Chapter 4-92: Cornelia

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2272 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1221 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

In the heart of a spacious and bright room, there was a dining table with all sorts of delicious dishes placed on it.

They were all appetizing homely dishes which perfectly showcased the culinary skill of the person who prepared them.

Three people were seated at the table.

The swaying candlelights and the steam from the food resembled little fairies dancing in the mist, adding that little magical touch to the warm atmosphere in the room.

“Here, this is your most favorite dish, Cornelia…”

A gentle-looking woman was feeding a white-haired girl dressed in a black dress. Her daughter opened her mouth wide, ate up a spoonful of her most favorite food then covered her rosy child-like cheeks while savoring every flavor. She looked no different than an extremely adorable little squirrel that had its mouth stuffed.

Her mother smiled and couldn’t refrain from patting her daughter’s head. “My Cornelia is the cutest.”

The scene drew a sigh from a neat-looking middle-aged man who was reading the newspapers while eating.

“Look at you spoiling her. She should be old enough to eat by herself,” he shook his head.


The woman rolled her eyes at the man, then picked up another spoonful of her daughter’s favorite food. The amazing meal had Cornelia wearing a blissful look on her face and swinging her beautifully-shaped legs that were covered by striped knee socks.

“Alright, alright. Settle down now, don’t fall off from the chair.”

The woman gently tapped the bridge of her daughter’s pretty little nose like she was reprimanding the girl for her lack of manners, but it certainly didn’t sound like that.

Cornelia pouted in response. “But mommy’s food is too amazing.”

“How sweet of you…”

Her gaze fell on her adorable daughter’s black dress and she clapped, “Come, stand up. Let mommy have a look, Cornelia. How is the new dress?”


Cornelia stood up obediently and twirled around. The black lace on the hem of her swirling skirt made her look like a black rose blooming gorgeously.

“My Cornelia looks good in everything she wears…”

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“No, it’s because the dress that mommy picked is gorgeous…”

Cornelia ended her twirling with a plop into her mother’s arms, then nuzzled up against her mother’s cheek lovingly like a child.

Laughter from the pair immediately filled the room.

The middle-aged man lowered the papers that he was reading to throw a glance at his wife and daughter.

“Always buying these fancy stuff for her, what if she grows up to be vain?” he muttered.

“Have you never heard of the phrase: sons should be raised in frugality while daughters in abundance?”

The woman ended her retort by sending her husband a dissatisfied glare, then turned back to continue rubbing her cheek against her daughter’s. Lovely laughter that sounded like melodious bells filled the room again.

After getting blown off like that, the man was, of course, upset and felt the need to show his authority as the head of the family.


The middle-aged man cleared his throat and tapped on the table. “As her mother, shame on you for encouraging your child to be vain. With this kind of upbringing, no money in this world will ever satisfy her when she grows up.”

“It’ll be fine. It’s not my money.”

“Even if that’s the case…”

Realization suddenly hit the man. “W-What do you mean by it’s not your money?”

The woman shrugged. “I mean what I mean. Do you see a fourth person in this house?”

A look of horror showed on the man’s face when he confirmed that his wife wasn’t joking.


He wailed and rushed into another room.

A few moments later, when the piping hot meal had completely cooled down, the man finally came out from the room dejectedly.

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At that moment, he looked as though he had suddenly aged a decade.

He lifted his head, but the sight of Cornelia’s black dress pierced into his heart like an arrow.

His secret stash of more than ten years, all gone…

It was then Cornelia went up to her father and fished out a cute little hand-sewn purse from her pocket.

Offering up the purse in her palms, her wide round eyes sparkled at the eldery man.

“These are all my allowances. I’m not sure if they are enough for the dress, but I hope it will at least cheer you up a little, daddy.”

The man was slightly taken aback by her gesture. He could almost see a pair of white wings spreading out behind his daughter.

“My good daughter, you are such an angel!” He rushed up to Cornelia and tearfully embraced her.


The expression on Cornelia’s face changed halfway through the sentence, and her gaze fell on the ground.

She changed the words that were about to leave her lips. “Daddy, mommy, can I go out and play?”

“Of course you can, my dear. Just be careful and don’t talk to strangers.”

“Got it!”

She then gave her mother a pleading look.

The gentle-looking woman smiled at her. “Go but remember to come home before dinner.”




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“Seems like you’re losing…”

Lilith slowly retracted her arm. The deep wound on her fist that left her bone exposed healed in just the blink of an eye.

Shiloah remain unmoving, but a few visible cracks were clearly visible on his long, blade-like claws.

Those cracks spread until they covered his entire claws before finally a shattering noise was heard. The five claws on his hand fell to pieces before turning into dust and vanished in the air.


Shiloh quickly drew back and howled in pain while clutching his fingers with his other hand, like his fingernails just got ripped off.


“So you can start your sentence with other words… I thought you could only ‘ohoho’ ‘ohoho’…”

Lilith shook her arm. Although she beat Shiloah with brute force, it was a narrow victory. Her entire arm was still completely numb.

Her curiosity on the origin of these weirdos grew even more.

They had strange abilities, great strengths and didn’t seem to fit into this world where saint-level beings shouldn’t exist.

If it weren’t for Lilith’s special physical body, they wouldn’t be defeated no matter how many ninth rank warriors or mages were sent here.

Not only that, this little world seemed to have its own secrets.

By the time her arm had slightly recovered, she clenched her fist and approached Shiloah.

“I’ve told you earlier that you’ll be dead meat. Now, do you have any last words?”

“Last words? Ohoho, I should be the one asking you that…”

Shiloah’s tone suddenly changed. Although he should be the one who should be afraid, he looked at Lilith like she was already dead.

It was almost as if… he suddenly gained confidence.

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“You’ve disappointed me, Shiloah.”

A young and unfamiliar voice suddenly rang out behind Lilith.

Fear set in on Lilith. Since when?! Why didn’t she notice it?!

She snapped her head around and discovered a white-haired girl dressed in black dress standing about ten meters behind her.

The young girl looked at Shiloah expressionlessly. Lilith couldn’t even sense her strength.

However, a sudden chill crept into Lilith and Lesiah’s hearts.


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