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Chapter 77: Stubborn ones

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 560 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Petra’s break time was over, and in her place Luthors came to rest. Schenna prepared some tea for Luthors.

“Thanks for working so hard. You can rest now.”
“Thanks. I just passed by Petra and she looked quite happy.”
“Well…stuff happened. But more importantly, do you also want to try the three types of rice balls?”

Schenna began forming triangular rice balls with learned efficiency.

“Huh…now that I look better at them, you make really well-shaped triangles. Is that also a skill you learned in your past life?”
“I guess so. Actual balls are okay too, but triangular ones are more common. If you practice enough you should be able to form triangular ones as well. You did really well with the salted rice balls before, so I’m looking forward to teaching you tonight.”
“Heheh…I’ll gladly do it with you.”

Luthors took a bite from the dried plum rice ball, and at first grimaced a bit feeling the acidity from the plums she was not used to, then spat out the seeds and took a gulp from the cold tea.
Schenna then began rubbing her back and helping her calm down.

“That reminds me, that was your first time trying dried plums. I’m sorry if it was too sour for you.”
“It’s okay…the first bite caught me off guard, but I think the acidity goes well with the sweetness from the rice so it’s tasty.”

Luthors brought the half-eaten rice ball back to her mouth and then lifted her right hand and formed a circle with her thumb and ring finger.
She then ate the remaining leaf mustard and fried chicken rice balls, and finished her meal with another gulp of tea.

“Thanks for the food. They were all very tasty, though I liked the fried chicken one the most. Which one is your favorite?”
“I guess I’d go with the leaf mustard one here. Though my actual favorite is salmon, but we can’t really get fish here so…”
“One with fish huh. Gafenna has a coastline, so seafood was a big part of the food there, but Priden is landlocked. Maybe I can just go back to Gafenna and buy some fish there if you want?”
“I won’t let you do something so dangerous. It would be a big problem if you get poisoned again, and I don’t want to tend to you when you’re about to die either!”

Schenna refused her idea with a bitter shout.
Gafenna was still in war with Rinsr, so if Luthors went there, there was no guarantee she would be able to return alive. She could easily be captured by either Gafenna’s remaining forces or Rinsr’s soldiers.

“…I’m joking. I would never be able to do something that would make you sad. And you know, tears don’t fit with your beautiful face.”
“You shouldn’t joke like that with an old man. I swear…you troublesome knight.”
“Pfft, doesn’t that apply to you too Schenna?”
“I guess we’re both stubborn and joking female knights then.”

Luthors tried to hold back her laughter to say her comeback, which caused Schenna to break out laughing.
Their break time was about to end too, and Grana came to take their place.
The two returned to their work spots, and the two stubborn knights continued working until the day was over.


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