Chapter 47 – 15 year old Inglis and the Frozen Prisma (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2459 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1108 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

Inglis and Leone cooperated with each other, easily subjugating the Magic Stone Beasts in the town.

Leone mainly dominated the ground where she relentlessly mowed down running bird-type beasts with her enlarged great sword artifact. While Inglis positioned herself on rooftops, knocking down flying bird-type beasts into the ground where Leone was waiting to slice them up.

The scattering arrows of light from Rafinha’s Artifact would only bring about collateral damage in this townscape. And ‌Leone’s Artifact ‌would do better on such an occasion, considering its tight maneuver.

As Inglis was assessing Leone’s performance with a side glance, she jumped towards a rooftop with three beasts perching on it.


Right after she landed, she sprung and twisted herself in the air, hammering down the nearest bird with a kick.

Inglis had seen through an attack from the second beast that tried to peck her from behind. She sent a fist to the bird’s chin, then scooped it up.
With her hand now circling around its neck, she lifted ‌and threw it around, using it as a club to bash on another beast.


The two beasts collided with significant force, sending the latter falling towards the waiting Leone with no means to resist.


And at last, she ‌threw the beast she held in her hand below not a second later.

However, her timing was too fast.
Leone who had just finished dealing with the second beast was not ready yet.

「Ah! Sorry…!」
「Wawawaah!? Too fast, Inglis!」

From behind the panicked Leone, an arrow of light flashed through.
It tore through the third falling bird, snuffed it out before it even touched the ground.
Now that the beast’s falling trajectory had changed, Leone wouldn’t be crushed by it.

「Bullseye! Geez, Glis! It’s because you’re going off on your own that I came late.」
「Rani! I’m surprised you know I’m here. I’m pretty sure I went around quite a lot.」
「Well, you two made quite the show here‌.」

Rafinha said as her eyes locked onto Leone.

「She’s Leone. She was here when I got around so I’m fighting alongside her.」
「Nice to meet you. You saved my hide back there.」
「You’re welcome! I’m Rafinha Wilford. Let’s get along.」

When Rafinha introduced herself with a wide smile, a shocked look appeared on Leone’s face.

「Wilford…? Rafinha… Then you’re Sir Raphael’s little sister!?」
「Wah! You know big brother Rafa!?」
「Y-, yeah… I have been under his great tutelage.」
「If you don’t mind, can you tell us about him later? Now, let’s put in more spirit!」

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With Rafinha joining the fray, the speed of the dwindling number of Magic Stone Beasts doubled.

As the result of them running around the town for about an hour subjugating Magic Stone Beasts here and there, the surrounding scene finally regained its serene, with just a few things left to clean up.

「Phew~ That’s all, right? Good work out there, Glis, Leone.」
「Sure. We made so much progress thanks to you two. You have my thanks.」
「But, it sure is weird that they suddenly appeared within the town walls. Even though the town’s security is tight… It’s not like there’s Prism Flow falling over the town, either.」
「Glis is right… I wonder why?」
「It’s been a recurring event recently. Magic Stone Beasts appearing even without Prism Flow.」
「… You have it good, all this action to chase away your boredom.」
「Eh? Umm…?」 1

At hearing Inglis’ comment, Leone was caught off guard.

「W-, well, don’t mind her, okay? This girl has a war general trapped within her angelic body.」
「Ahahaha. But I understand somehow. She looks so peaceful after the battle ends.」
「I do?」
「You very much do. And you’re just like a frenzied beast during battles, Glis.」
「Indeed. When I first saw her, she was jumping into a flock of Magic Stone Beast all by herself. Sure took me by surprise.」
「Aah, so that’s how it was. Tell me about it. Seeing that for the first time really makes your heart jump. I mean, she’s just a single, runeless girl trying to break through like a sole horseman. Thinking about it normally, that means death, isn’t it?」
「I reflexively tackled her down because of that! Turned out, it was unnecessary.」

Watching Rafinha and Leone oddly getting along well, Inglis gave them the stink eye.
But this encounter must be a blessed one since the three of them could just laugh it off together.

「Hey, the two of you! The black-haired and silver-haired girls!」 2

Suddenly, a middle-aged Knight came over to their group.

「Thank you for helping us defend the town! It’s not much, but we wish to offer you a reward in return. Can you come with us?」
「Eh? What about Leone? She’s the one who fought the hardest.」

Rafinha asked with a confused look on her face. Inglis had the same question in mind.

「Don’t say something so stupid. Why the hell would we give anything for a traitor’s kin!」

He spoke as though that was the most natural thing in the world.

「Hold on there! Leone fought the hardest amongst us!」
「I-, it’s okay, Rafinha. Don’t mind me, just go.」
「No! That’s just weird!」
「We can’t trust that girl. Since you two seem to be unaware, I’ll tell you this much. That woman is Leone Olpha. She’s the little sister of the ex Holy Knight who originated from this town, the traitor who backstabbed the country and deserted this nation, Leon Olpha! We don’t have any reason to acknowledge the kin of a traitor that sullied the entire town’s reputation.」3 「EEeeh!?」
「That’s right… Olpha is Mr. Leon’s—」

The middle-aged Knight’s remark made Inglis connect the two dots in her head.
She knew the surname Olpha rang a bell, and only now did she realize it was Leon’s surname. The Holy Knight who had disappeared, saying that he would join the Ironblood Chain Brigade.

「Now that you know, I suggest you stop associating with that girl. Else you two will face contempt from everyone‌.」 4 「No thanks! And we don’t need your stupid reward!」

Rafinha scowled, her tongue sticking out.
For the daughter of an aristocrat, her conduct was inappropriate.

「Let’s go?」

Inglis took Leone’s hand, pulling her along down the street.

「She’s right, let’s go!」

Rafinha took her other hand without a moment’s delay.

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「… Thank you.」

The corner of Leone’s eyes watered as she let the two pull her away.


  1. Sil- The same battle junkie as ever. King Inglis repressed instincts are on full throttle ever since reincarnation. Old man must’ve been real stressed
    Eli- I think the author just doesn’t know better
  2. Mab- Hey! It’s rude to address people by their color scheme.
    Al- Lol, Mab XD That’s funny.
  3. Mab- Raphael and Rafinha, then Leon and Leone. What next? Mabbo and Mabby? Does anyone want to be the Mabby for my Mabbo?
    Al- Mab, go find your little sister somewhere else, you siscon!
  4. Mab- By the way, I wonder why most of the Knights we encounter act like NPCs?
    Al- I guess that’s the new coolest trend?

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