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Chapter 5-132: Initial Encounter

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“An empty fort strategy?” Moore sounded slightly perplexed by the unusual situation.

“Could be a decoy,” Calvin mused.

He then added thoughtfully, “Our opponent must have analyzed our past matches and identified Princess Estelle as the key threat. They’ve probably sent one person to distract us, while the rest attempt to surround the princess. It’s their best shot at victory.”

Mint’s eyes widened in alarm. “Wait, doesn’t that mean the princess is in danger?”

Calvin replied calmly, “No need to worry. The Princess can hold her own. But it’s impressive that our enemies came up with this tactic. It’s their best chance, albeit a slim one.”

“So, they sent this girl here on purpose to divert our attention? What’s this supposed to be, a honey trap?” Moore sneered.

Laughing, Mint added cheekily, “Well, she might look adorable like a doll, but she’s too young for me.”

He then made a gesture and laughed lewdly. “Besides, she’s flat as a board. Not really my type.”

Meanwhile, Lilith, who had been hungrily devouring a large bowl, glanced at Mint and burped contentedly.

“Ah, that hit the spot.” She patted her belly, savoring the sense of fullness for the first time in ages.

The shadowfish was indeed as delicious as Skarst had mentioned. Lilith could not resist catching a few more from the pool and cooking them in the same way as Skarst did.

Despite being a novice with this ingredient, the shadowfish’s natural flavor compensated for any lack in her culinary skills.

Only after a second round of meal did she turn her attention to the uninvited guests.

“One, two, three, four… Four of you, huh? Where’s this ‘Estelle’? Isn’t she with you all?”

“Who are you to refer to Her Highness simply by her name?” Calvin bristled at her casual tone, drew his sword and pointed it at Lilith. “Little girl, have your parents never taught you to be mindful of your place?”

Lilith just laughed. “Status and titles are not really my thing. Besides, I don’t need to address her respectfully. She hasn’t earned my respect yet.”

“You! You must have a death wish!”

Calvin, boiling with rage at the continuous insults hurled at the princess he held in high regard, was on the verge of lashing out violently at Lilith, his sword ready to strike her adorable yet infuriating face.

However, Moore intervened to stop him.

His eyes were icy as they fixed on Lilith. “Are you trying to provoke us on purpose?”

Lilith responded with a nonchalant shrug, seemingly indifferent. “Whether you’re angry or not doesn’t really matter to me.”

Moore’s tone was chilling. “Firstly, if your plan is to buy time by provoking us, it’s a poor strategy. Secondly, if you’re just recklessly rushing to finish this match, then well done—you’ve achieved your goal.”

“Mint,” he called.
“I’m here.”
“Take care of this ignorant brat.”

“Gladly.” Mint cracked his knuckles and rolled his head eagerly. “Finally, it’s my turn. I’ve been itching for action since the princess handled the last match alone.”

He approached Lilith, who met his approach with a look of pity, almost as if feeling sorry for him.

“Isn’t that like bullying?” she asked.

Mint chuckled mockingly. “Scared now, huh? But don’t expect any mercy from me, especially given your… shortcomings.”

He glanced pointedly at her chest.

Lilith merely smiled and said, “That’s not what I meant. Why don’t you all just come at me together at the same time?”

“Oh, what a confident little lady you are.” Mint summoned his red lance, wreathed in a golden aura. Twirling it expertly, he taunted, “Why don’t you try to take one of my attacks first?”

His lance moved with the ferocity of a dragon.

Despite his tendency to run his mouth, Mint’s skill was evident. After all, he was chosen by Princess Estelle for a reason.

His spear sliced through the sky like thunder, aiming directly at Lilith’s throat.

“Ugh, boring.” Lilith nonchalantly weighed her large bowl, then casually flung it toward Mint.

Mint sneered, dismissing her effort. “Are you giving up already?”

His lance pierced through the bowl, unrelenting in its momentum.

Lilith snapped her fingers, parting her vermilion lips to utter a single word—“[Burn].”

Mint, unfamiliar with the dragon language, was puzzled by her muttering. But his confusion turned to shock as a shard of the shattered bowl, suspended before his eyes, suddenly ignited.

The flame, intense and hot, easily penetrated Mint’s protective barrier of battle qi, like an incendiary bullet against his clothing.

“Ah, it burns!” Mint screamed in agony. The single fragment of the bowl that had ignited was just the beginning. When Mint had shattered the bowl, it had broken into countless pieces, each now ablaze!

In an instant, every fragment, regardless of size, erupted into fierce flames. The air was filled with a fiery shower, turning the scene into a blazing spectacle.

Engulfed in flames, Mint became a human torch.

“Why… can’t I extinguish the flames?!” he yelled as he leapt into a nearby pool. Yet, the relentless flames persisted, even underwater, continuously scorching him.

“Mint, repel those fragments!” Myre called out urgently.

“The flames cling to the shards. They won’t stop burning until the shards are consumed!”

“S̲h̲i̲t̲! I’m on it!” Mint, understanding the situation, generated a powerful wind from his body, forcefully repelling the burning fragments.

Without their fuel, the flames were quickly doused by the water.

“Tsk, she’s quite sharp,” Lilith thought as she eyed the unassuming Myre.

Recognizing the essence of dragon language magic so quickly was no small feat.

Meanwhile, the group faced Lilith with a mix of awe and fear.

They had underestimated her, thinking she was just a harmless little girl. Her first strike had left Mint in a dreadful state.

“Do you understand that flame?” Moore asked Myre.

“It resembles the dragon language magic exclusive to the Holy Dragon Empire’s purebloods, but there’s a difference,” Myre responded, her expression a mix of certainty and doubt.

“What’s the difference?” Moore inquired, his brow furrowed.

“It’s too fluid,” Myre observed quietly.

“Dragon language is complex for humans. While many scholars study it, its true power lies with a strong dragon bloodline. Humans can grasp its meaning, but fluency is rare, unless one is a true pure-blood dragon.”

“If she’s a genuine pureblood dragon, we might as well surrender now.” Moore scoffed.

The dragons were mystical, noble entities. Why would they even participate in a mere human tournament?

“That’s why I think she might have used a trick, perhaps a special magic scroll, activated in a moment we couldn’t see,” Myre speculated.

Moore nodded in agreement. “A clever trick, indeed.”


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