Chapter 84: Both the Same 3

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 575 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

On their way to the entrance of the village, they ran into multiple peddlers and adventurers.
And between those, they heard someone with a manner of speech easily confounded with that of a noble lady.

“Today’s weather is really nice. This is our first walking around like this in casual clothes, huh.”
“…Thanks. Though it’s slightly embarrassing.”
“You look really cute and it fits you. It wasn’t too long ago when we were still covered with the armor from Hashel or Gafenna.”
“That reminds me, Schenna, I’ve never seen you wearing your magic armor.”
“That’s because I’ve avoided wearing it ever since I came to live in Priden to hide. Do you want to see me in it if we have a chance then?”
“Yeah, I also want to see how you looked during your time as a knight.”

It did not bother her that much, but to Schenna, when Luthors wore casual clothes she looked like a very sweet girl as opposed to her appearance wearing armor.
Schenna’s magic armor had been left in a corner of the room she shared with Kishana, but it could be nice to have Luthors come over and see her wearing it.

That village located around twenty kilometers away from the fortress city of Shalteaux was not just a place flourishing with farms and livestock, but also was one of the main lifelines for the ingredients sold by the Holy Bow guild.
When the two entered the village, their stomachs began rumbling.

“Should we eat breakfast around here?”
“Oh right, we didn’t eat anything before coming here. Let’s eat in that tavern.”
“A tavern huh. To be honest, this will be my first time going into one.”
“That’s a bit surprising. But don’t worry, I won’t order anything to drink.”

That made Schenna remember the night they made that welcome party for Luthors.
It would have been fine if they had a heavy drinker like Kishana with them, but since Luthors was so weak to alcohol, Schenna definitely did not want her to drink.
Seeing they both agreed on that, Schenna slightly pulled on Luthor’s hand and they entered the tavern.

There was no one inside the tavern, but the owner appeared from deep inside and welcomed them. The two took a seat at the counter and ordered something to eat for breakfast.
Luthors gulped down the glass of water that lay in front of them and began reminiscing of the past.

“Back when I had been poisoned and you were nursing me, the consomme soup you made and the porridge Kishana made were really tasty. Could you make it again one day?”
“That’s an easy request. I’ll cook anything you want as long as you enjoy it.”

“…I’m glad then. When I was driven so far into a corner by despair, you slapped my cheeks and earnestly scolded me. That was the first time anyone did that ever since I was born. You taught me a lot of experiences for the first time.”
“That’s the same for me. You were the first one to ever give me something…”
“I did?”

Luthors tilted her head in doubt, but just then the owner brought their breakfast to the counter.
Schenna began stuffing her cheeks with the food as she replied with a short “It’s a secret though.”
After all, this was Schenna’s first date, one she had never experienced in her past life…


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