Chapter 72: Soul, body, and weakness

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3442 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1648 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

I struggle to take a defensive stance and get blown by the explosion, flying back and rolling on the ground. I raise my head as soon as I can and see the golem is already closing in.

I scramble on my feet and swing magic blades with both arms, but they have no effect on its armor.

If slashing attacks don’t work, I’ll just have to use the other thing I had no chance of using before. I reform the magic blade, no longer stretching out from my hand but covering my fist, strengthening it. This is something I discovered while practicing making my magic blade.

The basic functionality of a golem or magic automaton depends on the materials used to build them. Ophelia had told me my body is made of orichalcum and wood from the World Tree, which are very high quality materials. while this golem seems to be made of regular metal.

I should have the upper hand.

While my fighting ability is far inferior to Olivia’s, I start swinging my fists around with as much force as I can.


Seriously… My fist gets easily stopped by the golem’s fist, making a high pitched sound.

Let’s try again!

I swing my other fist in desperation, but it gets stopped all the same1.

I’m cornered. I can’t even think of a witty comeback, the golem is just too oppressive. No matter what I try I can’t fend it off. This is so weird, I’m actually falling behind.

Weren’t our abilities decided by the materials used in our bodies? Or is there something even more impressive than me hiding inside the golem? That doesn’t matter, I should worry about that later. I need to get out of this situation now that I know I can’t win through brute force.

Maybe I can knock it off balance with a kick? No, that won’t work. I’m barely standing on my feet as is, if I try kicking I’ll be the one knocked off. I’m at the end of the line. And I really should stop trying to come up with a fancy line. I need to figure out what to do.

“That’s enough.”

Annabelle’s voice interrupts my racing thoughts. The golem steps back, straightens its back and calmly walks to Annabelle’s side.

“Let’s go back to the lab, shall we?”

That was just an experiment, the winner wasn’t decided… I can’t even lie to myself saying that. I know I lost, even though I’m a magic automaton and my opponent a golem.

I had failed to uphold Ophelia’s name. Biting my lip in frustration, I walk behind Annabelle.

“Heheh, you’re actually pretty weak, huh.”

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Annabelle’s words pierce straight through my heart as soon as I enter her laboratory. Ugh I feel like crying. Though I can’t produce tears.

“Ah, please don’t misunderstand. That’s normal for magic automatons housing a soul.”
“What do you mean?
“I believe I told you how semi-autonomous models need a long time to become fully autonomous, yes? In the same vein, automatons with a soul need some time to grow accustomed to their automaton bodies.”

She grabs a piece of chalk and draws up a diagram on a blackboard.

“Try thinking about it more calmly. You were human, with a human body, now your soul is living inside something completely different that isn’t even a living being, do you think anyone could use such a body’s capabilities to their fullest?”
“That’s true, that might take some time…”

Thinking about it, if I suddenly reincarnated as a cat or a dog, it’d probably take me a while before I could start walking on four legs, or move my tail without consciously thinking about it all the time. I could try relying on my instincts, but I’d still need to get used to what walking on four legs feels like, and I’ve never had a tail before so that’d be completely new, making me feel less confident in my movements.

Now my soul is living inside a magic automaton, a fully artificial body with many differences to a human’s. Its humanoid design is the only reason why I haven’t had trouble moving in it.

“Being weak is a common trend amongst magic automatons with a soul in them. There’s too few examples to really have a sound theory, but the current belief is that human sensibilities interfere with the proper control of a magic automaton body.”

Human sensibilities, huh. So I have to discard my humanity to unlock my full potential2

But what would that mean for me? I don’t want to become a mindless puppet like I was that night. That’s no different from being dead. If I had to save Olivia and had no other choice, I would gladly become like that. But I want to remain as myself for anything else.

“That’s almost never the case for regular golems or magic automatons though. For example my golem is displaying abilities far above my estimations.”
“So those with no soul are stronger?”
“It’s more accurate to say they unlock their true potential faster. For instance, I built my golem two years ago, and I used common materials, just of high grade. If you could put all your abilities to good use, you should be able to handily beat it.”

I see. So it’s like the difference between a custom built AI with precise commands, and a human having to control every little thing. I didn’t expect that to affect how much strength I have though.

“Try to study your own body’s properties and functions. Then accept them, and learn to control them as your own. Then you might be able to utilize absolutely everything you have to offer. Though well, I can’t guarantee that since there haven’t been enough cases like you yet, and I’ve mostly studied how to build rather than how to control.”

I see, so basically I have to surpass autopilot with manual control. I realize it’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s something I’ll have to work on. Olivia will also grow stronger, and if I don’t grow stronger by then I’ll just become a burden on her. I’d rather disappear than become useless like that. I’ll have to become stronger to avoid that.

Firmly clenching my fists, I fill myself with resolve.

“Also, maybe you should think about changing soon?”
“Huh? Ah.”

Oh right, I almost forgot. My suit broke apart when the golem’s cannon blasted me.

“Ahh…even though it was my first time wearing it…”

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I was quite excited when I bought it since I had just become an instructor, just temporary though. I never expected I’d ruin it on my first day. It’s kinda my fault for not changing knowing I would be fighting a golem though. That was my mistake, so I’ll have to deal with it myself.

“Hmm, I didn’t really give you enough time to prepare, so I’ll fix it for you, as a form of apology.”
“Huh? You can do that?”

Annabelle didn’t strike me as the kind of person to have a sewing kit, so I had to ask that even if it was a little rude.

“There’s no big chunks missing, so this can easily be fixed with alchemy.”

Ah, I mostly used alchemy for potions and metal work, but she’s right. It can be used to amend torn clothes too.

“Please do so then.”
“Alright. Mind stripping then?”

But why though?

“It’s tricky with a creature inside. Or do you want me to thread your clothes into your body by accident?”

Yeah…she has a point…but do I really have no choice? I don’t have any spare change of clothes with me.

“Why are you so nervous? We’re both girls so no need to feel embarrassed.”

She says that, placing a hand on my shoulder.

B-b-but I’m a guy! I can’t really say that out loud though, so I firmly push her hand away.

“It’s fine! I’ll try to fix it with alchemy myself!”
“I can’t just beat up my teacher’s masterpiece and send her back home looking like a mess. I’ll fix your clothes, so strip and give me a good look at your body.”

Is it me or was that last half the only reason she’s so insistent?!

“I’m fin- woah?!”

She starts tugging on me and we move back and forth, and considering how messy this laboratory is my feet quickly get caught on something, making me fall forward.

“Uh… I’m sorry, I’ll move out of-”


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It was hard to tell because of her baggy robes, but she actually has some assets.

“Eheheh, you’re a bold one, aren’t you? I don’t really have an inclination for such things, but I’m not exactly opposed to them either. Feel free to continue if you want.”

Annabelle speaks under me, her face as expressionless as ever.

“No, I didn’t meant to-”
“Excuse me, is Miss Natalia here?”

Before I can finish trying to explain things, someone opens the door speaking loudly.


Three voices overlap each other. Mine, Annabelle’s under me with my hand on her chest, and Olivia’s at the door.


I really have to tell her this was an accident, but I just keep stuttering.


Olivia’s face turns red, starts to contort, and then large tears form in her eyes.

“See, this is all just-”
“I never knew you were this type of woman!”
“Wha- This is a misunderstanding! Also that’s not the way a mistress would talk to a servant!”

Olivia turns around and runs away before I can stop her, my words unable to reach her.

“Good luck3.”

Annabelle says that like it’s unrelated to her, but this is kinda her fault too isn’t it?

I somehow managed to explain what had happened to her later on, but Olivia still refused to talk to me for an entire day.


  1. Robinxen: This makes no sense to me… it was a mass produced golem right?
  2. Robinxen: Reject your humanity!
  3. Robinxen: Yeeeaaah about that.

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