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Chapter 132: Drinking is not the problem, overdoing it is

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3841 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1806 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

This is the third and last time that Ruri and Ryuka are staying with us during school break.

The mansion had been left empty for half a year, leaving me with a lot of work to do. I have to tidy up the overgrown garden, and check that all of Ophelia’s magic devices are operating properly, while giving them a nice dusting. On top of that I have my usual duties of cleaning, cooking, and other housework. I really have no time to rest.

Ahh, what has become of me!

“Natalia looks like she’s having fun.”
“She always keeps going on about how it’s her duty as a maid, but I’m convinced she’s like that because she enjoys it.”

Ryuka and Olivia were looking through a window that led to the garden. There, a magic automaton wearing maid clothes was happily working on weeding out the garden. She did not look like an emotionless magic automaton, but a servant who’s delighted in her work, and that was obvious to everyone.

“Natalia is still out in the garden?”

Soon Ruri entered the room and looked out the window with the other two girls before letting out a sigh.

“I really feel like we should be leaving soon.”
“Maybe go bring her in then?”
“Go, we can take care of the rest.”
“As you wish.”

With Olivia and Ryuka’s blessing, Ruri left the room to bring the happy maid back.

The sun is setting and the sky is orange when Ruri and I arrive at the large cave below the mansion. Normally I’d be in the mansion getting dinner ready, but today I’ve been relieved from that duty. Or rather, I was invited to have a drink with an old friend.

“Alright, let’s have a toast for our new friend!”

Following Aria’s lead, me, Ruri, and Mir raise our mugs and lightly hit them against each other’s.

“Still, it’s been so long since I last saw you. How’ve you been?”

Aria quickly downs her entire mug, regardless of how expensive its contents are. She really is an alcoholic spider.

“Yeah, Natalia. Last time you were around here we barely got to hang out.”
“I’m sorry, I got really busy back then.”

Mir still looks petite like a child, though I can see some of Aria’s Purple Silk sewn into parts of her equipment, so I guess she managed to beat the spiderlings.

“Miss Ruri, I think you said you came from Reibana?”
“Ah, you can just call me by my name, no need to be so formal.”
“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind then.”

Mir and Ruri had met before, but it was only for a brief moment before we left, so this is the first time they’re really getting to talk to each other. I was a bit worried it would be awkward at first, but it seems I had nothing to be worried about.

“I brought some food and drinks from my country as well. Please try them if you want.”
“Ah, this is really tasty.”
“Oh? This is really similar to what Shuma used to make. It brings me back~”

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Ruri’s cooking was really well received by them, and it even reminded Aria of her late master, so she chewed more slowly to enjoy it for longer.

Bump bump

I feel something touching my back, so I turn around and see the Copper Spider there. I’m pretty sure I fed the spiderlings earlier, so I wonder what it wants.

“Oh, that kid has always been looking forward to seeing you again, Natalia.”

I guess this means this is the same Copper Spider from before.

“Do you want to eat with us then?”

I ask it and the Copper Spider raises its front legs and wriggles its entire body. I guess that’s a yes. Spiders are carnivores, so I put some meat on a plate and place it in front of the Copper Spider, and it quickly starts to eat from it.

“Natalia, do you mind sharing a bit of your mana as well?”
“My mana?”
“I gave away some of the mana I took from you before, and it seems that kid really liked yours more than mine.”
“Or should I take it from you to pass it along?”
“I’ll do it myself.”

I already know that means Aria will take it from my mouth! I won’t let that happen again!

The Copper Spider stops eating and looks at me, so I stretch out my hand and hold a finger out. Soon my fingertip starts to glow pale blue, which is quite easy to do after using my magic blade so often, and all my alchemy practice.

The Copper Spider then places its mouth on my fingertip and slowly starts to seep away my mana.

Aww, it’s so cute.

It’s not spilling its food all around the plate like the rabid Clarissa, and I can tell it’s being careful to not bite into my finger. I can’t feel pain so I wouldn’t really mind if I got bitten though. Still, if I was a human adventurer I’d definitely want to make it my Servant.

While I give my mana to the Copper Spider, the others continue feasting. That continued for quite a while, until…

“Natalia! There’s something I still can’t accept!”

Mir is completely drunk now. Dwarves are known for having a high tolerance to alcohol, and Mir is no exception, but by now she’s emptied many bottles and casks together with Aria, so the alcohol is definitely getting to her by now.

Aria is still smiling happily as she keeps drinking straight from a bottle.

“Are you listeningg?!”
“Y-Yes, I’m listening. Maybe you’ve drunk enough though? You don’t seem very sober anymore.”
“Who’re you calling drunk!!”

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That’s exactly what someone drunk would say, but her voice is so threatening that I don’t have the courage to contradict her.

“Bleh, anyway! I get that we didn’t meet each other at the best of times so maybe we never found the right time for this, but here you are being all chummy with Ruri who you met after me! That doesn’t seem fair, does it!”

Mir slams her empty mug on the table as she shouts that.

“I get where you’re coming from, but I think you should try to loosen up a bit more around me! I can tell how you stiffen up when you talk to me!”

To be honest I usually did that subconsciously most of the time, but I guess she could notice.

“So from now on no more formalities between us! Got it!”
“Wait, please reconsider, wouldn’t that-”
“…Okay, Mir.”
“Good, Natalia.”

Mir’s stare was way too intense and I was forced to capitulate.

“Ahahahah! You’re always trying to act so cool but you’re such a loser!”

And then that damn rabbit began cackling loudly while holding her stomach. She’s really having too much fun at the expense of others. And who is she calling a loser?

“Anyway, you should also try to get closer to Olivia too.”
“Wait, they aren’t getting close?! But Olivia has always radiated so much love for Natalia!”
“Wait what’s this I’m hearing? It sounds fun.”

After Mir’s exclamation, even Aria seemed to get interested in the conversation.

“What getting closer, the Young Lady is just going through a very hormonal phase of her life so she’s just focusing those impulses onto me, as I’m always nearby. I guess it’s her preference that she’s doing it to another girl, but I’m sure she’ll eventually find the right partner and forget about me. It’s not like I’m human either, I’m just a magic automaton.”

After saying that, I drink all the wine left in my mug. I’ve also been drinking quite a lot, but as a magic automaton I don’t get intoxicated by alcohol.

I’m not even a living being, just an object. There’s no way I could consider reciprocating Olivia’s feelings.

I really feel like there’s plenty of better candidates for Olivia. The first person who comes to mind would be someone like Mathias, though he’s also the son of a noble so maybe that’s asking for too much, considering Olivia is a commoner.

“And Olivia is also the daughter of Mistress Ophelia, who I owe a lot. She created me, gave me life, and taught me everything I know. There’s no way I’d dare approach her daughter like that.”

I feel like Olivia is becoming more beautiful by the day. I might be biased about this, but I really think her long straight black hair, pretty face, and developed figure are outstanding. And it’s not that she’s just pretty, but she knows how to charm people. There have been many times when my heart skipped a beat just glancing at her.

But every time I look at her I’m reminded of Ophelia, her mother, to whom I vowed I’d take care of Olivia. I can’t possibly go against that promise.

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“I still feel bad for Olivia though…”

Mir’s energy suddenly vanishes and she mutters that while looking down. I don’t really know how I’m supposed to reply to that though.

I mean, seeing how obsessed she’s gotten, maybe it’s better if I rip the bandaid off and just reject her. Maybe then she’ll move on and search for someone else.

I’m just afraid that doing that could end up destroying our relationship, and we won’t be able to remain as maid and master. And I have no idea what I should do if that happens.

“You know, taking care of your master’s lust is also a maid’s job.”

Now what is this rutting rabbit on?

“You should go to Olivia and offer your body, say something like ‘use my lewd body however you want,’ or ‘I’ll make sure to fulfill all of your desires,’ get creative.”
“You’ve derailed the conversation enough. Also what did you say about a lewd body?”
“If you don’t want to do that, at least give her some of your used underwear or something.”
“What would you do if Ryuka went after you like that though?”
“If it’s what she wants, I’ll say all those things to her and more.”
“Right, I shouldn’t have asked you.”

I almost forgot, but I did spot her sniffing Ryuka’s skirt before…

“What’s so bad about underwear, isn’t it just a piece of cloth? Why not give it away if it’ll help.”
“Aria, I wish you could put yourself in a human’s shoes for a bit.”
“Ah, I’m all out of wine. Let’s open this bottle too~”
“Mir, you’ve already had enough for today!”
“Speaking of which, what are you wearing down there hmm? One…two…flip! Ohh, that’s a really bold set.”
“Let go of my skirt! Urghh, I’ve had enough of youuuu!”

I wish everyone knew to drink in moderation.


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