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Chapter 5-131: Empty Fort Strategy

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Tl Note: The Empty Fort Strategy involves using reverse psychology to deceive the enemy into thinking that an empty location is full of traps and ambushes, and therefore induce the enemy to retreat.

The loud and majestic sound of the rushing water echoed through the cavern.

Yet, the heart of the underground lake remained as still as a mirror.

Luna gracefully strolled on the water’s surface, humming an unknown tune as if she was walking leisurely in the sunset.

However, a greenish glow cast an unusual ambience in the underground space, making it feel anything but “leisurely”.

Ripples spread outward from her feet with every step, disrupting the serene water surface and revealing the concealed darkness beneath. She glanced down at the water with a faint smirk playing on the corner of her mouth.

“What’s the matter, my dear big sister? Is this too much for you already? This is not like you at all. Ah, you’re not hiding in a corner licking your wounds like a pitiful stray dog now, are you?”

Luna dipped her fingers into the icy cold lake water and gently stirred, creating waves that passed through her fingers.

“Come on, lil’ puppy, come up here. I have something delicious for you. Bark for me, and I might reward you with a big piece of meat.”

“Don’t you know how to bark? Shall I teach you? Come on, woof~ Remember how a dog barks? Woof~ Yes, woof~ Wear a pitiful expression, maybe even your enemies will spare your life.”

There was a prolonged silence.

Just as Luna was growing impatient…

Blup, blup, blup…

The entire lake surged.

Countless bubbles rose from the dark depths, bursting after a brief display of splendor. The churning water vapor quickly enveloped the area, blocking out all light.

The intense heat from an unknown source turned the entire lake into a bubbling cauldron in an instant.

Luna withdrew her hand from the water, her delicate eyebrows slightly raised as she chuckled. “Interesting, but you’re not the only one who knows dragon language magic.”


This was the ancient syllable that Luna had recently learned. Although there was a brief pause before the foreign word rolled off her tongue and escaped her red lips, the moment it reverberated in the empty cavern, it was an imperial decree to the entire world!

The bone-chilling cold swiftly quelled the hot water vapor, and the boiling lake froze outward from Luna’s feet.

Even the rushing waterfall came to a standstill, transforming into a silver-white river of stars.

Luna gazed down at her feet with a slight frown.

She was not satisfied. Had Master Lilith executed this move, it would undoubtedly have frozen the entire underground lake.

Instead, it merely froze the surface, leaving the water beneath the several meters deep layer of ice scorching hot and rolling.

Nevertheless, it proved sufficient to astonish Princess Estelle, who had already been thoroughly shocked today.

She was reluctant to admit that Luna had effortlessly suppressed her with remarkable ease.

Luna had not even used all her strength, yet it appeared she herself might have…run out of steam?

Immersed in the hot lake water, Princess Estelle observed Luna’s figure leaping and dancing lightly on the ice sheet above. The figure appeared magnified countless times, resembling a colossal mountain that weighed heavily on Princess Estelle’s heart.

What’s going on? How does Luna become so strong in just a few months of absence? She’s formidable to the point that all one could do is gaze at her from behind.

But… how could this be possible? I am the disciple of Lord Taylor, the guardian of the Holy Dragon Empire! I have always trained diligently, constantly seeking ways to grow stronger every day!

I even defeated her a few months ago! How… can I lose to her now?

“Lalala~ How much longer do you plan to hide in there, my dear big sister?” Luna gently tapped on the ice. “You’re not crying in there, are you…? Ohohohoho…”

Her laughter rang out melodiously like silver bells, yet each peal left scars on Princess Estelle’s fragile heart.

I haven’t lost yet… How can I possibly lose? I haven’t even received the gift from my master. I promised to win for him. I can’t lose… I won’t lose… I still have… my trump card.

Princess Estelle closed her eyes as her thoughts sank into the deepest abyss. In that place of endless darkness, a drop of golden liquid emitted a warm glow for eternity.

It was Taylor’s blood.

Princess Estelle had intended to assimilate it slowly, but now, time was of the essence. She reached out and cradled the drop of blood in her palms.

“Master, I won’t lose. Just watch.”

White silk threads shot out from Princess Estelle’s fingertips, weaving into a massive white cocoon that enveloped her. More threads ventured toward the lake’s depths. Within a short span, water ripples, mud and sand floated, and a red hue with a faint iron scent rapidly spread from the end of the silk threads toward the white cocoon.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

A steady, powerful heartbeat emanated from the white cocoon.

Luna also seemed to have noticed the activity beneath the ice she was standing on and cast her gaze toward the white cocoon.


Instead of breaking the ice to interrupt the hatching, she sat down and rested her cheeks on her hands while waiting with keen interest.


Trailing the unmistakable aroma of fish, Moore led his group to a relatively vacant area.

There, they unexpectedly encountered Lilith, who was indulging in a fish feast.

“Little girl, are you alone?”

Despite Moore’s composure, his cheek twitched slightly against his will. What was meant to be a fierce competition, with both teams employing their full repertoire of tricks and strategies to secure victory, now seemed marred by the incongruous aroma of fish in the underground labyrinth.

Moore openly approached the enemy because he was confident.

However, he did not expect that the enemy to be a cute-looking little blonde girl who was savoring her fish.

Devouring her meal with gusto, the little girl responded to Moore’s inquiry with a mumbled “yes” before lowering her head back to her food.

“Calvin, check for traps,” Moore turned his head around and ordered in a hushed tone.

Calvin nodded and cautiously circled around from one side of the pool to the other. At the same time, he took out an exquisite compass. The needle oscillated back and forth.

Calvin’s eyes darted between the compass and the surroundings with rapt attention.

After a brief moment, Calvin completed his patrol of the area and whispered, “No magic fluctuations detected.”
Moore furrowed his brow and asked, “What about traps?”
“Anyone hiding?”
“She’s alone.”


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