Chapter 57: The Martial State’s Shadow

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 707 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“I see… So you stepped inside the territory of Swead.”
“And I’ve come to you to ask what to do with the two children I rescued.”

After Schenna finished telling her the details of the trip, Reesha crossed her arms and began to think deeply.

“If a slave trade accepted here in Priden and all of the Five Great Powers apart from Swead gives their ownership to you, then there should be no problem. But the truth is that Swead has our hands tied thanks to a certain national status.”

Swead was allied with the large military country of Humlise, in the Valsen continent to the west of Halcentius. Humlise covered over two-thirds of the land in Valsen, and its population was divided into three classes, the first class was composed of the king and nobles, a privileged class; the second class was most of the inhabitants of the country, and the third class were those who had met a certain fate after a war, namely, the inhabitants of countries taken over by Humlise and slaves.

Swead was in charge of trading the slaves that came from Humlise, so if Swead became the enemy of a country, all of Humlise would also go against that country.

“I’m sorry… Because of my rash actions, I’ve caused a lot of trouble for you.”

“Well, if the Hero or I were in your position we would’ve also rescued those children, don’t worry about that. If anything actually happens, I’ll deal with it. There’s the orphanage in the residential district, managed by my guild. I guess you can let the children live there. I will finish all the required paperwork here, so just go to the orphanage tomorrow.”

“Thank you for doing so much for us.”

Schenna bowed deeply to her, then left the waiting room together with Luthors.
After exiting the administrative district, they passed through the main square in the commercial district and spotted a crowd there.
A traveling party was giving a street performance, and many cheers and claps came from all around.

“Schenna, do you want to take a detour and take a walk while we go back?”
“It’s unusual for you to invite me like this. But I don’t really mind.”
“Well, it’s decided then.”

Luthors took Schenna’s hand and walked around with her while looking at an arms dealer’s store filled with adventurers.
Having a wealth of knowledge about arms and equipment, Luthors tried different things she found while looking like a refined western lady.1

“What do you think about this? It’s designed to allow free movement so there’s no problem swinging a sword.”
“I think it’s too…revealing, so I’d be embarrassed with that.”
“You should try it out anyway. I’m sure you’ll like it if you do.”

Luthors forced Schenna to wear the same outfit, and when she did she noticed she really could move more easily in it.
Then wearing matching outfits, Luthors paid for the stuff she got, and the two of them moved on with their walk.

“It feels nice to go on a walk with you like this every now and then. Though this dress is a bit embarrassing.”
“I think it fits you pretty well. Also, this was my first time going shopping together with someone else, it was really fun.”

When Luthors was still part of the Dark Knights of Gafenna, she only used the equipment they provided to her.
Now that she was in Priden, she could choose her own and new equipment, which was a really fresh and incredible experience.

“…Schenna, you probably want to know why I hate Grana so much, right?”

Schenna could only give an ambiguous answer, hearing Luthors mention Grana so out of the blue.

“Well… But if you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.”
“It’s because I noticed your concerned look whenever I was acting wary around Grana. I’ll talk about it when we’re back at the restaurant, together with Grana.”

Luthors took Schenna’s hand again and they continued on the road leading home.


  1. TL note: Not really sure how to TL this, basically the behaviour from someone like this I guess?

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