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Chapter 87: A fellow servant

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3713 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1680 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Next I went to the adventurer’s guild. We didn’t go back to Bamel during break this time, so I want to send a letter to Mir, together with some painkillers.

At first I thought of sending them through the merchant’s guild, but they would only depart in a week, so instead I figured placing a request at the guild would be faster, even if it costs a bit more.

I went there at a bit of a strange time, so there aren’t many adventurers inside the guild.

“So you want to send this to Mir in Bamel, correct?”

The receptionist takes the letter and bottles of medicine, then starts writing up the request.

That’s one more thing done.

“What did you just say?! Try saying that to my face!”

I turn around hearing that sudden shout. There’s two adventurers fighting in front of one of the reception desks.

“I’ll repeat it as many times as you want! You didn’t hold the enemy still so I couldn’t use my magic!”
“You didn’t cover for me so they kept cornering me!”

Ahh, it’s a fight between a warrior in the frontline and a magician in the rear. The frontline always wants the rear to cover for them, but the rear wants the front to tank hits so they can chant safely.

Their roles are very specific though, so I can understand why each of them expects the other to do a perfect job. I saw fights like that all the time in my past life too. Back then having a ‘Victory is a group effort, defeat is my fault alone’ mentality could go a long way to alleviate such issues, but not many thought that, and that was all in games. These adventurers are risking their lives.

“Hah, your weak-a̲s̲s̲ magic wouldn’t have done anything anyway. I could’ve completed that request all on my own!”
“What did you say?!”

Oh wow, I think he’s gotten so infuriated he’s already forgotten he was crying about needing support earlier. I really hope they calm down soon though, they’re starting to become a bother to the guild, and the receptionists look bothered too.

“If you really think that then how about you take some of it on your face!”
“Let’s do it then! We’ll see who the real weakling is!”

Saying that, the magician points his staff forward, while the warrior reaches for his sword. Now that’s going too far.

I don’t like getting involved, but I also can’t ignore it anymore. It’s a pain, but I’ll have to step between them at this rate. Just as I’m thinking that…

“Revolving blades of wind…”

The magician actually starts chanting, so the warrior unsheathes his sword in a hurry.

Oh no!

Just as I’m about to act, multiple silvery flashes fly through the air. There’s a satisfying clang and… their clothes fall apart in shreds.

“Wh-wh-what?! Where are my clothes?!”

The receptionists get hysterical seeing the two men get half naked in front of them, and the two hurry to find a place to hide in. I guess they hadn’t seen those silver slashes. Though I wouldn’t have been able to see them either not too long ago.

“Once again, I have cut a worthless object.”

A rabbit half-beast says that nearby. She had been the source of the silver slashes.

“But it can’t cut konjac .”

I mutter that and she turns to me surprised.

“You got that reference?”

The fact that she calls it a reference means she also knows it came from somewhere else.

“I’m already thinking of wearing a broad hat and shooting from afar.”
“I’m shocked to find there’s someone else who reincarnated in this world.”
“There might be even more than you think.”

I already know of Shuma, so there could be others as well. Just like the rabbit half-beast girl with green hair in front of me. She looks like she’s in her late teens, and her right eye is covered by a large eyepatch.

But I’m more curious about the kimono she’s wearing, and her katana.

“Say, are you free? I’d like to talk with you more.”
“Of course I have time, I didn’t think I would ever meet someone from my country again.”

I’m also really curious about her clothing, which looks really Japanese. At least it seems we both have questions to ask each other.

We go to a table in a corner of the guild, meant for people eating there, and we sit facing each other. I look at her again, and sure enough she’s wearing a kimono. I guess that means there’s a country similar to Japan in culture here then?

“Let’s start by introducing ourselves then. I’m Ruri, I came from Reibana to the east, and I’m a rabbit half-beast as you can see.”

Ahh, that’s the island Ophelia told me about, she said they have a distinct culture there. Back then I didn’t think it would be so close to Japanese culture though.

“I’m Natalia. I was born here in Seperion. I’m a magic automaton, which I guess makes me a monster in this world.”
“Huh? A monster? Wait, are you really a magic automaton?”
“Look here at my elbow, it’s pretty obvious there, isn’t it?”

I show my elbow, the ball joint glistening smoothly. I feel like it’s been a while since I did this.

“Wow, that’s so cool. It looks like you came straight out of Rozen Maiden.”

I never thought I’d hear someone make a comparison like that in this world.

“So magic automatons are considered monsters here?”
“Yeah. Apparently my soul got inside this body just an instant before it was turned on. Now I’m registered as a Servant so I won’t get hunted down.”
“I see.”

Ruri’s voice is quieter now, not asking anything else about my race. I guess she’s trying to be tactful.

“Let’s set that topic aside then, and talk about something that’s more fun. That move you used earlier was so cool.”
“Thanks. I still had to train like hell for it though.”
“Did you practice kendo or something like that in your past life?”
“I was a complete beginner. Man, it was so hard.”

She still was incredibly fast and precise though. She’s making light of herself, but I can tell she’s an excellent warrior.

“You said you came from Reibana, right? I don’t know much about it, but I’m assuming it’s similar to Japan?”
“Yeah, it is. I don’t really know much of their history, but just think of the Sengoku or Edo period.”

Kimonos and katanas were common in those ages, yeah.

“But there’s magic, so life isn’t as inconvenient as I first thought.”
“Ah, I also noticed that.”
“Sometimes I still miss having a phone or the internet though.”
“Yeah, I get that.”

I’ve been working almost every day since I got here, but my habits from my past life still linger around. I usually just go practice shooting my guns whenever I miss playing games though.

“I see you’re wearing a maid uniform too though, is that your job?”
“Of course. I cook, wash, and clean, obviously, but I also go hunt monsters or help with schoolwork. I’m a proper maid.”
“Are the last two things really part of a maid’s job though?”
“It does sound weird now that you mention it.”
“But what a coincidence, I’m also someone’s servant.”
“So we’re the same in that too.”
“All that for being reincarnated in another world.”

We both were disappointed with our occupations. Usually people reincarnated in other worlds become heroes or nobles. But I’m not human, I’m not even a living being technically. I was lucky I got to look so much like a person.

“Oh right, I came here to register as an adventurer. I should get back to that.”
“I see, I’ll head back too then.”

We both stand up, Ruri heads to the front desk, I go outside.

–––Olivia’s Perspective

From the dorm we went to the main school building, to the yard, to the training area, and to the research campus. The sky was already starting to darken by the time we returned to the dorm.

“Thank you so much for showing me around today, Olivia.”
“Don’t mention it, we’ll be living together from now on anyway.”

I feel a bit overwhelmed with how politely Ryuka acts, which also happened when we first met.

Shortly after, I see Natalia returning too. Next to her is a rabbit half-beast girl(?) wearing strange clothes.

“Young Lady, I’m back.”
“Lady Ryuka, I’ve successfully registered as an adventurer.”

Natalia and the rabbit girl say that at the same time, then give each other a strange look. The rabbit girl was talking to Ryuka though…what’s going on?

“Lady Ryuka, this is Natalia, we happened to meet in the guild, and she also seems to live in the dorm so we returned together.”
“I see.”

Hearing the rabbit girl’s response, Ryuka turns to look at Natalia.

“A pleasure to meet you, I’m Ryuka Urado, Ruri’s master.”
“Oh nice to meet you too. I’m the magic automaton Natalia, I serve Lady Olivia. The pleasure is mine.”

Ryuka and Natalia greet each other politely.

“Heheh, who would’ve thought we would meet each other like this. It seems we might be connected in more ways than one, Olivia.”

Ryuka tells me with a smile. That is a big coincidence, though I hope we can get along properly, as we’ll be living together.

“Let’s make a feast for dinner then, as a way to welcome you two.”
“Should I help with that then?”
“It’s to welcome you, so no need. I’ve also been itching to be active either way.”

Ruri offers to help Natalia, but she politely turns her down, before grinning with confidence. I know Natalia likes cooking. And I guess she missed doing it after being asleep for so long.

“Ruri, let’s take it easy tonight.”
“Understood, Lady Ryuka.”

And so we four entered the dorm together. The dinner Natalia prepared that night was literally a feast, just like she said.


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