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Chapter 5-86: The Courageous Yaeger

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The book was highly regarded by the participants as it provided detailed information about the other participants in the tournament, including their backgrounds, skills, preferences, and habits. It even listed the top ten hottest female and male participants, for those who were only here to spectate the tournament and seek entertainment.

As soon as Yaeger read the introduction about himself, he flew into a rage.

Twenty-four teams would emerge victorious after the first round of the tournament. A team consisted of five members and he had been ranked 121st!

There were only a total of 121 people in the book and he was ranked the last among them! On the following page, there was an empty space reserved for a rented advertisement alongside a picture of a half-naked woman.

Was this stupid book intentionally mocking him?

It also described him as a playboy who had a powerful family background, many advanced techniques, and a master who was one of the most powerful saint-level experts in the city. Although his prospects were deemed to be boundless, he sometimes engaged in casual relationships with women, resulting in a minor physical setback that slightly affected his foundational skills.

Yaeger failed to find even a sentence that complimented him in that long paragraph!

He flipped through the book angrily, wanting to find out who in Jeorgetown City had dared to disrespect him in such a way.

The cover read: “Hot news! The Predictions For The Top 100 Participants for the Martial God Tournament of the Great Celestial Rite! Guaranteed Accurate!”

Predictions for the top 100 participants? Was this book trying to mock him for ranking 121st? How dare the author!

Author: Rolca

Hm? Who is Rolca? Rolca… Rolca… Ca…rol?
Carol? That crazy girl?

Yaeger’s hands started trembling and nearly threw the book away in reflex.

Now that he thought about it again, it made sense that only someone crazy like Carol would have the guts to rank a member of the imperial family in Jeorgetown City.

Normal people would be scared of losing their heads for attempting such, but not Carol! Not only did she dare to rank members of the imperial family, she even dared to beat them up!

Yaeger touched an old wound on his arm and gritted his teeth. If it weren’t for the fact that her father was the second strongest in the Holy Dragon Empire, he would have made her life a living hell!

“Prince Yaeger, there is no need to be upset. This book is nothing more than Miss Carol’s private work. It’s not officially published, and no one will take it seriously.”

Wengie naturally knew Carol, but she dared not say anything negative about Carol in front of so many people because of her social standing. If her comments were to reach Carol’s ears, not even Yaeger would be able to stop Carol from skinning Wengie alive. Therefore, she could only take a diplomatic approach to calm Yaeger down.

“You’re right, it’s all just nonsense.” The expression on Yaeger’s face improved. He could not be bothered with a psychopath, especially one with a particularly violent father.

“What do you want?”

Yaeger glared at the large group of commoners gathered in front of him. He might not be able to take action against a psychopath, but he could always get away with bullying a group of commoners.

“Do you all understand the consequences of offending a member of the imperial family?”
“Uh… we don’t mean any ill intentions…”
“Then what is the meaning of this?”

The person who handed Yaeger the book was a young girl who, while not particularly attractive, had a pleasant appearance. She nervously fidgeted with her hands, her cheeks flushed. Avoiding eye contact with Yaeger, she stared at the ground, acting like an adolescent girl preparing to confess her feelings to a crush.

“Ummm…Prince Yaeger…” The young girl finally gathered her courage. After taking a deep breath, she raised her head and shyly said, “May I have your autograph?”


Yaeger was dumbfounded. What did she mean? Was his signature some kind of new talisman that could put a curse on an entire family?

Before Yaeger had time to think deeply, the little girl had pulled out a pen and a clean autograph board and handed them to him.

“Please, Prince Yaeger! This is a lifelong request from me!”

Prince Yaeger was a bit confused. In his entire life, no one had ever asked him for an autograph like the young girl just did. He was at a loss for words.

Wengie covered her mouth and smiled as she nudged Yaeger. “Prince Yaeger, what are you waiting for? You shouldn’t keep your fan waiting.”

The little girl gave Wengie a strange look and suddenly realized, “That’s right! Prince Yaeger. I’m your loyal fan. To be able to rank 121st out of 30,000 people only shows how powerful you are. Furthermore, you have a powerful family background, many advanced techniques, a master who is one of the most powerful saint-level experts in the city, and boundless prospects ahead of you!”


Yaeger snapped back to his senses and was over the moon.

He guessed Carol did not do a bad thing after all! She had publicized his brilliance and valor to the fullest!

These commoners deemed that being ranked 121st was impressive. Yaeger wondered if he were to emerge victorious in this tournament, would these people be worshiping him on their knees?

Yaeger smirked as he recalled the look on his elder sister’s face. She always looked so gloomy every day. So what if she was talented? She still wasn’t as famous as he was.

Prince Yaeger picked up the pen and swiftly signed his name.

“Mine too!”
“Prince Yaeger, make sure you sign one for me too!”
“Prince Yaeger, sign two for me. One is for my little sister!”
“Prince Yaeger…”

More people gathered around and handed over their autograph boards.

“Alright, alright. I’ll sign them one by one. Stop pushing! Stop pushing!”

Yaeger accepted all their requests. Although his hands were a bit sore after signing so many autographs, his self-esteem was greatly improved.

In a corner of the crowd, the young girl who was the first to request his signature carefully put the autograph board away… adding it to another pile of autograph boards.

The little girl also happily counted her achievements… Rank 30th… 33rd… 50th… 80th… 100th… and 121st. She was already halfway to collecting all the autographs!

By then… She would be able to acquire the body pillow featuring the cover with topless pictures of the top ten hottest male participants!

Thought of it ignited a fire in the young girl’s heart. Her breathing quickened as she fantasized about ravishing the body pillow in her arms…

Ah, oh no… my nose is bleeding…

The young girl panicked and took out a tissue.


*Huh? Who said I was a fan of Prince Yaeger? Tch, he’s not handsome and his ranking is low. Only fools would be his fans. Instead of wasting time on him, I’d much rather fantasize about the love blossoming between two good-looking male participants… *

While the hall was bustling with activity, the door silently swung open.

A hideous monster, the size of a calf, crept in noiselessly, drawn by the scent of flesh and blood. Saliva dripped from its fangs. It was already eager to feast.

Yaeger was happily signing autographs for his fans when the crowd suddenly dispersed, their faces tense as they looked behind Yaeger. The music abruptly stopped, and an eerie silence filled the hall.

Only powerful experts had come to participate in the tournament, so they were able to quickly detect the presence of the strange creature as soon as it entered the hall. Its vicious malice and the menacing look in its eyes caused them to silently draw their weapons.

The crowd was confused about the origin of the monster. It seemed out of place, and they wondered if it had entered by mistake or if this was a test from the organizers.

Huh? What’s happening?

Yaeger, who had been enjoying himself, turned around and saw the little monster in front of him.

The sudden appearance of this ugly creature enraged him because it had disrupted his fan signing event.

“None of you are allowed to meddle in this!” Prince Yaeger waved his hand proudly. “I shall personally vanquish this ugly creature!”

In an instant, Prince Yaeger could feel countless respectful gazes converging on him.

Ah, this feels amazing. Just what I wanted.

“No, it’s too dangerous, Prince Yaeger! You better reach out to the Grand Duke first! It’s strange for this monster to appear here all of a sudden.” Wengie nervously tugged on Yaeger’s sleeve, expressing her disagreement.


“Shut up!” Yaeger slapped Wengie’s hand away and glared at her with displeasure. “Always relying on the Seventh Granduncle for everything. Am I, Yaeger, the type of person who only relies on my connections? I’m capable of handling such a small matter myself!”


“Enough! It’s just a stray dog without any magical power. If you’re that scared, then hide behind the crowd!”

Wengie looked like she wanted to retort, but swallowed her words as tears welled up in her eyes.

Hmph! What an annoying woman. She should have known that I, Yaeger, should be the one to shine at a time like this. If she wasn’t somewhat influential and helpful to my plan, I would have gotten rid of her long ago.

Yaeger took a bold step forward and walked up to the monster under the gaze of everyone. He faced it directly, without a hint of fear in his eyes.

At this moment, everyone seemed to have fallen in love with the playboy.

No, he was no longer a playboy. He was a true hero!

“Come on, stray! It doesn’t matter who your master is or why you’re here. Since you’ve bare your fangs against my fans, I shall obliterate you!”

The monster growled menacingly. Its crimson eyes scanned its prey, searching for a weakness.

“Hmph, since you won’t make a move, I shall take the lead.”

Despite his inflated ego, Yaeger had a rich battle experience that taught him not to underestimate his enemies. He was going to assess the monster like he would to an ordinary beast, and decided to test the waters first before taking the pre-emptive.

As an excellent mage, Yaeger had already discreetly retrieved his wand from his storage ring while approaching his enemy. He was not going to make the mistake of being killed in a matter of seconds before he could even draw his wand.

The wand in his hand danced gracefully in the air. After training so diligently, the spell was effortlessly activated, requiring no incantations.

Advanced Magic: Inferno Eclipse!

The surrounding crowd could not help but marvel at his performance. Tears even welled up in their eyes! Who wouldn’t be moved by his spectacular performance? Who could deny the fact that he was a hero?

He was an excellent mage who could instantly cast magic without incantations. Anyone could tell that he was a mage who poured his heart and soul into the path of magic. He was not some half-a̲s̲s̲e̲d̲ mage who dabbled in both magic and martial arts.

Within this anti-magic array, he challenged this muscular monster with scales as hard as cold metal, and claws and teeth as sharp as blades!

Such courage was commendable!

Even the young girl, who requested an autograph from him earlier, wiped away her tears in silence. She had underestimated Prince Yaeger, thinking he was just a figurehead. She did not expect him to be so courageous, willing to use himself as a shield to protect his fans. Thankfully, no children were present. Otherwise, the bloodshed that would ensue would surely scar them for life!

The young girl vowed to herself that she must use her talent to honor him!


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