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Chapter 80: Out of plan

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 742 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Sorry for the wait. There were no problems with the documentation, but there’s only one thing I’d like to confirm.”
“Sure, what is it?”

The receptionist lady gave Petra a stern look as she presented one of the documents.

“Could you please state the name of the leader of Vine here?”
“Huh?! The name of the leader?”

Petra turned to look at Schenna, but this had been out of her plan.
Schenna had gone over the stated information so much she had firmly believed no questions would be asked.
And even if something were to be asked, Schenna had been ready to answer for Petra.
She had known about the general size and common produce of the town, but her knowledge did not go as far as knowing the name of the leader.

“Is something wrong? If Petra was born and raised there, at the very least she should be aware of the name of their leader, right?”
“Umm… I haven’t been there in a while… I do remember his face pretty well, but what was his name again…?”

As Petra feigned to be in deep thought, the receptionist turned a questioning look to her.
She looked like she was about to burst in tears again as she turned to Schenna searching for help, but if they left then and there, registering her later would become all the more difficult.
Schenna almost wanted to turn upwards and plead for help from the heavens, but if there was a god that could help her, then she hoped that same god would help the goddess sitting beside her.

“I’m really sorry, but if someone submits a phony application, penal regulations state they must be forcefully driven out of the city. And that goes for everyone supporting them as well.”

The receptionist warned the two of them as she tidied up the documents and prepared to call the guards.
The two were about to tell her to stop when a rescuing voice sounded from behind them.

“Look what we have here… I will cover for checking the background of those two. Issue a residence permit and identification for her.”
“Reesha-sama! There were reports of robbers infiltrating the city just a few days ago. I can’t just gloss through the details here even if you’re the one asking for it.”
“I see… Then I’ll take responsibility for them as well and be driven out together with them. I’m sorry you two, but guess we’ll be leaving this place together.”

Reesha tapped their shoulders to stand up, then the three headed towards the exit of the office building.
The receptionist seemed to be proud of having such a thorough attitude, but she seemed to be truly lost seeing Reesha act that way, so this time she sprang from her seat and stopped the three.

“Wait! Can you come at a later date? I will interview you again, but just once.”
“That sounds good. But you don’t mind if I come with them again, do you?”
“…No, that’s alright.”

The receptionist had somehow given in at giving them another chance, though Schenna thought it had been through somewhat forceful means.
Everyone else around them seemed to be looking at the three and moved out of their way when they headed towards the exit.
When they were out of the office building, Reesha led them out of the administrative district and into a small alley in the commercial district.

“Reesha-san… Thank you for helping me so many times already!”

Schenna bowed as she expressed her deep gratitude, but Reesha remained completely silent.
After so many troubles Schenna had caused her, she probably had begun disliking her, or maybe was about to express her anger that very moment.

“…Is it you Senpai?”
“Correct. It was really hard turning into Reesha yo.”

As Petra narrowed her eyes at Reesha, the person in front of them changed into the shape of Carla, Luthors’ sister.

“It was you, Grana?! Why did you turn into Reesha?”
“I was worried so I followed you and saw what was happening. That’s when I noticed you two were in trouble, so I decided to borrow Reesha’s appearance and help you.”

They had been saved by Grana’s quick wit, but they really had to explain things to Reesha herself later.
Schenna’s own carelessness had brought that problem during the registration, and that led to the two gods having to step in for her.


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