Chapter 81: A Bustling Dinner

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 645 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

By the time they arrived back at the restaurant, Kishana and Luthors were already working on dinner.
The table already was occupied with rice cooked in the rice cooker and a salad made with chicken breasts and pumpkins boiled in soy sauce. A very homey reception for them.

“Welcome back. We were just about to finish preparing dinner.”

Kishana was in her apron, serving croquettes on a large plate before she invited Schenna and them to take a seat.

“Did you two make this?”
“Well, yeah. Though we didn’t know if it was going to be too much for Petra.”
“Ah…no, I’m okay. It’s just that it’s been a while since I ate surrounded by so many people.”

Even though she was in charge of the lives of so many people, that goddess had been eating alone most of the time.
They had eaten together the day before as well, but Petra had just been enduring more worries piling up inside her.
Kishana and Luthors took their aprons off and sat as well, and then when everyone was sat properly, they began to eat.

“These pumpkins are really sweet and tasty. But they’re even better eaten together with the rice.”
“That was made by Luthors. I did keep watch to make sure it tasted good, but I think it came out so well it rivals what a regular housewife would make.”

Schenna had thought it was something Kishana cooked, it was well prepared and when she took another bite she could feel the tender texture of the pumpkins and the sweet taste.
She turned to look at Luthors and praised her.

“It’s really amazing! You’re really something to be able to cook this on your own.”
“It’s the result of me watching you and Kishana cook with delighted faces.”

Luthors smiled happily as she added another serving of the pumpkins to Schenna’s now emptied plate.
After staring at her plate overflowing with pumpkin for a few seconds, Schenna began to eat it so as not to waste Luthors’ good intent.
Kishana had been the one preparing the croquettes and chicken breast salad, the simple taste of potatoes with sauce stirred her appetite again.

“Uhh…it’s been so long since I had such a tasty and homey meal.”
“Hey hey, don’t exaggerate and start crying now.”
“But…I’m honestly happy.”

Schenna was slightly bewildered having Petra about to burst in tears beside her.
Working in the gods’ realm might be a lot of work, but if they did not improve on some aspects then the number of people reincarnating in the same state as Schenna would only increase.

“I don’t want to butt in too much into matters of the gods, but if you have it rough up there, why don’t you try talking about it with your higher-ups directly? And if that gets you fired, you can just come live and work here.”
“That’s true… Now that I know there are people like you, I’ll complain when I’m back there! And if that gets me kicked out… I’m sorry but please reemploy me.”
“Well…I’ll pray for you to get an improved workspace.”

After Schenna wiped Petra’s tears, she went back to eating her croquettes and pumpkin. But she tried to eat too fast so it got caught up in her throat and Schenna had to get her a cup of water to drink.

Schenna missed the time when she had barely arrived at Priden and ate only with Kishana.
But she also thought that she was the only one in the entire world sharing a table with a leader from an enemy army like Luthors, an ex-demon king like Grana, and a goddess fulfilling her duty like Petra.

“Thanks for the meal.”

When everyone had finished eating, those were the parting words before they began cleaning the dishes.


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