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Chapter 105: Combining Skills with Skills (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2178 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 948 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“O-O-O-Okay…that’s…that’s all. For the registration!”

The guild’s receptionist’s voice trembles wildly as she gives Olivia a brooch with a red gemstone. Olivia then puts the brooch on Clarissa, which finalizes her registration as Olivia’s Servant.

That’s good and all, but all the adventurers around are terrified and keeping a big distance from us. Even the receptionist ran back when she was done. I guess that’s expected considering Comet Wolves are B-Rank monsters. We stood out a lot on our way here too.

“Claire, this makes you a Servant of the Young Lady’s, so make sure to follow her orders.”
“Don’t worry. Claire likes Boss.”

Clarissa sits down and wags her tail as she replies. Right now she just looks like a really big dog.

“We stand out too much with you looking like that though. Claire, change into a Werewolf.”
“Ah, Young Lady, that might not be the best-”

I try to stop her, but I’m too late. Clarissa’s body quickly shrinks and she stands on two legs.


There’s a lot of noise nearby. I guess that also makes sense, considering there’s a naked woman in the guild out of nowhere.

“Oh no! Turn back into a wolf!”
“Woof?” Clarissa just tilts her head wondering why.

Argh, why is this happening?!

I quickly take out a one-piece dress from my magic storage and forcefully make her wear it, hiding her from all the men staring. But then I just hear a lot of disappointed sighs, and some even start clicking their tongues.

“It seems there’s someone who wants to die here.”
“I’ll help you.”

Ruri and I reach for our weapons, and the female adventurers also glare at the men, so they quickly turn away.

“You should be more careful, Young Lady.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think about that.”

Clarissa still looks puzzled, unable to understand what happened. I’ll have to teach her about human habits and culture eventually.

“Huh? Was there some accident here?”

I hear a familiar voice behind me so I turn around. Mir just arrived at the guild.

“Ah, Natalia!” Mir’s small body quickly trots toward me.
“Welcome back, it’s been a year since we last saw each other.”
“Yes, I came back. It seems you’ve been doing pretty well yourself.”

She’s a dwarf so her body is naturally resilient. I feel like her face gives a stronger presence though. Her equipment is still made of Tyrannoghavial scales, but it looks bulkier than before.

“I started accepting adventurer requests again, since I had to go hunt for more materials anyway.” Mir says with a slightly embarrassed laugh. I guess she’s back to being an adventurer for the time being.
“Natalia, why don’t you introduce us already?”
“Ah, right, right.”

Urged by Ruri, I introduce Mir to them, and they introduce themselves back. Soon enough, the conversation shifts to Clarissa, who caused this entire commotion.

“Ohh, a Werewolf. I heard stories about them before, but this is the first time I’m seeing one. They usually live in the wild, so you should try to teach them how to live around humans soon.”
“I know. I think we’ll have to get her some clothes first though.”

I tried giving her some of my clothes yesterday, but she tore them apart the moment she transformed back into a wolf. The plan is to find clothes made of an elastic material that can expand enough, if it exists.

“Ah, that dress…’

She noticed. The dress I just put on Clarissa is the one Mir picked for me when we went shopping together before. I was in a hurry and that was all I found that covered both the top and bottom, but now I feel bad for doing that with the dress my friend picked for me.

“Don’t worry, I can see it was an emergency.”

I appreciate that she understands before I can apologize, but I still feel bad. Somehow I feel like I’d be more at ease if she actually acted disappointed with me.

“Soo…umm, I’ll actually go buy Claire some clothes now, so why don’t you come along and pick something for me again?”
“That’d be my pleasure!”

Mir smiles happily. The plan had already been for me and Clarissa to split off from the rest to go buy clothes, so there shouldn’t be any problem if Mir joins me. Though that probably means I’ll be treated like a dress-up doll again…

“Alright then. Young Lady, we’ll be heading on our own for a bit now.”
“Mhm, take care of Claire.”

So Olivia leaves with Ryuka and Ruri for a tour of the town, while me together with Clarissa and Mir head to the Docami Tailor Shop.


Ah, this employee…

“Are my eyes deceiving me or is it the magic automaton from before again?! Thank you for visiting us again!”
She’s the dangerous employee that was here last time we came with Mir. And she remembers me too.

“Ohh, a Werewolf, huh. I can see how regular clothes would get ripped if she transforms.”
“Yes. Do you have anything she could wear?”
“…Wait just a minute for me.”

After we explain the problem, she vanishes inside the store.
“Many clothes.”
“Claire, don’t touch them.”

Clarissa looks at all the clothes with marked curiosity, but I’m worried she might damage them if she gets too touchy. After my warning, Clarissa sits down quietly on the floor. That also makes me feel awkward though, since it looks like I’m making a demi-human sit on the ground.

“Sorry for the wait.”
The employee came back with a sheet of fabric.

“This cloth was made from the cocoon of a Wearmoth.”


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