Chapter 48 – 15 year old Inglis and the Frozen Prisma (4)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2692 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1213 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「What’s his deal!? That’s just mean!」
「Yeah… For now, let’s have a talk in a quiet place, shall we?」
「… Then want to come to my mansion? It’s not the cleanest, but we attract too much attention outside, so…」

Leone’s volume lowered the more she spoke.

「Thanks. Sorry to bother you, then.」
「Yeah. Let’s go take our carriage.」

The trio went to retrieve Inglis and Rafinha’s carriage, then they went to Leone’s mansion.
Inglis, taking hold of the steer, asked Leone.

「… Are the people in this town always like that?」
「Yeah, they are, starting from when big brother Leon threw away his identity as a Holy Knight and joined the Ironblood Chain Brigade three years ago…」
「You’re still fighting for them though?」

Rafinha asked profoundly.

「Don’t say that when we’re all facing Magic Stone Beasts all the same.」
「You’re admirable! That’s right, that’s all that matters! You have my respect!」

With her eyes glowing as though she was just enlightened, Rafinha grasped Leone’s hand tightly.

「Ahaha. It’s not something that admirable, you know. I’m just hoping they would forgive me, even just a little…」
「You work so very hard to protect the town, they shouldn’t have said that. Right? These people are so narrow-minded.」
「But, don’t blame the townspeople too much, okay? They had their expectations and respect turned on them. This town was created to watch over Prisma’s corpse, so there are many Knights stationed here, and the people’s loyalty for the Royalty is consequently high. That was why, when big brother Leon became the first Holy Knight the town produced, he was everyone’s pride and joy… And that very brother of mine killed both a Highlander envoy and the Inspector administered by the Capital… no wonder everyone lost their heart. The more you love something before it betrays you, the more you hate it after, they say.」
「Eh? Wait a minute, but the one who killed Sir Shioni was—」
「I’m sure that’s how it was to the public; Mr. Leon was a burden on everything. If the fact that a Highlander like Mr. Rahal killed Sir Shioni was made public; anti-Highlander organizations and political factions that opposed the King for being lenient against the Highlanders would rise in power… That’s why, the way things now are better for current politics.」
「But that’ll make Mr. Leon look like a villain. Even though Mr. Leon made his move precisely because he was angry at Rahal for his tyranny and hijinks…」
「Are you two acquaintances with big brother Leon?」
「Yeah… he’s a sociable and fun person, you know? He’s not a bad person by any means.」
「My impression of him is the same as Rani.」
「Is that so? Thank you for saying that. But I’m alright. His Highness Wayne and Sir Raphael carefully explained everything to me while giving their apologies…」

His Highness Wayne that Leone mentioned must be the name of the prince of this Kingdom.
Which meant he was Raphael’s direct superior.

「No less from my brother! That’s right. We can’t leave things just like this. Those people owe an apology to Leone!」
「They’re being considerate of me and have been visiting me from time to time after that. That’s why I don’t hold any grudges or say that it’s unreasonable. Regardless of how it ‌went, my brother discarded his status as a Holy Knight and threw the country behind him remained unchanged. That alone is enough to betray everyone’s expectations of him. That’s why I’ll be the one to restore the honor of the Olpha family. I’ll become a formal knight, gain reputations, and capture big brother Leon from the Ironblood Chain Brigade.」

With a determined look flashing in her eyes, Leone made her statement.

「You’re strong, Leone. I have to learn a lot from you.」

Rafinha seemed impressed by her. Inglis, on the other hand, was bugged by another thing.

「You’re not a formal knight, Leone?」
「Yeah. Soon, I’ll leave town to enroll at the Knighting School in the capital. My father passed away last year… I have nobody that holds me back anymore.」
「EEEeeeeh!? Is that true!? Us too! We’re on the way to the capital to enroll in the Knighting School!」
「Eh!? Is that so!? That’s very reassuring, to have the two of you with me.」
「What a fortunate coincidence. Take good care of us from now on.」
「Let’s get along!」
「Yeah, me too!」

The three shared tight handshakes.

「Ah, Rene!」

Suddenly, Rene appeared from behind Rafinha, leaping towards the tip of Leone’s nose.

「Oh my, what a cute child. I’ve never seen an animal like this, though…」
「She’s Rene. Something like our pet.」 1

After Rene showed up literally right in front of Leone’s eyes as if to say hello, she dived right into her cleavage. 2

「Kyaah!? H-, hold on, this child is going to weird places… sto— N-, NO…! H-, hey, do something…!」  3

「R-, Rene…! I’m sorry, this child likes girls with big breasts.」
「Yaay. Now I’m not the only one.」

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Leone’s presence sure was big… Inglis kept the thought to herself.
Rene was finally calm after a little while, and Rafinha then spoke with a huge grin on her face.

「At any rate, now I’m only getting more excited for the school.」
「Although, now I’m worried about the recent Magic Stone Beasts appearing within the town walls. I want to solve that problem before I leave the town, but…」

Leone’s face tightened.

「Do you have anything in mind?」
「The rumors going around mentioned that the frozen carcass of Prisma is ‌giving off dangerous influence, or the Ironblood Chain Brigade is doing something behind the doors, and things like that. I’m more inclined towards the Ironblood Chain Brigade’s handiwork… and even if Prisma somehow caused the phenomenon, then why now? Something like that.」
「… Hmm. What about you, Glis?」
「For me, I think it’s not the Brigade’s doing. Those people only have one thing in their mind; they want to defeat the Highlanders. There is no Highlander Consul in this town, right? That’s why I don’t think they have their eyes on this town.」
「I’m with Inglis in this, I guess… then, it’s because of the carcass of Prisma… is that how it is?」
「But nothing ever happened before, though?」
「I didn’t know about before, but I feel that Prisma hasn’t completely died yet. That’s why I think it’s not weird that it somehow summons Magic Stone Beasts.」
「EEeh!? You can tell something like that, Inglis…!?」
「Pretty much, but—」
「The other question is, what can we do about that?」
「We only need to let Prisma out of the ice and defeat it completely. Won’t they let me do the honor…? haah.」

Just like a lovesick maiden longing for her destined partner, Inglis exerted a deep, wistful sigh.

「… What do I do, Rafinha. This girl just uttered something so audacious, it’s scary.」
「Tell me about it. But it’s the usual for her, so don’t think ‌she’s gone cuckoo, okay? She’s like this from the start.」

Rafinha and Leone shared a whispering conference.


  1. Eli- A pet with an intense urge to kill you all! Reminds me of that monty python skit
    Al- Teehee, yes yes, imagine if one day she becomes big again and kills them in their sleep, fun~
  2. Sil- Reeeeeee
    Eli- Just grow your own Silva, no need to be jealous
    Al- I can’t tell whether the author is imagining himself in Rene’s shoes so that he could be a perv, or he’s just a perv in general, hm… probs both
  3. Mab- Cleanse your mind, Mab! That’s a rabbit hole you should never peek into!
    Al- Good boy, Mab, go do some meditation xD

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