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Chapter 5-8: Specialists

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2239 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1312 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The sun rose from the east. The warm morning sunlight shone down upon the capital city of the Macedonian Empire, bringing life back to the city. Roosters crowed and dogs barked, the entire city seemed to awaken from its slumber.

The silent streets were gradually revitalized by the sounds of people talking and enthusiastic street vendors hawking their goods. Some people on the streets stopped to exchange pleasantries with the vendors and tried to get some discounts. Some were headed to their destinations with two hot steamed meat buns in hand, ready to start another day’s work.

The atmosphere today was slightly different. The main street of the capital, which was wide enough for ten carriages to pass at the same time, was currently surrounded by a crowd of unprecedented size.

Pedestrians, laborers and street vendors alike gathered at the intersection, craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the announcement that was just freshly posted.

Its pure gold appearance made it known to everyone that it was not an ordinary announcement. In fact, no one would dare to post gold announcements in the entire Macedonian Empire except for the royal family. And every time the royal family personally published an announcement, it must be one that was enough to shake the entire empire. Therefore, the announcement attracted a large crowd as soon as it was posted.

“The princess is ascending the throne?” The first person to finish reading the content of the announcement could not help but exclaim loudly. A heated discussion immediately broke out among those who saw or heard the incredibly shocking news.

“The ascension is a good thing! An empire can’t do a day without an emperor. It has been so many years since the passing of the late emperor. It’s about time for a new emperor to take up the reins.”

“That’s right. The public has seen the contributions that Her Royal Highness has made for the past few years. I’m sure everyone has no objection to this ascension,” someone agreed.

“But this is the throne we are talking about. How many heroes and heroines in history had changed the moment they ascended the thrones? In the past, there was a prince who treated his subjects kindly and had the people’s best interest at heart. However, he changed as soon as he was made the emperor. There were plenty of such cases.”

“You have a point. Aspirations before thrones were most short lived in this world. Besides, there has never been a ruling empress in this empire since its founding. Is Her Royal Highness really capable of this?” Someone expressed their concerns.

No matter what the public’s opinions were, they would not affect the outcome in the slightest. After all, the core power in this empire was held by a small group of people.

“Ascending the throne? No way!”

In a magnificent royal garden, an old man with white hair smacked the wooden table in front of him so hard that it shattered. The servant who just delivered the news to him kneeled on the ground and trembled in fear. He was afraid that making one mistake could lead him to the same fate as the expensive wooden table.

“What are the other two old geezers doing? Are they going to just sit and watch that little girl do such a treacherous thing?”
“Lord Augustus has informed us not to acknowledge the matter. But Lord Gregory never got back to me. His opinion on this matter remains unknown.”
“Hmph, useless coward!”

The old man said disdainfully, “He must be trying to be a wallflower again. Ridiculous. Is he not aware that if that little girl becomes an empress, then all hope is lost for us? Idiot!”
“You are right, my lord.”
“Forget it. He doesn’t make a difference.”

The old man emptied the cup of bitter tea that another servant served him in one gulp, and felt anger quelling in his heart.

He thought for a moment before ordering, “Summon Lord Augustus to my residence. I have important matters to discuss with him. We cannot let that little ninny succeed in ascending the throne, no matter what!”

“Right away!”


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Unlike the lively streets, the royal palace was so eerily silent that one could hear a pin drop.

This was not because the palace was empty, but everyone was so occupied that there was no time for idle chit chat. They toiled on tirelessly, like fine cogs in a machine.

In three days’ time, the princess would ascend the throne.

Since the announcement did not state the exact princess’ name, everyone assumed that it would be Princess Lesiah getting crowned. Yet, the insiders knew that the one who would ascend the long-vacant throne was not the capable and smart crown princess, but that adorable Princess Leniah, who was also known as the mascot of the palace.

This had intensified the invisible pressure surrounding the topic because in everyone’s opinion, there was no other suitable candidate for the throne beside the crown princess. Hence, a certain head of maidservants who did not wish to be named had secretly prepared the imperial robe that was needed for the big day.

And now, it was suddenly announced that it was Princess Leniah who would be ascending the throne. There was no time for questions, as everything had to be redone in just three days.

Even the ceremonial procession, which had been prepared for this event, had to be rehearsed again. After all, touring a foreign nation and ascension were two very different matters.

No matter how they looked at it, there was not enough time.

“A…Are we really doing this?”

Although Lesiah had agreed to this, she could not help but feel worried about the situation that was clearly out of her control. She was really afraid that Lilith would go overboard and stir up great trouble.

“Relax! Do you have to worry when it’s me doing the job?” Lilith winked at Lesiah to assure her.

“I’m worried precisely because it’s you doing the job!”

“Is that so?”

Lilith immediately clutched her chest and looked extremely sad. “You broke my heart! I didn’t expect the most important person to me to not understand me. What is the meaning of living in this world? I should just let Cornelia make a nuclear bomb and destroy this world.”

“Don’t go destroying the world over something so trivial!”

Lesiah smacked her forehead. She was even more worried about what was going to come next.

“Isn’t three days too short of a notice? Even if the palace works at full power, it probably isn’t possible to finish so many tasks within just three days.”

“Don’t worry, I’m already prepared for that.”

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An extremely confident smile appeared on Lilith’s face, almost as if she was waiting for Lesiah to ask her that question. She snapped her fingers.

The crystal wind chime hanging under the glazed roof tiles tinkled musically, as if there was a breeze. The empty hall was now suddenly filled with people whom Lesiah could not recognize.

“These people are…” The princess could not help but ask. She already had a hunch on the background of these people since they could suddenly appear without alerting anyone.

Even so, she still could not understand why Lilith would summon these legendary creatures here. After all, it was not the time for their appearances yet. Was she thinking of making them help with sewing?

Haha, of course not.


Lilith cleared her throat to get Lesiah’s attention. With a smug look on her face, she said, “Don’t worry, Lesiah. They are specialists I have carefully chosen from my clan. I can vouch for them, quality and quantity-wise.”


Lesiah’s face stiffened. For some reason, she had a feeling that her hopes would be dashed if she stayed here any longer.


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