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Chapter 79: Re-encounter (4-1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2356 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1064 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The pressure from the Meteor Wolf’s body seems to soften all of a sudden. Or I guess it’s more accurate to say that I got stronger. This is my original power, Natalia’s power. The Comet Wolf has to weigh at least half a ton, but somehow I start to push it away with my thin arms.

“Out… of the way!”

I make a gap big enough for my leg and kick the monster with all my force. The monster gets staggered for a bit before its golden eyes glare at me. As I’m still standing up, Lacks swoops in.

I quickly dive underneath his armpit, his horizontal swing striking the tree behind me and toppling it over. I stand up again only to find Lacks is already halfway through his next attack.

The high pitched clang of steel and magic blade rings loudly. But I’m not done yet. Regardless of distance, I have plenty of means available to me.

Going with the same movement, I raise my leg. But a mere kick would be too weak, so I add a magic blade to strengthen it.

“Eat this.”

But wait! One might think, magic blades there will ruin my boots! But I’m wearing boots specifically made with Purple Steel by Mir. Just like my gauntlets, they conduct mana efficiently and let me create magic blades without effort.


While it was not a deep gash, my magic blade had left a cut in Lacks’ body. This will work! My magic blades can hurt him! Not to mention…

“Damn youuuu!”

His inhuman strength is compensating for a lot. His skill with a blade is far inferior to Mir or Danny’s, even the dog demi-human I fought the other day was better. I know I’m not the most skilled one either, but at least I’m better than him. His attacks pack more power than an ogre, but if I stay calm I can easily dodge everything.

As I think that, I sense something behind me, so I instantly jump away. A moment later countless streaks of light fly through the spot where I was standing.

I follow the tracks back and find the Comet Wolf, with countless orbs of light floating around its body. It looks a lot like the time I used Float Lights as a bluff, but something tells me these can cause serious damage. Those were not bluffs like mine, but actual offensive magic.

Though actually, can that monster actually use magic?!


The Comet Wolf bellows and the orbs of light shoot out. I dodge what I can and block the rest with a barrier, but Lacks manages to evade all of them. I dispel my barriers and take out my guns from my magic storage, aiming them at the Comet Wolf.

“My turn.”

I shoot with both guns at the same time, but the Comet Wolf starts running between the trees, easily missing my shots. That’s too annoying, so I switch targets to Lacks.

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I let the magazines from both guns fall into my magic storage, then create different openings above my guns to let new magazines fall into my guns, quickly reloading them.

Black Hawk’s bullets keep being deflected, but if I focus my fire it should eventually have an effect, right? After countless rounds, I noticed small tears on his skin. He might be reinforced with magic from the demon, but he’s not invincible. I just have to continue focusing my fire on vital spots and I can win.

“In that case…”

I rush forward so I can attack from closer range, but soon I turn over and look up.

The Comet Wolf had jumped high into the air, glaring at us from there. But that was not the issue here. I could see a large amount of mana gathering inside its mouth.


A spiral of light shoots out from its mouth, heading straight down.

Can my barrier protect me from that? As I debate that, I notice something else. Something I couldn’t have missed. Olivia looking at me with worry. But why?! I thought she had escaped… no, I don’t have time to think about that!

I stop my needless thoughts and rush to her to protect her. As soon as I deploy my barrier, everything is washed in white. But rather than a beautiful pure white, this is a light of great destruction. My barrier starts creaking under the pressure and heat, I feel like it’ll shatter any moment now.


Olivia shouts my name, but I can’t afford to reply.

A crack runs down the barrier. No!

I pour some mana into the barrier to repair it, but that’s not enough. I need to strengthen it more. The beam of light doesn’t seem to have an end. I pour even more mana into my barrier to regenerate it and make it stronger. But more cracks appear, one after another, eventually creating a hole in one spot. Light slips through and reaches my shoulder, burning a hole into it.

Dammit! I can’t let more of it through! I need to make the barrier stronger! I have to fix the hole and make it more resilient! I have plenty of mana to give! My Sorcery Core should be able to do that! It’s always producing more than enough mana! Now’s the time to use my full power!

I feel a weird constriction in my chest. I can tell my Sorcery Core is working as hard as it can.

Good… that’s good. Whatever happens to me doesn’t matter. I’ll protect Olivia no matter what!

–––Olivia’s Perspective

I’m running through the forest. I still remember the route, so I can make it back to Ingralowe like this. I have to make it back, otherwise Natalia’s decision to stay behind for me won’t mean anything.

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Our opponents were a man who made a pact with a demon, basically a heretic, and an evolved form of a Meteor Wolf. Even Natalia would struggle fighting against both of them at the same time. I’m sure Natalia is ready to give up her life, all so I can escape alone.

With every step I find it harder to run, and before I notice I’m standing still.

‘It’s okay, Olivia. You won’t be alone.’

Those were the words my mother told me before passing away. That I won’t be alone. Natalia would be with me.


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