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Chapter 50 – 15 year old Inglis and the Frozen Prisma (6)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 4037 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1806 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「I see. Something like that happened at Nova… I have heard some rumors about a Consul going missing. You two have gone through some hardship. You even encountered the Ironblood Chain Brigade, I’m surprised you came out alright…」

After Rafinha finished briefing the events that happened in the town of Nova, Raphael was relieved that at least Rafinha and Inglis were safe.

「What I’m concerned about is the 『Levitation Magic Formation』. Did the Kingdom give the town away to the Highland fully knowing of its existence?」

If that was the case then that meant they intentionally sold off the city and its people.

「This is the first time I’m hearing this. Although, who can say if it’s common knowledge amongst the King and his confidant.」
「If they knew and still gave it away, big brother, then I think I have some problem with them.」
「You’re right, Rani. It’s exactly as you say. Thank you for the information, Rani, Glis.」
「It’s nothing. I’m happy I can help.」
「You’re welcome.」
「That being said, that creature over there is the Miss Consul that has turned into a Magic Stone Beast, huh… I’m surprised to see a Magic Stone Beast cuddling with a human.」
「She was originally a Highlander‌, not some beasts or insects, and she was very rational before she became like this. I’m thinking ‌those aspects must’ve held down her Magic Stone Beast instincts‌.」
「And I think that her body being this small might have helped with that.」 1

「I see…」

Leone and the Hyrule Menace Ripple had their eyes peeled wide as they witnessed these three holding a discussion.


Each of those three had already wolfed enough food that would last two to three days for a grown man in a single sitting, with their empty dishes piling up a mountain on the table. And even then, they were still busy stuffing their cheeks even while talking. 2

「Uwaah, so it’s not just Raphael, but his little sisters too!」
「I-, indeed, the food I have at home wouldn’t even have been enough……」

While popping three steamed chicken legs into her mouth in quick succession, Rafinha asked Raphael. 3

「And what are you doing here, Big Brother?」
「We’re here to enact a countermeasure plan to the spontaneous appearance of Magic Stone Beasts phenomenon, the one ‌you just helped with, Rani.」
「Ah, that issue is lingering in my mind too. I was thinking of solving that before I left the town, but…」
「Yeah. Which is why it’s going to be alright, Leone. It won’t happen again in the next few days.」
「What are you going to do, big brother Rafa?」
「Well, Glis. We have assumed that the cause of that is on the frozen corpse of Prisma.4 Which is why…」

Raphael, his mouth full of meat‌, explained with a serious look plastered on his face. 5

A few days later…

All of them were at the Flygear Carrier that floated high in the sky.

This vessel was the mothership for Flygear, as was indicated with the many ports all around the winged circular hull storing Flygears.

The Carrier acted not only as an airborne Flygears carrier but also as the terminal to recharge Flygears.

The basic formation was to have the Flygear Carrier in the center surrounded by Flygears that belonged to it and have them act as a single battle platoon.

「If the frozen Prisma is giving birth to Magic Stone Beasts then when that very cause is taken away, Magic Stone Beasts‌ shouldn’t show up in the middle of the city again.」

What was happening in front of Inglis and the girls’ eyes was exactly as Raphael just said.

The roof of the Cathedral where Prisma was enshrined had been removed, and the ice pillar was being pulled up into the sky with countless wires wrapping around it by the Carrier and many Flygears.

They were going to transport the frozen Prisma by air.
They deployed hundreds of Flygears around it and the view was ‌spectacular to behold.
The one in charge of this Air Transport Operation was the Holy Knight Raphael.
And Ripple, the Hyrule Menace, accompanied him in case the worst-case scenario happened.

「What a sight…! So Flygears can do something like this!」
「It sure can. Flygears are actually often being used even on the Highland, it’s a very convenient piece of technology. By acquiring this, things that we can do ‌increase by a great magnitude.」 6

Raphael nodded at Rafinha’s comment.

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「And even if it was a handiwork of those Ironblood Chain Brigade, it’s ‌likely that their aim is the frozen Prisma. And so, taking it away will make the town safe again all the same… huh.」

Even though Leone seemed to be most suspicious with the Ironblood Chain Brigade, they managed to convince her after they explained it as such to her.

Transporting Prisma was fine and all, but the bigger question was; where to?
If it were to be taken to another town, then the same thing would just happen again in its new resting ground.

「And the place it’ll be taken away to is a frontier city where the Prisma will be enshrined near the opposing country. So, if it produces Magic Stone Beasts, the opposing country would have a hard time invading us. Fighting fire with fire, is it? What a waste…」

From Inglis’ point of view, this operation was nothing but an enormous waste of opportunity for her to fight and grow, since two of her ‌opponents were going to attack each other.
She had to admit though, this was a very efficient tactic, strategically speaking. 7

「Glis’ sickness relapsed again… isn’t this a good idea? We can hinder the enemy’s invasion without losing our own military strength.」
「That’s true, but.」
「Even though Magic Stone Beasts indiscriminately attack people regardless of what country or politics, there are still people who keep trying to invade others…」
「That right. Fighting between humans is a big waste, especially since you live where the Prism Flow falls. Today’s operation is a step to avoid that pointless fight— though, it feels like we’re borrowing the strength of Magic Stone Beasts, so it kinda leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.」

The neighboring country of Venefique had attempted invasions many times in the past.
They had continued their attempts in recent years, and now they were the biggest threat to the Kingdom second only to Magic Stone Beasts.
Apparently, the primary goal for this transport operation was to move Pisma into the bordering mountain to create a natural barrier against the Venetian army. 8

The one who came up with the idea was Raphael’s direct superior, prince Wayne.
Perhaps the Prince was quite the strategist.

「Now, Rani, Glis, Leone. The Carrier will head back to the Capital, so you three should go with them. Lady Ripple and I will continue to command the air transport operation.」
「Okay. Thanks, big brother Rafa!」
「I’ll be under their care.」
「Sir Raphael, thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me…!」
「Yeah. Everyone, do your best in the Knighting Academy. I’m looking forward to the day we can fight together.」

Raphael gave an affectionate smile to the three girls.

「Hey, hey. Lil’ Inglis, can you come with me~?」

Then, Ripple took Inglis by herself to the corner of the Carrier and spoke in a hushed voice.

「… It’s you, right? The incredible girl Eris told me about?」
「Did you hear about me from Miss Eris?」
「Yup. Though it’s still a secret between us Hyrule Menaces, you know?」
「… Thank you very much.」
「Then, when you look at that Prisma, what do you ‌feel?」
「it’s regrettable that it’s going away.」
「Aha𝅘𝅥𝅮 You’re not afraid of it, even a bit? How is it, you think you can win?」
「There is no sane man who will fight a losing war.」
「… This is still a secret, okay? But the day you can finally fight it may not be that far from now, you know? 」
「Eeh!? Is that true…? Indeed, for a corpse, I can still feel some power from it, but—」
「You see, actually, it isn’t even dead, to begin with. That guy just froze his own body in that ice… I saw it happen. Well, it’s a story from a few decades ago, though.」
「…! I have heard that Hyrule Menaces have a long lifespan.」
「We do. I’m actually a granny, yanno? Eris too, though.」

Well, I’m actually a Grandpa inside too…
Saying it won’t help anything though, so let’s keep silent.

「… We said that it’s a corpse to make everyone feel safe. Despite the fact that it made no movement over the past few decades and yet it suddenly begins to move now, that could only mean that it’s going to be revived. And if it’s going to wake up, then better have it happen in the middle of nowhere, right?」
「You’re right. It’ll be a good place to fight since there won’t be any hindrances around.」
「Your face says you’re excited.」
「I am, verily.」
「Yup, yup𝅘𝅥𝅮 You’re good, girl. You’re not basing it on some heroism. I’ll definitely call on you when that time comes, so come help us. Until then, ‌practice diligently and hone your skills, kay?」
「I understand. Please ‌do call on me.」
「Of course. Why don’t we make a pinky promise then?」
「Yes, please do.」

After they hooked their fingers—

「Then, everyone, let’s meet in the Capital once this mission is over!」
「Bye bye~ Do your best, girls! Laters𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Raphael and Ripple hopped on a Flygear, then flew away.

「Okay, off we go! We don’t know when it will produce more Magic Stone Beasts! Always be ready for interceptions and peel your eyes wide!」

Then, under Raphael’s command, they carried the Prisma away.
Inglis and the two watched it from the top of the Flygear Carrier for a while.

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Please get revived soon and let’s fight to our hearts’ content! 9

Inglis called out to the Prisma in her heart.

「Then, the Carrier will head back to base!」

The Knight who seemed to be the Captain of the Flygear Carrier announced.
The figure of the town of Arlman gradually became smaller as the Flygear Carrier soared away.

Leone, who watched her hometown slowly turning into a speck, declared with a determined look.

「… I have to come back here with my chest held high.」
「Yeah, yeah. Just get back at those people.」
「We will help you.」
「Thanks, you two.」

Thus ended Inglis and the girls’ journey to the Capital, and the days they spent in the Knight Academy would soon come. 10


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    Sil- Well, she’s smol enough that she can’t store enough energy to fire a beam that can blast away a city! At most, it’ll be like a water spray.
    Al- Well, technically~ It is not a death beam, it’s a heat ray. I’m sure the ants will find her to be very destructive xD (bahahahahahahaha)
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