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Chapter 133: The Young Lady and her friends

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3280 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1604 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

While Natalia went with Ruri to Aria’s cave, I stayed back with Ryuka so she could teach me how they meditate in Reibana. For that I’m sitting on a mat placed in a corner of the garden, doing my utmost to not move a single muscle.

As to why I’m doing this, well, it’s because I found out I’m so bad at regulating mana that I can’t cook, thanks to what happened during the field trip. I knew that I was bad at it before, but during fights I could always make up for that with Magical Arts, so I never cared about it. But now I’m worried about times when Natalia isn’t here to cook for me, since it turns out I can’t do that.

There was also that time when I made a stew for Natalia, I guess that wasn’t really something edible, but thankfully toxins don’t affect Natalia, and she somehow managed to eat the whole thing. I’m glad that she was trying to look out for me, but it also makes me feel ashamed of myself.

So I ended up consulting with Ryuka to see if she knew of any way I could train to improve my control of mana, and she suggested meditating like this. At first I thought it’d be really easy, since I’m just sitting doing nothing, but apparently we’re supposed to be sitting in this uncomfortable position called seiza, with my body on top of my ankles which makes my feet numb. On top of that, not moving makes all the surrounding sounds a lot more obvious and it’s really hard to not get distracted and look around.

Ryuka is sitting in front of me, showing me how it’s done, and she hasn’t moved at all. Her ability to concentrate is impressive, though I guess she’s also more used to sitting like this.

“Woof? Sniff sniff…

Clarissa was running around the garden, but now she got curious about us and came to sniff us from closer.

“Boss, what you doing?”

I really want to explain it to her, but I feel like if I talk now, I’ll lose all my concentration and won’t be able to regain it.


I feel bad for her, but I’ll have to ignore her and continue meditating. “Arf…” Clarissa’s voice sounds annoyed, but sadly she’ll have to bear with it for a bit.


I feel something wet, Clarissa’s tongue, rub against my cheek and my entire body shudders. Oh no, I have to focus harder.

Shlup shlup shlup shlup!
Rather than giving up, Clarissa licks me even more, slathering saliva on my cheek.


That was still something I could resist, but then her tongue started going around my ear, neck, shoulder, and even into my chest.

“Ah! C-Claire! Stop! That tickles!”
“Woof! Boss, playyy!!”

I couldn’t stand it anymore so I end up raising my voice, which makes Clarissa jump on me and push me down, licking my face even more.

“Heheh, I guess we have to take a break and tend to Clarissa’s needs.”
“I’m sorry, and just when you took out some time to teach me…”
“Don’t worry about it, there’s nothing wrong with taking a small breather.”

Ryuka doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest, acting with a calm elegance that I’d never expect from a noble of Seperion. If I had to make an analogy, I’d say Seperion’s nobles are like beautiful gold and jewels, while Ryuka makes me think of flowers and a gentle breeze.

“Boss, what we playing?”
“Oh well, I guess I have no choice.”

I stand up while trying to think of something. Looking around I spot a fallen branch, and that reminds me that I saw Natalia using a branch to play fetch with Clarissa before.

“Alright, go catch this stick then!” Saying that, I throw the fallen branch, which flies far away.

“Wooof!” Clarissa chases after it, eventually reaching the spot where it landed and picking it up with her mouth before bringing it back to me.

I throw it again, Clarissa brings it back, and that repeats many times.

The garden is pretty big, but the stick is pretty light so it won’t travel too far. Eventually I feel like it’s getting too repetitive, so I try to mix things up a little, and instead throw the branch much higher, where the wind picks it up and carries it in a different direction.

“Woof woof!”

I think of stopping her just a moment too late, as Clarissa runs straight into the washed clothes that are hanging to dry, getting tangled in them and making a big mess.

“Claire, are you okay?”

I run to her together with Ryuka, and Clarissa’s head pokes out from the clothes. She doesn’t seem to have gotten hurt, though I guess no Comet Wolf would get hurt from something like that. Anyway, I’m glad she’s okay.

Still, now we have a bigger problem on our hands. All the clothes are strewn around on the ground.

“Ah…wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what should we do? Natalia will get mad…”

Hearing that, Clarissa quickly realizes what happened too and starts to tremble.

“Maybe we can wash everything real quick, though there’s so many clothes…she’ll definitely get angry…”
“Angry Maid, scary…”
“Please calm down, both of you. Look, they’re pretty much dry already, so we can just shake off any dirt from them. I’ll help you too, so let’s just hurry and get it done. If Natalia still gets angry, then I’ll apologize with you.”

Ryuka looks at the fallen clothes and calmly assesses the situation, and even lends us a helping hand. Right now she looks almost like a goddess that swooped in to rescue us.

“Alright, let’s get this done fast!”

I quickly reach for the nearest piece of clothing to check how dirty it got. It’s made of really soft cloth and lace, making it easy on the skin. It’s not mine, and it’s not the Reibana clothing Ryuka and Ruri wear. So that must mean this is Natalia’s.

This was touching Natalia’s skin. She wore this…

“Umm, Olivia? If you do that then she’ll most certainly get angry…”
“Oh, n-no way! I’m not doing anything! Seriously! I swear!”

We quickly finish sorting the clothes depending on how dirty they got. I put the worst ones back in the washing machine, while Ryuka shook off the dirt from the rest. Once everything is washed again, Ryuka produces a warm wind with her magic to dry them faster.

Mm… This really feels like Ryuka did all the work. Me and Clarissa are pretty useless, aren’t we…

For dinner we eat the food Natalia and Ruri prepared before leaving, and eventually I end up chatting with Ryuka for a while.

After graduating, Ryuka will be going back to Reibana. Her presence here might have improved international relations between our countries, but that also means we won’t have many more opportunities to see each other. It’s best if I talk to her while we can, though I feel like we still won’t get as much time as I wish we had.

“I’m really grateful to you, Olivia.”

After we finish talking about one topic, Ryuka suddenly says that. I blink rapidly for a bit, trying to process what she’s talking about, and before long she continues.

“I was sent to study here in Seperion as a symbol of our countries’ restored ties. Due to a variety of reasons only one servant was able to come with me, and that made me quite nervous, coming to a foreign region with a different culture where I knew no one. I didn’t know how people would treat me either. But after meeting you, every day became so enjoyable, so I’m really thankful for that. Thank you.”

After saying that, she bows to me.

“S-stop that, Ryuka. I didn’t really do anything for you to thank me like that. You still helped me with studying a lot, so it’s not like I’m doing all of that without getting anything in return.”

At first only Chris would help me study after classes, but eventually Ryuka also helped with that. It’s only thanks to the two of them that I was able to remain in classroom A.

I’ve always been helped by a lot of people, Ryuka included.

“I’m really glad I came to Seperion. I’m sure Ruri also shares the same sentiment.”
“Ah, um…yeah. Actually, has Ruri been with you for a long time?”

Everything Ryuka is saying is getting me sappy, so I try to switch topics to not let it show.

“Oh, she’s been serving the Urado family for six years now, and it’s been four years since she was assigned personally to me.”
“Ohh, Ruri is always so cheerful and funny, I’m sure it’s nice having a personal servant like that.”
“Cheerful…yes, she certainly is. She’s also good at fulfilling her duties, though sometimes I get a bit concerned as she seems to get quite unruly when I’m not watching. Take care to not get influenced in any bad ways by her, will you?”

I guess she noticed there’s times when I talk to Ruri about liking girls and things like that.

“We’re back.”

Suddenly I hear Natalia’s voice from the entrance.

“Ruri, pull yourself together.”
“Eugh…I’m gonna throw up…”
“That’s why I kept telling you to not drink so much.”

It seems Ruri had a drink too much and is feeling sick.

“Heheh, shall we go meet them?”

The two of us stand up and go to the entrance to see them.


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