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Chapter 78: Re-encounter (3)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3538 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1559 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Be careful Natalia, that’s a demon…”

Christina had mentioned demons when she told me about the religions of this world, and now one has appeared right in front of us.

“Yes, I’m a demon. Flute’s the name, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Flute corroborates Olivia’s claim and bows respectfully. According to legends, demons had once tried to destroy humanity, but regardless of the veracity of such tales, this one appeared on my enemy Lacks’ command.

Can I fight a demon and win though? I don’t know how powerful demons are, but I can’t be careless now. Even the Comet Wolf has remained still and careful ever since Flute appeared.

“Oh, I didn’t notice while I scouted you from afar, but you’re actually a quite rare specimen, I see.”

Flute’s black eyes turn to look at me. It felt like those eyes could peer deep inside me, making a chill run down my spine.

“Now Lacks, the pacts you can delay with the Crystal Ball of Postponement are at their limit after your last one of ‘Don’t let anyone sense us until we attack those girls’. I won’t accept any more until you pay for all your past ones.”

What? A pact? What are they talking about? Before I can think about that too much, Lacks takes out a crystal ball from his pocket and looks around.

“Your price is human souls, right? Then go ahead, you can take all those lying on the ground around here.”

Lacks uses his chin to point at all the agonizing men, who had fallen prey to the Comet Wolf. Human souls are their price? Those lying around here? Wait, then-

I instantly cover Olivia’s eyes with my hands.

“I see. I’ll gladly take them then.”

Flute snaps her fingers and something like white smoke rises from all the groaning men, all of which quickly gets absorbed by Flute’s body. Their faces remain contorted in pain, but there’s no cries anymore, and none of them are moving.

Did he just give up his allies as a human sacrifice to a demon?!

“D-damn you, Lacks.”

Some of the men had survived, their souls intact. They’re still in pretty bad shape, but they have enough energy to curse Lacks.

“Hey, there’s still some alive.”
“Oh, but your debt has been paid already. Taking more than I’m owed goes against the pact.”

Lacks didn’t look pleased with the survivors, but Flute just shrugged.

“Then here’s your next pact. I’ll give you the souls of everyone here, so give me the power to kill those girls.”
“That’s a quite vague request, I’ll just give you the power equivalent to the price you paid.”

Flute snaps her fingers again, taking the souls of all the remaining survivors. The pact quickly went into effect, as I can feel a large amount of magic power emanating from Lacks’ body.

“What’s happening Natalia?”

Olivia turns her head up and asks me, but I don’t want her to see that. I hold her tightly with one arm, and use the other to shoot at my main enemy. The bullet strikes Lacks’ body, but unlike the last time, it doesn’t pierce his skin and gets deflected instead.

“Hahahahah, incredible. So this is a demon’s power.”

The influx of magic power started to change Lacks’ body, making it grow to the size of an ogre while black patterns appeared on his skin.

“Alright, I’ll take my leave now then.”

Saying that, Flute vanishes like smoke.


Seeing that the demon left, the Comet Wolf roars and pounces while baring its fangs and claws. But Lacks easily dodges it, using his concealed sword to counter attack. The Comet Wulf nimbly avoids the blade and jumps back, creating distance between them again.

“I can even see this thing’s movements. This feels so good!”

Lacks shouts loudly as he leaps with his sword held high. I can’t dodge that while holding Olivia, so instead I produce mana on my palm and shape it like a wall. I’m so glad I learned how to make barriers while listening to classes at the Academy. I’m nowhere close to being able to cast large scale barriers like Damuel, but at least I can protect myself and Olivia.

“A barrier, huh? Let’s see how strong it really is!”

Lacks continues swinging his sword against the barrier. The barrier keeps shaking and making weird noises, I feel like it’ll crack at any moment now. I know the barrier will break sooner or later, and while I don’t mind whatever happens to me, I can’t allow Olivia, Ophelia’s daughter, to get hurt.

“Young Lady, I’ll try to distract him so just run when you can.”
“I won’t! I’d rather fight with you!”
“Young Lady, I was built to protect you. I need to fulfill my duty.”

I know Olivia is strong. But that’s not the point here. My magic automaton body was built to protect Olivia. I came to inhabit this body, so I also inherited that duty as well, and now I have to fulfill it more than ever before. This is more than just duty or responsibility. It’s the conviction I live by.

“…Okay, but promise me you’ll come back safely.”
“I won’t make any promises I can’t keep.”
“Usually I like how honest you are, but now it’s a bit painful.”

Olivia says with an awkward smile. Ahh, she really is such a good girl. But I don’t care what happens to me if she can be safe.

“I’ll be going then.”

I wait for Lacks to swing at the barrier before instantly dispelling it and shooting an incendiary round. The bright flash and explosion of flames blind him as Olivia dashes away and goes back through the path we came.

“Tsk, you’re not going anywhere!”
“No, she’s going wherever she wants.”

I hold Black Hawk and White Viper in my hands and stand in front of Lacks, who’s still swatting smoke away and trying to chase after Olivia. Glancing behind me I see that Olivia has pretty much vanished amongst the trees. She should be strong enough to deal with the monsters from the forest, so I don’t have to worry about her for now.

“You want revenge from me, right? Fight me then, you skill-less dork.”
“You really know how to get on people’s nerves!”
“Of course I will, you’re even more worthless than trash for hurting the most important person to me!”

Lacks runs at me in anger and I try to hold him off with Black Hawk, but my bullets are useless against his magic empowered body. I jump to the side to evade the blade swinging down at me. But the Comet Wolf had been watching the fight, and it was waiting there for me with its jaws open wide.

I create a barrier instantly and manage to ward off those sharp fangs. A second barrier protects me from the blade that follows. Having a barrier on each hand means I can’t fight back…if I was human.

Separating my arms, I turn my barrier around to be able to aim again. The Comet Wolf reacts first, jumping back faster than its large body would suggest, so I can’t get a clear shot.

“The hell are your arms doin-”

Lacks had not realized that I’m a magic automaton, so he stared at me wide-eyed. I pull the trigger, but my bullets still don’t deal enough damage to him.


He starts swinging his sword in a fit of rage and my barrier starts creaking. This is bad!

His next attack leaves a spider web-like pattern on my barrier. Even if I have a high aptitude for controlling mana, I’ve only learned to use barriers since a few days ago. It’s not a skill I can use proficiently while deploying it multiple times.

Another hit from the sword completely shatters the barrier.

“Stand Mirage!”

I cast an Illusory Magic spell, creating multiple clones of myself. Lacks’ movements slow down, not sure where to attack. My other enemy did not fall for the trick though.


The Comet Wolf pounces at me without a second thought. Its attack feels more like a body slam, which keeps going until I hit a tree behind me.


The Comet Wolf pushes again, trying to crush me against the tree. I put my guns inside my magic storage and try to push the large monster away, but it won’t budge.

Things aren’t looking good. But I know I can do more. Annabelle had been clear about that. I’m still not using all my abilities as a magic automaton. I just have to learn to put everything to use.

There’s countless differences between a human body and a magic automaton. I have to stop thinking like a human. No human could even win against a large and strong wolf like this. But I’m not human, I’m a magic automaton.

Think… What am I made of? Orichalcum and wood from the World Tree. They were always the strongest materials in fantasy stories, and that applies to this world as well.

The world’s best sorcerer Ophelia used them to create me, her masterpiece. I’m made of the best materials with the best skills, I can’t lose to something like this!

The moment those thoughts pass my mind, I feel like something opens inside me.


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