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Chapter 105: Combining Skills with Skills (Part 2)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2183 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1021 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Wearmoths are a type of insect monster, which continues wearing its cocoon even after completing their metamorphosis. They look a bit dumb with how only their head and wings stick out from within, but they’re probably smart enough to use tools, since they already have armor.

Fabric made of that cocoon is really resilient, resistant to magic, and has plenty of elasticity, making it a common item in requests for adventurers and for a good price. Or at least that’s what the store employee tells us.

“I see, that does seem promising.”
“The only downside is the price…”
“…How much does it cost?”
Psst psst.
“That’s a lot-”

I could not stop myself from exclaiming that after hearing the price.

Clarissa doesn’t seem to like having clothes on, so something that covers only the important regions should be enough. But even that will fetch a high price.

“You can’t go any lower?”
“I’m really sorry, this is the best I can do.”
What a dilemma. But that price…

“Ah, if you happen to know an alchemist you can introduce to us then maybe we can afford to give you an extra discount.”
“I can do some alchemy, as long as it’s nothing overly complicated.”
“Really?! Then please come with me!”
“Huh? Wai-”

The employee grabs my hand and drags me inside the store.
Wait, she can do that even though my body is much heavier than a human’s?

“The Werewolf lady can come as well.”
“I’ll stay here picking something for you then, Natalia.”
Mir, why do I feel like you’re treating me more harshly than before?

I was dragged to a workshop inside the store, with rows and rows of sewing machines. They not only sell clothes here, but actually manufacture them too. Clarissa keeps looking around, full of curiosity.

“This is thread made from a plant known as Giant Ramie. I want you to infuse it with these scales from a Black Mountain Dragon.” As she says that, she pushes a cart with yarn balls of a tepid gray color and shiny black scales toward me.

I’m fine with the yarn balls, since they’re similar to the Steel Silk I got from Aria before. The scales are a bit of a problem though. There’s a bunch of them in the cart, and they’re all around 50cm long, which definitely won’t fit inside my cauldron.

“Is it going to be too difficult? We haven’t been able to find anyone who can work with materials of that size so far.”

I sigh without really wanting to.

That makes sense. Alchemy requires fine control over mana as it imbues the materials, splitting them apart, and a cauldron is necessary to limit the reach of mana making it easier to control. A master alchemist can work outside a cauldron, but that increases the chances of making a mistake or mana running astray, so a lot more focus and care is necessary, which also increases the difficulty.


“I…could do it.”
As long as I have something to contain my mana in a specific place, I don’t need a cauldron. And I know exactly what to use.

I open my magic storage and put the materials from the cart inside. My magic storage is created through my own mana, so I can create perfectly sealed pockets at will, and my mana behaves just as I want within it.

I’ve only noticed this is possible recently. I decided to see if I could reload my gun and magazines when they were inside my magic storage before, and it worked perfectly. So now I’m applying the same concept to alchemy.

After the materials are in a sealed space, I also include a bottle of wine I had around, since the alcohol will make it easier for my mana to move around. Not to mention that my magic storage can be sealed hermetically, which stops alcohol from evaporating. I’m glad I learned so much from Annabelle’s lessons.

“It could take some time, is that alright?”
“Yes, of course. I’m shocked you can even use magic storage.”
The employee sounds really surprised.

From what I heard, alchemists and magicians proficient at using magic storage are both rare. And someone who is both is even rarer.

“I’ll finally be able to complete an order for a friend now. Is it alright if I take the Werewolf lady’s measurements while we wait?”
“Yes please. Claire, listen to the employee’s instructions so she can take your measurements.”
“Hm? Woof.”

Clarissa looks unsure of what’s happening, but she gives a small nod.

“It’s a bit cramped in here, so let’s go to the back entrance.”
The two leave the room, letting me focus on alchemy.

Both the Giant Ramie threads and Black Mountain Dragon scales are tough materials, making it hard for my mana to penetrate. Combining both will definitely make a really strong material, resistant both physically and magically, but I don’t think a regular person would be able to buy something like that.

I wonder who that friend she mentioned who placed the order is?

After two hours, I finally completed infusing the two materials. During that time the employee had long finished taking Clarissa’s measurements, and I paid the fee for her clothes in advance, properly placing the order for them.

I walk out of the sewing room, thinking I’m finally free again, but outside I find Mir waiting for me with a huge pile of clothes.

“Ahh, I knew this would look perfect on Natalia!”
“Please, why don’t you try this one too?”
“Ah, that one looks good too!”

Ahh…I guess I won’t be released for a while longer.

“Good luck, maid.” Clarissa cheers me on, but seeing her curl up on the floor and ready to sleep tells me she’s not interested in this whatsoever. I guess that’s better than having her running around all over the place.

“You look impeccable!”
“Try this one next!”

The sun is already about to set when I’m finally released. Why do bunny suits and nurse outfits even exist in this world… But I’m never wearing those ever again…


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