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Chapter 5-9: In Position

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2225 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1306 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“First one here is Gulch. A great sewer, embroiderer and weaver from our clan. He’s a professional and honest tailor. Basically everyone’s clothes back home were personally sewn by him. His service is excellent, quality and quantity guaranteed. All the dresses and imperial robes needed for this ceremony, including Lesiah and Leniah’s, can be given to him. Time is not an issue.”

“You flatter me, Your Highness. I am only a personal tailor who has been sewing for 2,500 years, not someone who is worth mentioning to others.”

The man in the black tuxedo bowed slightly to Lilith like a gentleman, and then gave Lesiah a smile.

“But since Your Highness has given me a direct order, I will definitely do my best to sew a stunning dress for this beautiful lady.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lesiah expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Gulch with a polite smile.

Although she had no idea why a legendary and invincible dragon would become a tailor, 2,500 years of sewing was not something a human was even capable of. Surely if this guy sewed with a chicken claw, he could definitely still create a fairytale dress that could make any mortal sigh, right?

It was certainly a great honor to have a legendary dragon sew a dress for her. As long as she was with Lilith, there would be many more such honors to come.

Lesiah smiled as she thought to herself.

Unaware of Lesiah’s thoughts, Lilith continued with the introduction.

“Second one here is named Kvass. A great sculptor in my clan. He always creates flawless and lifelike masterpieces. I can attest to this. After all, he has sculpted hundreds of statues for me. There isn’t one that I can find even the slightest fault with. It shouldn’t be a problem to hand over the statue that Leniah will use after she ascends the throne.”

He was a man with thick eyebrows and big eyes who patted his chest, and confidently declared loudly, “Rest assured, Your Highness. I will do my best. If the sculpture is slightly different from the original thing, I will cut myself to atone for my incompetence!”

“Tell that to Lesiah, not me.”

“Understood!” Kvass turned to Lesiah and said loudly, “Lady Lesiah, please have faith in my ability. I will make sure to produce a perfect sculpture for you!”

“Yes, of course I will…”

Looking at the burly man who seemed like he would eat her alive if she doubted him, Lesiah could only force herself to smile.

“Of course I will trust you unconditionally, since you are a kin to Lilith.”

“Gwahaha, thank you!” Kvass laughed heartily. His laughter was so powerful that they could almost feel the entire room shaking.

Lesiah secretly thought to herself that it was hard to imagine such a callous man could excel in artistic and delicate sculpting work. Was this what people meant by “not to judge a dragon by its hide”…?

Indeed, the dragon was an unfathomable race.


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Lilith nodded, then continued introducing the third guest.

“Third one here is Akarin. My mother’s right-hand man who is in charge of many matters in my clan. He is reliable and highly efficient in his work. A very helpful person overall. Thanks to his mediation, there has almost never been any major conflicts within our huge clan (note: fights where no saint-level spells are used are not considered conflicts. Illegal boxing matches, poking eyes, poisoning, and One Thousand Years of Death technique1 belong under the fun and games category). I have left the most important task to him this time, I trust that he can execute it wonderfully as usual.

The man wearing a butler attire responded, “I won’t let you down, Your Highness. What an honor it is to receive your order. Your humble servant will definitely get it done, even if it costs this old life of mine!”

“I don’t need your old life, just make sure you don’t screw up,” Lilith said expressionlessly.

“Rest assured, when has your humble servant ever failed you?” Akarin patted his chest and assured Lilith. He almost sounded like failing would be a great humiliation to him who had been serving the dragons for the past thousand years.

Lilith secretly rolled her eyes.

If it was not for the fact that she could not find better helpers, she would never have gotten help from these idiots.

In any case, these were all trivial matters. Even if they were to screw up, it could not possibly be that bad.

“On behalf of the Macedonian Empire’s royal family, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you, Sir Akarin.”

Lesiah let out a long sigh of relief, seeing such a capable servant from the dragon clan assisting them.

It looked like this sudden idea that Lilith wanted to execute within three days was not that impossible after all. With the aid of these legendary dragons, any nation would be able to carry out a similar plan with ease. Failure to do so under such conditions would be a great embarrassment.

“Since Lilith has gone out of her way to get help from her clan, then as the hosts, we must not slack in preparation either. Let’s do our best to help each other.”


Lilith’s eyes immediately lit up as she exclaimed, “That’s great!”

“Uh? Shouldn’t we be the one rejoicing?”

Lesiah was confused by Lilith’s excitement. For a moment there, she had a bad feeling about all this.

“Ah, I mean… that’s great if everything goes smoothly. Haha… Sheesh, stop overthinking, Lesiah.”

“I see. I’m overthinking about this.”

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Lesiah nodded, then clapped her hands. The maids, who had been waiting outside, filed into the hall.

“Bring them to Miss Sheila and tell her these are our guests. Also, please do your best to assist them in all related matters.”

“Your wish is our command,” one of the maids bowed and responded, before leading three other maids out of the hall.

“Oh, right.”

Lilith looked like she suddenly recalled something, then waved at the empty space beside her.

The man, who left a deep impression on Lesiah by kicking Lord Gregory’s a̲s̲s̲ with the law of Cause and Effect, slowly appeared like he had been waiting for his order all this while. It was none other than the Green Emperor, who shrouded himself in green smoke.

“Let’s have Greenie be Leniah’s bodyguard for the time being.”
“Bodyguard? The palace is heavily guarded, I don’t think that’s necessary…”

For some reason, Lesiah had a bad feeling about this man so she was not keen on the idea of having him hang around Leniah.

“Heavily guarded? You are describing somewhere I can effortlessly break in as heavily guarded?” Lilith questioned her seriously.

Lesiah was going to argue that those dragons Lilith brought with her were no ordinary people, but Lilith did not even give her any chance to fight back.

She continued saying, “Even if it’s as heavily guarded as you claim, a thief from within is hard to guard against. How can you be so sure that there are no enemy spies in the palace grounds? What if they try to poison Leniah?”

Lesiah pondered for a moment. “You have a point there, then…”

“Don’t worry. Leniah will definitely be safe with Greenie around her. I can guarantee this.”

The crown princess’ eyes suddenly lit up. “You’re telling me that this… Green Emperor is highly knowledgeable with all kinds of poison or can neutralize them?”

“Ah… No. Greenie has been honing his culinary skills for a thousand years. He can cook very well. If we get him to personally prepare Leniah’s food, then the enemy spies will have no chance of poisoning her,” Lilith explained.



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