Chapter 74: Orcs Into Pigs

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 605 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When they were done cleaning up, Schenna took Petra to a room in the second room.
Schenna had never thought that two of the rooms would end up being occupied by gods.

“It’s a bit small, but use it any way you want.”
“To think you would even give me my own room… Schenna-san, thank you very much!”
“…Just call me Schenna. I will also call you Petra from now on. Also, it would cause quite an uproar if the neighbors found out that there’s a god staying here, so it might be better to hide that fact. It might already be hard for you to live in this realm after all.”
“That might be a good call. Schenna…thanks for your concern.”

Schenna had still not fully forgiven Petra, but she also held no malice towards her.
Even if she blamed her, nothing would come out from it.
So in that case, the best choice would be to get to know her better and eventually something might happen.

“Tomorrow we should go to the administrative district and register your residence and get you an identification card. I’ll help with anything you don’t understand.”
“I’m sorry for the trouble. After all this…I can’t really tell who’s the actual goddess. I’m sorry for being so useless.”
“You’re way better than an arrogant goddess. So just take it easy and rest for today.”

Schenna gave the keys to the room to Petra, then closed the door.
After that, Luthors went to bed in the room beside that one, and downstairs Kishana and Grana kept chatting.

“Thanks for your work today. You’re probably tired from the gathering mission too, right?”
“Petra and I will be fine even if we only sleep a single hour every day. Compared to the work we had to do in the god’s realm, this place is like heaven.”

Hearing Grana’s reply, Schenna was surprised to hear he was actually pleased with his employment rather than uncomfortable.

“Petra is normally quite a reserved girl, so she might try to overburden herself to please you. And I know I might be in the wrong for asking this, knowing she was the one who messed up your lives, but please treat her well.”
“…We will do so. It shows you treat her as your younger peer.”
“Well, we’ve known each other for a long time.”

Grana was probably worried about Petra because she still was only used to live as a goddess and not as a human.
Schenna took a cup of water and drank to moisten her dry throat.
She was planning on staying up late helping Kishana to stock up everything needed to cook the following day.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you. There was something weird that happened today when we were out gathering stuff.”
“Something weird?”

Schenna tilted her head and Grana continued talking.

“Luthors had just defeated a pack of orcs and taken their dark cores, so I went to their carcasses and prayed for them to return to the soil. And when I was done, their carcasses turned like this.”

Grana chanted his subspace magic again, opening up the space where he had stored one orc carcass and showed the transformed orc to Schenna and Kishana.
As soon as Kishana saw them, she exclaimed in surprise.

“This is…pork? Did the orcs turn into pigs?”
“I never heard of pigs, and Luthors also hasn’t. But I stored one away to show it to you.”

Schenna followed Kishana and saw what was in the subspace, and saw that it really was a pig in there, and not an orc.


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