Chapter 56: Report

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 968 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In the morning there was a high demand for Luthors’ pancakes and Kishana’s gyudon, so all the seats were occupied in the restaurant once again.
Compared to the other items on the menu, gyudon could be prepared faster, and it seemed to be quite popular around the adventurers. If they were to get a rice cooker, the preparation time would decrease even more.

“Table number five! Your dish has been prepared, please come and pick it up.”

They had hired two elves from the Holy Bow to help as clerks, improving the efficiency of the work shifts in the restaurant. After resting in the hot springs, Kishana had gone to the guild to recruit new workers, there she had found the two elves. Kishana and Schenna had already discussed how to handle the new employees and had taken into consideration the increase of clients since the first day.

Now, when an order was decided, the bill was paid to the clerk in that area, then their order would be placed in a queue. When the order was finally prepared, the clients would pick it up and carry it to their tables themselves. Once they were done eating, they would also carry the empty tray and plates back and place them on a return slot, and the clerk would wipe the occupied sign from their table and invite the next client.

When Grana came down from upstairs, he exclaimed in surprise at the success of the restaurant.

“Yesterday was already pretty amazing, but there’s a lot of clients today as well! The two children were too tired and fell asleep though.”
“Thanks for watching over them. I’m sorry to push this on to you so quickly, but could you take care of washing the dishes?”
“Uwah… There’s already a big pile of them. Can’t I get some help…?”

After Schenna thanked him for watching over Caro and Mauro until they slept, Grana observed the mountain of piled up dishes and turned his head around the room, but no one offered a helping hand.

“Seems you’re all busy with other stuff. Guess this means I have to tackle on the path of washing dishes in solemn silence.”
“When the number of customers decreases I’ll help you too. Try to hold on until then one way or another.”
“…This might be even harder than going against the Hero’s party…”

Grana began washing the dishes while reminiscing about the violent battles against the Hero’s Party that left so many casualties and unfolded once upon a time.

A dishwasher might have made things easier, but if more devices were requested from Sareenea, the consumption rate for Dark Cores would increase as well, which would cause a heavier burden on Luthors’ responsibilities.

It was like more and more work was piling up from the restaurant, and taking care of it all would take a long time.
By the time dusk arrived, they had somehow managed to exhaust their supplies of ingredients and closed the restaurant.
After paying their wages to the two elves who worked as clerks and thanking them, Schenna sent them home.

“Thank you for your hard work today. Thanks to all of you we managed to go through another day without any problems. Tomorrow will be a day to rest, so we’ll resume our business the day after tomorrow. Make sure to get enough rest to get rid of any weariness built up from the last few days.”

After her announcement as the manager of the restaurant, Schenna moved on to the next topic.

“I’ll go together with Luthors to meet Reesha and report to her the situation with Caro and Mauro. Can Kishana and Grana take care of them while we’re gone?”
“That’s okay. We’ll watch over stuff here so you can go.”
“I don’t have any reason to stop you either, so I’ll stay playing with the children.”

Kishana gladly agreed to it, while Grana went to the room where the children were staying and saw them off from there.
After going to the palace in the administrative district, they informed a guard they wanted to meet with Reesha, after which they were guided to the doors of the waiting room.

“I already had you make delicious pancakes the entire day and now I’m selfishly making you accompany me…all I can really do is say thank you.”
“You don’t have to be so formal, I’m working for you. It’s not cool for a man older than me to go apologizing all the time, you know.”

Luthors’ words were too severe to be taken as a joke after Schenna bowed to her from the seat that was prepared for Schenna.

“Well…I can’t deny I’m an old man, but I wasn’t expecting to hear that from you…”
“Heheh… Though for those children you’re a cool lady. And that’s the side of you I like seeing the most.”

Seeing Luthors smile while saying that, Schenna hung her head down embarrassed.
Back then, Caro and Mauro were in a trap of distrust against anyone else after being ruled over with fear and force.

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If she had opted to rescue them by taking them by force, that would have only deepened the scars in their hearts, and that’s why she decided to put as much effort as she could into persuading them.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. Oh huh? It’s an interesting pair today.”

The doors of the waiting room opened as Reesha appeared before Schenna and Luthors. Upon noticing the unlikely duo, Reesha curiously looked at them.
When she mentioned that, Schenna noticed it probably was the first time she had visited Resha while accompanied only by Luthors.

“Anyway, what do you need today?”

Reesha sat down and Schenna started to detail the events that transpired that morning.


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