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Chapter 73 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (23)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,701 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,294 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

A Highlander Knight——Faris claimed himself.
If so, then Inglis could raise her hope up.
If Highlander Knights were weaker than the Knights of Midland, then the Highland wouldn’t be able to suppress them.
They would be a laughingstock if the very Artifacts they gave to the Midlander defeated them.
Therefore, a Highlander Knight must have the power to overwhelm the forces of Midland, or something else equivalent to it.
Inglis was looking forward to witnessing that power with her own eyes.

「You sure seem happy. I’m enthralled to see that beautiful face of yours contort in fear.」
「I very much agree. I too want to see my own expression in such an event. If you’re that much of a powerhouse, that is.」
「If so——How does this sound? O’ Gate, open!」

A ripple in the space, something akin to a space distortion, vortexes around Faris’ clenched fists.
In the blink of an eye, the distortion warped all around, changing the scenery in front of Inglis.
Before she noticed, Inglis was already standing in a space with no walls or edges, accompanied with yellow-green light motes floating around.

「This is… a subspace?」
「It’s like the 『Maze of Trials』……!」
「R-, rather than that, look at the surroundings! There are Magic Stone Beasts everywhere!」
「W-, what’s with that number!?」

Just as Leone and Prime Minister Althea said, there were legions and legions of Magic Stone Beasts crowding around.
They numbered not in tens, but in hundreds or even bordering thousands.
The countless beasts were all encircling Inglis, Faris, and the others from a distance.
They seemed to be unable to enter the pale-colored pillar of light Inglis and the others were in, as it seemed to be a safe-zone in this subspace.

「The beasts were gushing out from here, huh……!?」

That would explain why Inglis couldn’t feel their presence until they made their appearance.
When Inglis, Rafinha, and Leone were boarding on the Flygear Carrier, the beasts were dwelling in this subspace, and thus they technically didn’t exist.
Unlike the Ironblood Chain Brigade’s method of using Prism Powder to produce Magic Stone Beasts, Faris gathered the naturally spawned instances of those beasts and locked them in this space.

「That is what it is. Being in the same space with these monsters makes my skin crawl, though.」
「In short, you gathered them to doctor the crime scene as if it was the work of the brigade, is it?」
「Spot on. It’s already well known that it’s their modus operandi, isn’t it? Those foolish Knights of the Kingdom were too shortsighted. If you want to frame, make sure that every piece of evidence points in the correct direction. You see, I’m a cautious man.」1 
「I see. So for that reason you asked us to be your guards.」
「What do you mean, Glis?」
「In his script, the three of us will join the Ironblood Chain Brigade, kill Special Envoy Myynti along with Prime Minister Althea, and ultimately break the ongoing negotiation.」
「…… I see! It’ll be all more convincing with me here, since people will think I’m chasing after my brother!」
「…… And since I’m here, big brother Rafa will be suspected of being affiliated with the brigade as well!」
「Yeah. I think that is the case. I feel sick just imagining it.」
「Me too……!」
「That’s my line, you damn brats……! That’s not the only reason ‌I brought the three of you here. I’ll avenge the death of Rahal with your lives——」
「…… Mr. Rahal’s? I’m surprised to learn that someone adores a person like him.」
「You must be a freak to avenge a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ like him! He’s no better than that special envoy from before!」
「Hmph. Quite the nerve you have to ridicule a son in front of his father.」
「「F-, Father……!?」」2 

Both Inglis and Rafinha raised a surprised shout.
So, he is actually Mister Lambert? Him being a representative of the firm was a farce too?
No, that doesn’t matter now, but what’s with his youth——? His age doesn’t look that far apart from Rahal’s when he died.

「Along with my being a Highlander, I was given a new body. Because of that, I was also given the duty of a Knight. I had no choice, my old body was already falling apart from an illness. Now, I am fully aware how profligate my son is, but he is still my son! I’ll have you learn the pain of a father who lost his child!」
「…… That’s unjustified! Your grudge is ill-directed!」
「Parents like you are blind when you’re raising your children!!」

Rafinha and Leone were correct.

「Adding ideologies and grudges to your own strength are not fun, you know? Relax a little more and enjoy your own strength‌.」
「I’ll do just that, after I take your lives! Tell you what, now that you’ve entered this subspace, you’re already checkmated. This isn’t simply a space to lock up Magic Stone Beasts; it’s originally an execution ground for Knights like you! Your Artifacts are useless within this subspace.」

Faris’ smile was like a crooked sword.

「…… He’s right, my light arrow doesn’t come out!」
「My sword doesn’t listen to me either!」

Rafinha and Leone raised their pitch.

「…… I see now.」

So this is the ace in the hole.
So this is the reason ‌Highlander Knights can suppress Midlander Knights.


Inglis converted Ether into mana, manipulating it to produce an ice sword——
But the sword didn’t even form, as the mana dispersed right after it was converted, making her unable to control it properly.

The reason ‌Artifacts stopped working was because the user’s mana was interrupted so the tool couldn’t fulfill its function.
Apparently, that was also the case, even if one was to directly manipulate mana without the aid of Runes.

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「It doesn’t work for me either.」
「That’s right——Except for me, for I have stigmata! Now die!」

Under Faris’ command, the pillar of light that engulfed the entire group now squeezed down to only protect him alone.
Inglis and her group that was thrown out of the light’s protection was exposed to the innumerable Magic Stone Beasts which drew closer by the seconds.

「Rani! Leone! I leave the Prime Minister to you!」
「I’ll see what I can do!」

Inglis stepped forward as she confirmed their reply.
The overwhelming number of Magic Stone Beasts was swarming around her. Their number shouldn’t be taken lightly.
The most ideal way was to give Faris, the master of this subspace, some good beating until he brought them out of here.


Inglis rushed at the nearest Magic Stone Beast and kicked it as hard as she could.
The blown away beast was flung towards the pillar of light that covered Faris, and then——


With a dry sound, the Magic Stone Beast’s body bounced. The pillar didn’t even twitch from it.

「Hahahaha!! This is my front-row seat to watch you die! Whatever you do, it won’t work——」


A roar thundered, and the pillar of light was shattered into pieces.

「What won’t?」

Clad in the pale light of Ether Armor, Inglis grabbed Faris by the throat with one hand, his feet didn’t touch the ground.

「H-…… how——what did you……」
「I just punched it as hard as I could, that’s all. What of it?」

There was a gentle, dainty smile decorating those words. For Faris, however, that smile was the most frightening thing.
She said she smashed the pillar of light with a punch, but——Faris didn’t even see her move at all.


  1. Mab: …You’re the second guy who says that today, and I’m not sure your fate is different from the last one.
  2. Mab: Why am I reminded of Star Wars? Darth Vader, anyone?

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