Chapter 76: Idle Talk

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 834 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next morning, they finished the preparations for the restaurant and business began.
When Petra was tasked with washing the dishes together with Grana, she replied enthusiastically.

“Understood! I already worked purifying souls before reincarnating them when I was in the gods’ realm, so I’ll also make these plates clean and shiny again.”
“A…Alright. Don’t force yourself though, and if there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask me or someone else.”

There were a lot of questions in Schenna’s mind, but she did not want to lessen Petra’s will, so she decided to leave the rest in Grana’s hands.
Schenna started the rice cooker straight away and began preparing rice balls to give away as presents.

The rice balls were then mixed with three different types of ingredients to make one set, ones with dried plums, others with mustard leaves, and the last ones with fried chicken. They were really popular between adventurers who wanted something they could take with them.
Luthors was preparing crepes beside Schenna, and when she turned to see how Schenna was doing.

“The salted rice balls were good, but those three other types look tasty too.”
“I’ll make some for you during your break then. And if you’re interested in learning, we can make them together tonight.”
“Sure, I want to learn at least something.”

They kept chatting as they finished preparing their respective dishes.

“Also, don’t force yourself gathering the Dark Cores. I think I told you before already, but make sure to rest your body well enough, you look like the type who goes one step too far.”
“I’m not good with anything else but the sword. And seeing how hard you and Kishana work, I want to do something at least on a similar level.”
“But you are better than me making crepes and pancakes. You’re being useful to the restaurant with other stuff than with your sword. That’s why…can you promise me you won’t force yourself?”

Luthors stayed still, staring at Schenna’s large and upturned eyes.
After a moment, Luthors had a strong urge to just hug Schenna there.

“If it gets bad, I’ll tell you. But I’m completely fine for now, so don’t worry.”
“…Do you promise? Wait…the customers are looking, let’s get back to work.”
“Should we continue tonight?”
“If you’re okay with me continuing to scold you.”
“Can you hold back on that please?”

Luthors smiled as she went back to focus on making crepes while Schenna bowed to the customers and focused on her rice balls again.
When noon arrived, it was time for another round of break time.
It was Schenna’s time to rest, and as she entered the resting room, she found Petra there, sitting at a table and looking completely exhausted.
Schenna then expressed her gratitude to Petra.

“Thanks for your hard work. I can tell you’re doing your best starting from your first day.”
“Washing dishes can be pretty exhausting. Even though I can clean them in an instant if I use my water magic.”
“Please use that for other situations.”

If she used water magic with the plates, there was a high chance they might break instead of being cleaned.
Schenna was aware that Petra was knowledgeable on magic, but if an accident like the gusts of wind from the last night were to happen in front of the customers, Schenna would be unable to look them in the face again.

“How many hours a day did you have to work when you were still in the gods’ realm?”
“Working reincarnating souls I had to work 21 hours every day. Then resting, free time, and sleeping took one hour each.”
“…I guess that’s what caused the mistake.”

“The working system up there is different from here, shifts like that are normal there. And the mistake was mine alone, I ended up causing you and Kishana a lot of trouble.”
“That wasn’t what I was trying to say. I just don’t want to tire you even more by dumping a type of work you’re not used to after you were already so exhausted from your past job.”
“Uhh…You’re really kind Schenna. Back there my boss would only talk about changing workplaces or rush us to work more. I’m glad this is a way better workplace!”

Schenna was mostly interested in how her workload was back there, but the realms were so different that she had nothing to use as a comparison to try to understand.
Hearing Petra herself complain about the gods’ realm, Schenna reminded herself that she also had to care for her wellbeing just like any other worker in the restaurant.
Schenna also prepared a set of the three different types of rice balls and gave it to Petra, who happily stuffed her cheeks with them.

“They’re really tasty. I’m sure you’ll be a great wife in the future!”

It was like receiving the blessing from a goddess, but since it came from Petra, it gave a more complicated feeling.


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