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Chapter 71: The Witch’s Pupil (Part 2)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2130 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1007 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Olivia still thinks I’m the magic automaton her mother created. That’s why she’s so open around me. She doesn’t know my soul came from another world, and that I used to be a guy.

I’m afraid she’d come to hate me and even cast me away if she found out.

“I won’t tell anyone. And while the research I mentioned isn’t something we teach in regular classes, there’s still people who might figure it out for themselves.”

If Olivia ever attends Annabelle’s class, and starts thinking about it…

‘…? What? Huh? …???’

I could picture Olivia holding her head in pain with multiple question marks floating around her.

“I think that should be fine.”

I know it’s not the most respectful way to think of the person I’m serving, but Olivia doesn’t really have much of a brain for studying and research. She’s just barely getting caught up with her lessons, and who knows where she’ll be by the time she learns under Annabelle.

I can already imagine her head steaming as she rushes crying to me or Christina for help.

Isn’t that something? She’s the daughter of a genius like Ophelia. Actually it’s a bit depressing now that I think about it.

“As long as you think so. Either way, if you can already manipulate metals then I guess it’s safe to assume you have the fundamentals down. Now you should just focus on speed, minute control and larger volumes, and you’ll be making complex magic devices like it’s nobody’s business.”

I see, so I’ll be able to make magic devices too.

For the magazines I made, I just had to shape the Mana Crystals and give them a metallic coating, making them so simple I could hardly call them devices. I think it’s better to think of them as a small component of a magic gun.

But if I get better at alchemy maybe I’ll eventually be able to make brand new magic guns.

There’s still one more gun Ophelia made other than Black Hawk and White Viper, I just haven’t had a chance to use it yet so it’s just sitting there in a corner of my magic storage. Though I feel like I’ll still have some openings left to cover even if I get used to that gun, and make my own.

“You can learn more about alchemy and magic devices in my lectures.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

There are things I wish she could teach me privately, but I guess that’s asking for too much. Just being able to sit in her lectures means a lot.

“And one more thing, I’d like to watch your motor skills.”
“I don’t mind, exactly how do I do that though?”
“It’s nothing too hard. You just have to fight a golem I made.”

Hm? So like a mock battle?

That takes me by surprise for a bit, but I quickly agree to it once I process what she said. That reminds me Ophelia had also thrown me into actual fights right after teaching me the basics. I guess Annabelle takes after her master.

As soon as I agree to it, Annabelle guides me to the courtyard outside.

The golem is around 180cm tall, not as big as the one that attacked us in the forest before. It doesn’t have many physical defects, and I guess it was designed to look as human-like as possible.

“I want to see your raw skills, so please try to avoid using any weapons.”
“Got it.”

I can’t use my magic gun then. Well, not to brag, but this body is quite athletic too. I’ll be fighting a golem and not a magic automaton too, so I don’t have to be afraid of long range magic, and it doesn’t look as powerful as the one I fought before. I’m pretty sure I outclass it in every regard. This won’t be an issue at all.

“Alright, get ready, start!”

The signal to start comes out faster than I expect so I’m not ready on time.


The golem appears in front of me.

It’s fast! I could hardly think of that when its punch dug into my solar plexus.


I stifle the groan building up in me and jump back to put some distance between us. But the golem catches up in an instant ready to attack.

I don’t like this. I have to do something before his attack lands. Forming a magic blade on my hand, I swing at the golem.


A high pitched noise rings as my magic blade hits the golem’s armor, and I get pushed back. I dodge the incoming fist, lowering my body and slipping past it. Now I can attack its back with my magic blade. But I’m not able to pierce through the steel armor.

Dammit, I guess slashing attacks won’t work against it! If it moved more slowly like the golem I fought before I’d be able to weaken the same spot… Stop! I don’t need these memories I can’t recall!

The memories from back then start resurfacing without me wanting them. I don’t want those memories, I don’t want to accept the time I stopped being me. I am the only me.

I stop the golem’s fist with my magic blade and shake off those memories.

The golem’s attacks are strong and accurate, but not exactly piercing. It’s mostly relying on sheer force, so trying to fight that with proper form is absurd. I have to remain calm and try to find an alternative.

I feel like we’re both somewhat inexperienced, so I just have to make use of my magic blade’s reach. Though none of my hits so far felt effective.

As I plan all of that, the golem suddenly stands still.

I only have to think for a second to know what that means. The golem’s chest piece opens up and reveals a tube inside. A pale blue light is glowing inside it1.


I know what this is.

A moment later the golem’s chest cannon fires.



  1. Robinxen: The golem has a WMG!
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