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Chapter 88: A foreign master and servant

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3764 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1670 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Some time passed after the new school term started. Ryuka and Olivia have been getting along nicely as classmates. Everyone in the dorm comes from common families, but Ryuka is a noble in her country, so at first everyone was a bit reserved. Amy and Olivia kept mediating for her and eased those tensions though.

One day in the afternoon I’m hanging clothes to dry on the rooftop when I feel a hit on my back. A pair of hands catch my unstable body and take a firm hold of my chest.

“Your boobs look great again today!”

I shudder in disgust and break free from my assailant, punching her square on the head.

“Just… stop already! You filthy rabbit!”

The perpetrator retreats while holding her head. I already knew it was Ruri. We bonded really quickly after we found out we both reincarnated here… but looking back at it, I had been a bit too naive. Now she comes to harass me daily.

I already noticed this in the guild, but as a rabbit half-beast she’s extremely agile and can easily sneak around. Even though my reactions have gotten faster than before, I still can’t protect myself from her.

“But why? It’s not like that will make them smaller.”
“But my mind is suffering!”

Ruri looks at me teary eyed, but I refuse to be lenient.

“And I’ve already told you I used to be a guy!”
“I know, but still…”

I told her I used to be a guy shortly after we met, together with a few other things, but she still insists on fondling my breasts. What’s so fun about a man’s chest anyway?

“But you’re a girl now, and you have big boobs. Like really big, they even jiggle when you move. And they’re so close all the time. Skinship is an important part of friendships between girls too. It’s almost like you should be the one asking me to touch them.”
“No, you’re twisting logic too much for that.”

It doesn’t matter that we’re both girls now, it’s still sexual harassment.

“Hmmm… But I bet you have fun with them daily yourself anyway.”
“I almost never do that!”

Ah, I screwed up.

“And that after all the complaining you did. But guys will be guys, huh. So you also do it sometimes?”

Ruri grins smugly, noticing the slip of my tongue.

“So tell me, former guy Natalia, did it feel good to touch your own boobs?”
“It didn’t!”
“Hmm, I guess that means it feels better when someone else does it for you then.”

What she says reminds me of the time Olivia washed my body. She was only scrubbing me with a towel, but somehow it felt a lot more intense than when I did that myself, and I even made weird noises.

“Wait… You’ve actually experienced that? You already had that kind of relationship with someone?”
“Not at all, don’t talk about something so gross. I get chills just thinking of a guy touching me.”

No matter what happened, my consciousness is still that of a guy. I don’t have anything against people in homosexual relationships, I just refuse to even consider giving my body to another guy, even if it would look like a heterosexual relationship for someone unaware of my situation.

“But you still touched them yourself.”
“I had no choice! I can do anything I want with this beautiful body so of course I would try!”
“Woah, you’re actually getting defensive now. And you even called yourself beautiful…”
“I’m not the one who built this body but my Mistress! It’s not narcissistic to appreciate her work!”
“Okay okay, if that’s what you want to believe.”

Th-this girl…

“If you want to fondle boobs so badly just go squeeze your own then.”
“There’s nothing to squeeze though?”

She’s actually serious.

“…I’m sorry.”

It’s a bit hard to notice because of her kimono, but Ruri has no boobs. It’s not that they’re small or tiny, they’re literally non-existent, absolutely no boobs to be found. And it’s not even that cliche with her being a guy, she’s actually still a girl.

“At least I could tell there was something there in my past life! But since animals don’t have boobs, half-beasts get small boobs too!”

That’s her usual excuse, but I’ve seen plenty of demihumans and half-beasts with large breasts. But pointing that out feels a bit harsh so I never mention it.

“Hahh… now I feel depressed. I’ll go calm down a little.”

Ruri wobbles on her feet as she heads to the area where she and Ryuka’s laundry is hanging. I continue hanging my laundry for a bit before I glance at Ruri again.


Is she out of breath? Wait no, her face is deep inside the hanging clothes and she’s sniffing them. Is that Ryuka’s skirt? It’s freshly washed, but still…

“I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.”

I pick up my laundry basket and leave the rooftop.

The moment I enter the dining hall I’m left speechless. The dorm mother isn’t in today, so we have to make dinner ourselves. Last year that was mostly my job, and sometimes other students took over.

Ruri and Ryuka said they would cook tonight though, so I let them do it. And now I’m looking at the result of that.

“We prepared some of our home country’s cuisine for you. We hope it is to your liking.”

All the tables are covered with Japanese cuisine… no, I guess it’s Reibana’s cuisine here. Japanese food wasn’t particularly my favorite in my past life, but I really missed it after not eating it in so long.

I hadn’t made it myself since I got here either, since the ingredients I needed weren’t common in Seperion, or looked different. But that food I had given up on was now in front of me.

I try to calm my excited stomach as I escort Olivia to her seat, and then I sit down myself.

“So what do you think of Reibana’s cuisine?”
“It’s incredible. There’s so many new dishes and they all smell amazing.”

Ruri asks next to us, her voice filled with pride. We’re both servants, so we only talk casually to each other when we’re alone.

“Let’s eat then.”

Olivia, me, Amy, Ryuka, and Ruri are all on the same table, and we start eating.

“Natalia, take this.”
“Ah! Thank you…”

Ruri really understands me, getting even that ready for me.

“Ah, it’s tasty.”

Olivia says the instant she tries some miso soup.

“I’ve never had this before, but somehow it feels nostalgic.”

That makes sense, Olivia is half-Japanese after all. Even if she never had it, I’m sure she tried similar things. Either way, her late father probably tried to recreate that taste before.

“Oh Natalia, you’re really adept with chopsticks.”

Ryuka seemed shocked by that. I’m using the chopsticks Ruri just gave me. Japanese food needs to be eaten with chopsticks to be enjoyed properly, and Ruri understood that and got some for me.

“You’re right. How do you even use those things to eat?”
“They’re actually quite useful once you get used to them.”

It can be tricky getting used to them, but they can be even more versatile than a knife and fork. And they’re the best way to eat Japanese food too.

“I’m really liking this food though, especially miso soup. It’s really one step ahead of everything else.”
“I made the soup, I’m really glad it was to your liking.”

So Ryuka made the miso soup. I didn’t expect a noble’s daughter to be good at cooking, but I guess that was too much of a stereotype. Or maybe she was specifically trained as a superior housewife because she comes from a good family?

“I’d eat such a delicious soup every day if I could.”
“Oh Natalia, you flatter me too much.”
“No no, I mean it. If I was a human I’d never get enough of it.”

Ryuka’s cheeks redden and she presses her hands against them. She really looks like the embodiment of Yamato Nadeshiko. Though in her case I guess it would be Reibana Nadeshiko?

I probably would be really interested in her if I had been reincarnated as a guy.

“Say, why does Ryuka look so embarrassed now?”
“I dunno?”
“Miso soup is a staple food in Reibana, so sometimes people say they ‘want to eat their miso soup for the rest of their lives’ to someone as a way to propose marriage.”

Olivia and Amy look confused, so Ruri explains that. Since Reibana is so similar to Japan I figured that would be similar as well and gave it a try, but I obviously meant it as a joke.

“What?! Na-Natalia??!”
“It was a joke, Young Lady.”
“Ah- oh, a joke…”

Oliva looks really disturbed for a moment, but quickly calms down. She really shouldn’t worry about that, I was created to be her maid so I wouldn’t leave like that. Not to mention that I’m not even a living being, so there’s no reason for me to marry someone.

And we’re both girls in appearance.

“Did you ever come to Reibana’s before Natalia? You seem quite acquainted with our culture.”
“Ah, I only read about it in books before, I guess I remember more than I thought.”

Oops, I think I got too excited over Japanese food. I’ll need to act a bit more ignorant since I can’t say I know it from my past life.

“A girl ‘coming’…”
“I’ll kill you.”

Ruri whispers next to me and I try my best to not raise my voice as I stop her. Dinner is no time for dirty jokes.

Anyway. They made enough miso soup for everyone in the dorm, so I guess they brought a lot of miso and soy sauce with them? If they did, maybe I should ask if they can share a little with me.

I think of that as I continue enjoying the food.


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