Chapter 58: The Past of the Two

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 881 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Caro and Mauro sat in the dining room eating the food Kishana had prepared for them.
When Schenna and Luthors returned, Kishana went to receive them as she was curious about what would happen to Caro and Mauro.

“Welcome back. How did things go?”
“Ah, Reesha said the orphanage she manages can take care of the two of them.”
“I see…I feel a bit more relieved then. I’ll go tell them that.”

Taking Kishana’s background, she probably knew better than anyone the helplessness and suffering the two slaves experienced before being rescued. For her, the time she spent in the Dark Elf village was like hell, and that she had the chance to run away and arrive at Priden was the best luck she ever had.
She knelt down so her gaze was level with Caro and Mauro’s.

“Do you want to come to the hot springs with big sis Kishana after you’re done eating?”

The two happily replied at the same time, and Kishana lightly pets their heads.
Kishana had always been good at taking care of kids, even before she was reborn, so she was used to things like that.
When they were done eating, they held to Kishana’s hands and they headed towards the hot springs.

“Hahhhh….you two, what’s up with that new equipment I’m seeing on you since you returned?”
“We made a little detour and went shopping.”

Grana peeked out from his room and slowly showed himself.
It seems he had been dozing off, as his hair —while taking Schenna’s form— was completely disarranged.

“Your bed hair looks awful. I’ll help you fix it up in the sink so come here.”

Schenna went to the sink with Grana and she started to brush his head with a comb. She was already used to fixing her own hair, so it was easy for her to do it quickly.
Then she put water on a bucket and washed his face before taking a towel and drying him.
When that was done, Grana thanked Schenna fully awake.

“Wow, thank you. You know, you have the talent to be a mage.”
“Don’t exaggerate like that. If I see you like that it feels like I’m looking that way as well, so please take better care of yourself.”
“…I’ll do my best.”

His reply sounded somewhat reluctant as Schenna passed the brush over to Grana.
Schenna and Grana then went to the dining room and sat down together with Luthors and they began talking.

“I guess I should talk about the past of me and Grana…the Demon King.”
“What a coincidence. I had been thinking to tell Schenna about our past as well.”
“I’ve noticed you two don’t seem to get along well, did anything happen in Gafenna?”

Schenna cut straight to the point.
They both remained silent for some time, but then Luthors began to speak.

“You’re probably aware that Gafenna was in a state of war with Rinsr before the Demon King was resurrected, right? My old superior, Cardinal Dian, succeeded resurrecting the Demon King, and turned the war situation in his favor immediately.”

That had turned into the spark that ignited the war between Gafenna, the Five Great Powers, and the Hero’s party. In the end, the Hero’s party succeeded in defeating the Demon King.

When Cardinal Dian had successfully resurrected the Demon King, he bound it by a Control Contract and made it his servant. Then, it chose Luthors’ sister Carla to serve it and watch over its personal needs. But then, Carla’s pride wouldn’t allow her to be treated as a maid and servant after having been the commander of the Dark Knights and worked directly under Cardinal Dian.

“Why did you choose Luthors’ sister?”
“…At that time, I had barely been awoken and summoned, and on top of that forcefully bound to serve someone I didn’t want to, so my mood was really bad. So I thought it would be nice to entertain myself with Dian’s trusted commander.”

When Schenna heard the reason why he chose Carla, she felt like she heard something a child would do.
At first, Carla refused, but when her superior Cardinal Dian ordered her to do it, she had to fulfill her new role.

“Initially, she served reluctantly me, but then one time Carla tried to challenge me.”

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That was probably Carla’s way to show she was not willing to serve someone weaker than her.
The challenge rules were extremely simple, they would fight until one of them gave up.
When they faced each other, Luthors saw her sister being overwhelmed by the Demon King’s strength before she was defeated.

“And then when I defeated her, Carla gave herself to me…at least as far as her body went.”
“That was also the moment when the prideful commander of the Dark Knights, Carla Raya vanished for me, and my hatred for the Demon King that took Carla away and defeated her was born. Though what angered me the most was myself, who could only stay still and do nothing but watch.”

After that, Grana’s eyes were unable to meet Luthors again, only dodging them and looking away.
Luthors only clenched her fists, trapping her helpless anger in her heart.


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