera, avoiding the incoming orbiting ice sword.
In response to her, the Chimera turned around, and at that moment——


Inglis leaped back to her previous spot with all her strength.
With that, she was completely out of the Chimera’s sight.
Because of its gigantic body, the Chimera would roll at times to suddenly change direction. Inglis used this fact to attack.


The moment Myynti lost sight of Inglis and raised such a stupid exclamation…

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…Inglis’ kick pierced Myynti’s face, distorting its ugly face.
——But that was all.
The face was distorted and the upper half of the body bent backwards, but the countless spider legs stood firm and stayed put.

「It’s heavy, after all——」

Any ordinary Magic Stone Beast would’ve been sent flying with that kick.
This Chimera wasn’t any ordinary monster.


It was resilient and quick to respond.
A tongue quickly stretched out from Myynti’s face, contorted by the kick, and came wrapping itself around Inglis.
It wrapped around the knees, thighs, waist, and chest in a long cylinder.

「Hohyohyohyo!! So sweet, so soooofffttt!!!」
「Please stop it. It’s indecent.」

Inglis activated Ether Armor.
Now clad in a pale veil of light, she tore through Myynti’s tongue and escaped.

「Still, you’re good——」

He forced Inglis to draw out Ether Armor in such a short amount of time.
Within this space where mana was unusable, Inglis was forced to depend on it.
All Ether battle techniques had a tremendous cost.
Inglis had to avoid a prolonged battle to settle the matter quickly.
She still needed to quickly escape from this subspace and deal with Faris.


Inglis paused for a moment once she landed, this time she rushed head-on.


In response to her, the barrage of ice swords rained down.

「I applaud you for being able to react——」

It was worthy of praise. Few could even take another step after receiving Inglis’ Ether Armor.

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Inglis counterattacked the raining ice blades with her fists slamming into them.


The result——with the force of a storm, the Magic Stone Beast’s legs that had turned into ice swords shattered into pieces!

「I-, its legs are suddenly blown away……! What happened——!?」
「W-, we don’t know what’s going on either!!」
「Err, they touched the pale light then poof……!!」

Rafinha and Leone couldn’t see Inglis’ punches being thrown around.
All they could see was countless legs being blown off from their joints in the frame of a second.
And when they realized it——Myynti’s giant body had lost all support and was lying on the ground.

「This is our second farewell.」

Inglis unwrapped herself off the Ether Armor and thrust her right palm out to the squirming Myynti.
At the end of her palm, swirling motes of light appeared and converged.
The pale light motes gradually turned into a single cluster of energy-mass.

「Ether Strike!!」



The enormous light orb swallowed up Myynti’s giant figure as it traveled down its path.


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