Chapter 85: Under a Tree

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 632 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When they were done eating, a crowd had formed in the village’s square with a fountain in the center.
When they looked better, it seemed like it was a young man wearing work clothes receiving a lecture on agriculture from a middle-aged farmer.

Excluding the part of the countries that could not be counted for statistics, the overall trend in the entire continent was that the number of adventurers was increasing while the number of farmers was on a decline. Though there were many newbie adventurers who lost their lives thinking that slaying strong monsters for high rewards was an easy way to getting rich quick, it was mostly the bold young ones that went on that path, so they would abandon the reliable life in the farms and head to the large cities to become adventurers, to be rich and famous in a single breath, but most of them would quickly become frustrated or give in and resign to their current life.

“In my past life, there also was a problem with fewer people being interested in farming, I guess there’s a similar problem over here.”
“There was also a lot of people who wanted to be adventurers in your past life?”
“No, there were no monsters in my past life. But there were many who would want to work on a mainstream corporation as soon as they graduated, or want to become part of the elite between government officials, or start their own business and become the owner of some famous brand, there were a lot of dreams for people to follow.”
“I don’t really understand about mainstream corporations, but a world without monsters huh. That sounds like a dreamy place.”

Considering how this world was constituted, monsters existing being common knowledge was something that could not be avoided.
Schenna had also made light of orcs and griffons thinking they were simply part of nature until she had to slay them herself.
After the two of them made a round around the village, they went to the shade of a tree to rest.

“The breeze here feels really nice. It almost feels like I could become part of nature like this.”
“Kishana lend me something to read, she called it manga. I brought it with me since it was really interesting.”
“Manga huh. In a time like this I’d prefer a novel, but what genre of manga do you have there?”

Some days before, Kishana had chosen a different genre out of care for Schenna and brought a volume of that home.
Luthors took the volume out from her breast pocket and began leafing through it while Schenna looked at it from the side.

Its title was “Tales from Vaster1“.

Schenna had thought Kishana chose another type of romance, but it seems she went for a fantasy one, which Luthors now held.
It was about the prince of a small country in the southern part of the continent of Vaster, who strived to unite the entire continent.
The two read the story with deep interest, and when they were done Luthors voiced her honest thoughts of it.

“That prince had both good luck and actual strength. There also was a time when I embraced the ideals of Gafenna just like that prince did, but I became frightened by Grana, and courted death countless times when fighting the Hero’s party and eventually my dreams crumbled down. But now I’m happy beside you like this.”

She closed the book and pulled Schenna’s elbow towards her.

“I also feel that way. Though it would be nice if we could have a happy ending like the manga.”

The two leaned on each other under the tree, feeling like the breeze was giving them its blessing every time it blew.


  1. TL Note: orig ヴァスター戦記, I really hope it’s not a reference to a series I know nothing about, (I wasn’t able to find a consistent way 戦記 gets TLed)

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