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Chapter 52 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (2)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,109 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 958 words
Editor(s): Hydra Lilith

「KYAAaaah! What’s this, so heaavyyy!!」

Rafinha used all her might just to stand on her feet.

「Being in this gravitation field without Artifact is ‌hard…! Good for practicing, though!」

Leone seemed like she had a comparatively wider wiggle room.

「Yeah, this is good, isn’t it? I didn’t know you can train like this.」
「But if we do this all the time, my legs are going to get fatter than they already are now…!」 1

Leone seemed to be concerned about her firm and thicc lower half.
It was her speech habit to blame on her lifestyle of swinging a sword around that made her body the way it was.

「Okay everyone, get ready——! Here we go!」

As principal Miliera snapped her finger, three humanoid holes opened up in the ring and three figures came out of them, animating as though they were alive.

「Rock Golems, huh——」

——Is that also the power of that staff Artifact?
Or does she possess another Artifact?

I don’t know. But she must be ‌powerful since she produced three giant bodies twice as large as a human.
Mastering two Gifts from two Artifacts at the same time… as expected of an owner of a Special Grade Rune.
By all means, I’d like to test my skills on her. If I’m lucky, perhaps I can get her to fight me now?

「Okaay. Let’s play tag. These three Rock Golems will be it. The time limit is 10 minutes, anyone who isn’t out of the ring by then——we’ll give you a special coupon for a month of free meals in the Student Cafeteria 𝅘𝅥𝅮~ Do your best and survive!」 2

It was a generous offer that came out of the Principal’s mouth.

「Ooh, that’s great…! That’ll definitely help.」
「We have to last until the end….! But it’s heaaavvvyyy!!!」

For Inglis and Rafinha, who ate as many times more than the average person, this prize was as many times more tantalizing to them than the average person.

「It’s okay, Rani. There are only three of them.」

——So long I defeat them, the game will end.

「Well then, let’s start! Ready, seeet….」

The moment the Principal started the count, Inglis leaped to one of the Rock Golems and hit it with an uppercut.
The blow made the Rock Golem soared high, landing on a spot outside the ring, cracked and turned immobile.


And while the Principal was still confused——

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「Eei! And there!」

Inglis sent another fist to the second Golem, then ‌threw the third golem outside.
Her body was heavy, but that didn’t mean she could not do such a feat.
The gravitational pull was just right, it felt perfect for physical training.


Now she could eat as much as she wanted for a month without worrying about money.

「Yaay! Now we get an all-you-can-eat buffet for a month 𝅘𝅥𝅮」
「You’re awesome, Inglis…! I expect no less of you!」

Rafinha and Leone were happy with the development, but the others seemed to have a harder time to process what was happening.

「E-, erm….?」
「Since it is outside the ring——?」
「We all passed, right? Yeaah!」
「We can eat as much as we want for a month!」

Thinking ‌it would be ‌bad if every single new student could eat for free for a month, the Principal broke out in cold sweat and spoke——

「… And just like that, if it is outside the ring, then everyone inside will pass~ It was just a demonstration, okay~」 3

So she pulled the wool over their eyes.

「Principal, isn’t that foul play….」
「I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry! It was a blunder from my part! One more time, please…!」

If she begged her that hard, then Inglis had no other choice but to comply.
Well, she just needed to defeat them again. It served as training for her too.

「Eehh….? That’s weird, did I mess up——nonono, that can’t be.」

Principal Miliera craned her neck. After mumbling to herself for a few moments, she recreated the Rock Golem again. And then—

「Okay, let’s do it again— ready, set, go!」

Dogon! Dogoon! Doggooonn!!!

The golems were blown out of the ring with three consecutive palm strikes.


The Principal’s smile stiffened yet again.

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「 ….Ufufufufu! That one is a demonstration too~ You know, important things need to be said twice, okay~?」 4 
「Principal! As expected, that’s over the….!」

Then principal Miliera rushed over to Inglis to silence her.

「L-, let’s negotiate, okay…? It’ll be three months for you, so can you please stop sending the Golems outside the ring until the end? I don’t mind even if you step out of the ring in the middle of the game——」
「… If you make it for three people, then I won’t mind.」5 
「I understand. I’ll take care of it.」
「Also, can you make the gravitational pull heavier for me?」

It would only become good training if the pull gave Inglis a hard time moving around.

「Eeh…? Hmm——I’m applying it uniformly all across the ring, so it’s impossible to make it heavier just for one person. If you insist, then we can have a training session outside of regular class——」
「Please do.」
「——Then, I’ll make it two months of coupons for three people instead.」
「I understand.」

And so we made the terms.
Inglis would analyze how the Mana operated as much as she wanted until she could reproduce the same effect by herself. That would be her first goal in this Academy.

「Then, let’s do it again, again, for real. Start!」

Three new Rock Golems came out of the ground and chased the students around.


  1. Mab: T H I C C
  2. Mab: Uh oh.
  3. Silva: Headpats for Principal
  4. Lilith:Isn’t it three times?
    Silva:Pitiful Principal
  5. Mab: UH OH

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