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Chapter 46 – 15 year old Inglis and the Frozen Prisma (2)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2156 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1009 words
Editor(s): Alruna Zelenia

「You, jumping into a flock of Magic Stone Beasts without an artifact or even a rune, that’s practically suicide! You’re such a beauty, don’t throw away your life like this!」

The one who was frantically trying to convince Inglis not to forfeit her life was a beautiful young lady.
Her features were refined with her hair tied into low pigtails, complemented with a pair of ribbons, giving her an overall cute image.
Whereas, her body figure was supple, with her chest as big as Inglis’, if not bigger.
Rene would probably be delighted to jump into them. 1

To prove that she had what it took to stop Inglis, there was a glowing black Rune in the shape of a great sword on the back on her hand that resembled the two-handed great-sword sheathed on her back.
That glowing Rune signified that it was a High-Grade Rune, similar to Rafinha’s.
Thus, the girl was a High-Grade Knight, a rarity amongst the people.

「Th, thank you… but, I’m fine— 」
「Here they come. You fall back!」

The girl stood in front of Inglis, shielding her.
The running bird-type beasts flocked towards the two of them, having recognized the duo as hostile creatures who had stepped into the plaza.
The beasts planned to crush them under their feet, utilizing their sheer number and mass to their advantage.

The girl didn’t show any sign of fear, she instead grinned as though it was all under control.

「That works better for me! 」

She immediately pulled out her great sword Artifact.
There was still quite the distance between the sword’s attack range and the birds, but she indifferently brandished her sword horizontally anyway.


Inglis was curious as to just what the girl would do on this occasion. Hence, she decided to stand by and watch her for now.

「All in oneee!」

The artifact shone brilliantly as the blade began to grow in size.
The greatsword kept growing until it was long enough to completely engulf all of her enemies in one fell swoop.


The enlarged great sword hummed as it slashed through the air, looping the beasts’ head off, showing its potential to cleave the bodies.

「Heeh. That’s interesting.」

Inglis nodded, impressed.
This mass-transforming phenomenon is the Artifact’s Gift, huh?
It seems very handy and interesting.
Inglis had been longing to have a weapon of her own, so seeing an Artifact with this kind of function made her envious.

The girl who wiped out all the running bird-type beasts in one slash turned her head towards Inglis.

「Are you hurt? You have to evacuate somewhere—」

Suddenly, Inglis noticed several flying bird-type Magic Stone Beasts diving into the plaza from the roofs of the adjacent buildings over the girl’s shoulder.
Those beasts took a big breath all at once and spewed out freezing breezes out of their mouths with icicles as sharp as daggers swirling in it. These were the types of Magic Stone Beasts that could spew elementals, such as fire and ice.
Similarly to Rene who could emit white heat rays from her hand after she became a Magic Stone Beast.

「Behind you!!」

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The girl’s reaction to Inglis’ warning was fast — she whirled around and stabbed her sword into the ground not a moment after.


She made her sword two times longer and several times wider.
With that, both the girl and Inglis were completely shielded behind the blade of the sword.
The icicles were hurtling against the great sword, but none of them could even leave a single scratch on it.
Inglis’ impression of the girl was that she had really mastered her Artifact, utilizing it as both means of offense and defense.

After the freezing breeze had passed, the girl made her counter attack.
She pointed her sword towards the birds on the rooftop.

「Back at you!」

The extending sword tip was rushing at the beasts.
However, as Inglis had guessed, the birds only took a few flaps to evade it, either because the distance between them was too great or the birds were just too keen.

「Mu. These cheeky beasts…!」
「Let me help. Wait there for a while.」

Inglis whispered to the girl before she jumped onto the blade that was pointed towards the roof.
And with a single leap, she ran up all the way up there.

「Eeeeh!? S, so fast…!」

As the girl was captivated in awe, Inglis kept drawing closer to the beasts, leaping onto the roof. Above her head was the flock of Magic Stone Beasts that had evaded the girl’s attack.
With a splendid summersault, Inglis planted her heel on one of the beast’s temples.


The beast fell towards the plaza head first.
Inglis then called out to the girl below.

「Now! Kill it!」
「Go-, got it!」

The girl splendidly cleaved the falling bird’s body in midair.

「Here comes another!」

Inglis continued to her second, third, and more prey as she kept cleansing the air of the Magic Stone Beasts, while the girl below kept cleaving the falling beasts with no fail.

「You’re great!」

Inglis called to the girl in the plaza.
The latter smiled back at Inglis.

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「Same goes to you! I was worried because I couldn’t see both a Rune and an Artifact on you, but it seems like my worry is misplaced. Forgive me for that.」
「It’s okay. I appreciate the concern.」
「Hey, what’s your name?」
「It’s Inglis Eux.」
「I’m Leone. Leone Olpha. Why don’t we fight hand in hand for now?」

The surname Olpha sounds familiar, where did I hear it before?
The thought invaded Inglis’ mind, but she brushed it aside as vanquishing the Magic Stone Beasts took priority.

「Of course, Miss Leone. Pleased to meet you.」
「Just call me Leone. Our age isn’t that different, right?」
「Okay, I understand. Best of regards, Leone.」
「Best regards!」

The two exchanged smiles, then continued mowing down the Magic Stone Beasts.


  1. Sil- …Rene, you lecher!!

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