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Chapter 51 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3449 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1575 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

The day of the entrance exam for the Royal Knight Academy of Chiral, the knighting school in the capital, had finally arrived.

「As the Highland has supplied Flygears, from now on, a Knight’s operation and strategy will take a sharp turn. I wish for all of you to stand at the forefront of the revolution upon a new era…!」

A beautiful young man with blond hair, donning an extravagant outfit with a cape, stood on a podium and gave words of encouragement to the new students that lined up.
He was about the same age as Raphael and his direct superior, Prince Wayne.
Due to his handsome appearance and young age, a lot of the female students were enthralled by him.1

And since he was the one who came up with the idea of transporting the Prisma, this man wasn’t all looks, but also sharp-witted.

This Knight Academy had a basic curriculum of three years. They allowed ones with excelling grades to jump ahead.
Most of the students who enrolled were usually the children of noble or knight houses.

There were also a few civilians enrolling, but those were only because they were blessed with good Runes.
And it was likely precisely because of that, that some families took them under their banner.

Inglis also heard that the Academy also accepted students from abroad. She overheard that there were some foreigners in her batch.

「Waah. His Highness Wayne is so cool~」
「You can’t, Rani. Don’t say something like that, we’re here to study.」
「? Just a bit would be fine.」
「No can do. It’s still too early for you, Rani. I’m telling you, no.」
「Kaay. You’re such a wussy like this, Glis…」
「Calm down, you two. I also think ‌His Highness is cool, you know? You don’t think so, Inglis?」

Leone asked.

「I don’t.」
「Then, who is cool to you?」
「E-, err…?」

It’s troubling if you ask me that…
For Inglis, she could not see men as members of the opposite sex.

「…The Prisma that we saw last time, I guess? It looked so powerful.」
「That’s not even a human…! Just why is it, Inglis, you’re unbelievably beautiful, but you hold no interest at all in romance?」
「Yeah. I don’t.」
「That’s a waste. If I had your look, Glis, then I’d have boyfriends left and right like crazy.」 2

「Ahahaha… that sounds possible. Inglis looks really mature, after all.」
「No. You can’t, Rani. What are you even saying?」
「That part of you really resembles my mother~」
「Watching out for her Knight is a Squire’s duty‌.」

Just as Inglis commented so, Prince Wayne also finished his speech, then he continued with the facilitator raising his voice to announce the next agenda.

「Then, His Highness Wayne will present our Academy’s school badge to you! Whoever’s name is called, come upon the stage!」

Prince Wayne ‌spoke to each student that came onto the stage.
Many of the students had their eyes glimmering at the honor of receiving the badge and talking to the Prince personally.
The prince was also keen on getting to know the better side of people.

「Rafinha Wilford!」

Rafinha’s name was called, and so she went to the stage.
It was a well-known fact that she was the little sister of the Holy Knight Raphael.
Hence, her appearance triggered a buzz amongst the new students.

「That girl is Holy Knight Sir Raphael’s little sister, huh…! She looks rather cute.」
「She’s also an owner of a High-Grade Rune, right? That’s one incredible pair of siblings!」
「If I get close to her, maybe I can meet Sir Raphael…!」

Watching the scene unfold, Prince Wayne then spoke to Rafinha as she approached him.

「Hey. So, you’re Raphael’s little sister? You two look so similar. He has always helped me; you see.」
「M-, me too… My brother has always been under your care—」
「If you’re Raphael’s little sister, then you’re my little sister too.3 Come my way if you meet any trouble. I’ll help you as much as I can.」
「Thank you very much.」
「Being Raphael’s little sister, your vicinity won’t be a peaceful one. But don’t mind them, be carefree, and enjoy yourself. That’s what Raphael hopes from you too.」
「Yes, I understand!」

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After Rafinha, it was…

「Inglis Eux!」

Another kind of buzz erupted as they saw Inglis walking towards the stage.

「Amazing… first time I saw someone so beautiful.」
「Damn right, she is. But, she doesn’t seem to own a Rune, so a squire?」
「Even though she can score any noble house with that look, what an eccentric person.」4

Inglis saluted the Prince politely before she stepped in front of him.

「You are… Miss Rafinha’s cousin, yes?」
「Yes, I am.」
「Making full use of Squires like you is the new way to fight‌. Even without a Rune, your accomplishments will surely pave the path for many of us to walk on. In that sense, too, that our future lies on your shoulder. Strive for the best. And take good care of Miss Rafinha. You’re her chaperone, yes?」

Besides the Inglis and Rafinha pair, it wasn’t uncommon for nobles and knights to send someone they trusted to the Squire department to accompany their children.
Those Squires would be the exclusive Flygear pilot for their master.

「Yes, sir. I will do my best.」

A bit after Inglis left the Prince behind her…

「Leone Olfa!」

And yet another kind of buzz occurred, one that was different from those of Inglis and Rafinha’s.

「O-, oi oi. Olfa? Isn’t that…?」
「The Betrayer Leon’s little sister…!?」
「She dares to come here!」

Towards Leone who was thrown such remarks in front of him, Prince Wayne opened his mouth.

「Forgive me, Leone. We the Royal family are partly to blame for all this. Our inability to loudly announce the deeds of the Highlanders made you—」
「N-, no, that’s not true… your words are wasted on me. All I have to do is capture my big brother and clear the name Olfa of all the mud he has thrown on it.」
「Very well. Leon is Leon. And you are you, not him. I believe in you. I pray that your future is bright and cheerful. Don’t lose to these voices and live up to your potential.」

And so, the entrance ceremony was over and classes were to begin immediately.
Originally, new students should be divided into two groups; Knight course students and Squire course students. This time, however, they were all gathered in the Academy’s premises without differentiating one another.

There was a large disk-shaped boulder prepared, and a young woman standing in the center, all by herself. On her hand, she held what appeared to be a staff-type Artifact.
She was a rather beautiful woman with pale blonde hair, dressed in a robe with a fluttery and endearing design.
The small round glasses she wore allowed her delightful face to leave a powerful impression.

「Good afternoon, everyone~ I’m Miliera, this school’s Principal~ Glad to meet all of you.」

This reminded Inglis that she didn’t see the Principal during the entrance ceremony.
She didn’t expect her to be such a young woman or one with such a fluttery and light aura around her.
However, the Rune that shone on principal Miliera’s hand was a Special-Grade Rune.
It was proof of someone fitting to be a Holy Knight — she wasn’t someone ordinary.

「So, without further ado, let’s get the orientation started! I’ll introduce to you how we do our lessons in this Academy. First‌, we are all going to have some warm-up exercises. Okay, everyone, please step onto the ring~. Ah, Knight students, bringing your Artifact is a no-no~」

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Principal Miliera called out to the students.

「… Very well. It looks amusing.」

Inglis hopped lightly into the ring, but—


「!? WHA…!?」

Her body felt as heavy as lead, and so she didn’t land on her feet properly.

「Gggguoohh… h-, heavy…!」
「I-, I can’t stand…!」
「Can’t m-, move!!」

When she looked around, she saw that everyone was on their knees, while several of them couldn’t even move.

「This is a High Gravitational Pressure generated by an Artifact. It’s the basic training regimens in this Academy, so get used to it~ We teachers are saddened to see our students dying in battlefields, so we will train and train and train and train you again and again to your breaking points so that none of you will suffer the same fate 𝅘𝅥𝅮 」 5

Hearing that, the new students questioned if they had come to a dangerous place — not all of them, not Inglis, who was more than appreciative of this new development.

The structure of Mana that made her body heavy, it was especially magnificent.
Was this the Gift of the staff Artifact the principal Miliera had?

If Inglis could replicate this mana structure on her own, not only could she train her mana control, she would also train her physique while she was at it. Killing two birds with one stone.

「Ooh, amazing…! Quite the fine school this is!」

I very much would like to learn how to do this!
Inglis immediately lost herself in analyzing the arrangements and the pattern of Mana around her. 6


  1. Al- You sure it’s just because of his looks? I’m pretty sure some of them are probably looking at his crown and the jewels embedded in it~
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    Al- Mab… the hound of gayness~
  4. Mab- Monozuki doesn’t exactly translate to “freak.” Monozuki is the moniker for people who has a weird, uncommon, or unconventional taste or interest for anything.

    Here are a few examples:
    – A girl who has a taste for fat balding oji-sans.
    – A dweeb who only likes unpopular idols.
    – People who put pineapple on pizza.
    Eli- YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Hawaiian pizza is best pizza. Also, could probably use “Perverse” instead
    Sil- Hawaiian Pizza ain’t that bad, try anchovy pizza and come back to tell me which is worst
    Al- Oi, Mab!! How dare you! Pineapple on pizza is the best!! YOU’RE THE WEIRD ONE WHO DOESN’T LIKE IT! HMPH!

  5. Mab- Warm-up exercise = DBZ’s Gravity Chamber.

    This is the perfect place for our beautiful Inglis.
    Eli- Ignoring physics is the past time of all authors
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