Chapter 4-91: Commence Battle

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2478 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1380 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Why is it you?!”

Lesiah’s eyes widened like saucers as she stared at Lilith blankly. The shock even made her forget about being slapped across the face. She was in slight… no, great denial that the person before her turned out to be Lilith.

Her long-awaited ideal lover turned out to be the person she hated the most.

This disappointment felt no different than asking out a cute, petite and legal loli so she could walk away without any responsibilities after having fun, only to see a nasty five-foot-tall dude turning up and demanding two hundred bucks for one round of service.

“Why can’t it be me?” Lilith smoothly retracted the hand that she had been slapping Lesiah with, and tilted her head to the side.

“Who did you think it was?”

“I thought…”

Lesiah stopped mid-sentence and her cheeks suddenly burned even more, but it was perfectly concealed by the red handprints on her face for now.


The princess had a strange look on her face, so Lilith squinted her eyes and moved her face closer…

Something seemed fishy.

She only slapped Lesiah’s face, but why did her neck turn red too?

It wasn’t like her handprints could metastasize like cancer cells.

Guilt had Lesiah backing away. She avoided Lilith’s keen gaze and quickly made up some excuses.

“I thought… I thought it was Coleman. Yes, I thought it was Coleman who came to my rescue. So I was disappointed to see that it turned out to be you!”


“Of course!”

The princess nodded fervently. There was no way she would admit something as embarrassing as mistaking Lilith the lover of her dreams! That would undoubtedly be great blackmail material for that Golden Demon to coerce her into doing more terrible things!

“Fine, I’ll believe you for now…”

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Of course, her instinct was telling her that Lesiah was definitely lying. Even so, this was hardly the time to harp on matters like that.

There were various ways to force the truth out of the princess later but for now, she had a more pressing matter to deal with.

“You’re still very weak. Take a breather first and leave the rest to me.”

Lilith stood in front of Lesiah and faced Shiloah.

For some reason, Lilith’s petite silhouette brought her tremendous relief. It almost overlapped the silhouette from her fantasy and left her in a daze.


An unconscious response left her lips and she allowed Lilith to be her shield.

Lesiah didn’t even know when she started finding Lilith’s words so highly convincing.

“Ohoho…” From the corner, Shiloah glared resentfully at Lilith. His strange laughter was cold and chilling.

“Why… Why do you keep getting in my way, little girl? Have your parents never taught you that it’s extremely rude to disturb others?”

Lilith held his glare, her eyes gradually shone in gold. An overwhelming aura, which made Lesiah’s scalp crawl, slowly rose from Lilith’s petite figure. It was so intense that it even manifested and was almost visible to the naked eye.

The current Lilith was no longer the same skirt chaser from her impression. She resembled the one who was identified as the greatest crisis of mankind by the nine nations —

Golden Demon, Htilil.

“Too bad. My parents taught me only one thing.”

Lilith moved her joints, cracking her knuckles to her spine, like she was doing some warm-up exercises. “And that is…”

“If life gives you lemon, do not grieve and be patient. Grab that lemon and beat it to a pulp. The happy days will surely arrive soon after that. Makes any sense to you, Mr. Lemon?”

“Ohoho, it seems your success in ambushing me earlier gave you some false hope…”

Shiloah straightened up slowly, completely ignoring Lilith’s visibly powerful aura. He dragged his blade-like claws along the ground, the friction produced sparks. The black and white makeup on his face looked like the surface of a cracked porcelain vase. The frosty gaze affixed on Lilith was dripping with malice.

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The interruption to his long-awaited dinner enraged him.

Given his long life span, there was hardly anything that could enrage him.

In fact, it had been so long since he felt this furious. He could feel a ball of rage burning intensely in the pit of his stomach… even though he didn’t have any internal organs in his body to begin with.

The last time he’d been this upset was a thousand years ago… Because of that damn…


Who was it again?


Shiloah scratched his head. His long, blade-like claws screeched against his forehead.

Why couldn’t he remember? It had only been a thousand years…

In any case, he had to push this to the back of his mind for now.

Even with his all-seeing ability, he was still extremely cautious by nature. If this wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t be playing dirty even in situations where he clearly had the upper hand.

Hence, he mustn’t allow himself to be distracted when battling this human-shaped mosaic wall.

“Although I can’t figure out how you managed to escape from Gaz, I still wish to give you a friendly reminder. Do not lump me together with that stupid face with negative IQ…”

He tilted his head to the side. His slender body and sharp claws made him look like a praying mantis who was ready to hunt.

“Otherwise… Even you… Will die miserably…”

“Oh well…” Lilith took the initiative to charge toward him. “Thank you for the reminder.”

Naturally, after having a taste of Lilith’s full-powered attack earlier, Shiloah had no desire to get another taste of it. However, the speed at which Lilith was moving was so terrifying that even he didn’t have the confidence to perfectly evade her attack.

Fortunately, he was created to be a strange creature. Hence, his body structure differed completely from ordinary creatures.

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He quickly arched his body in a weird posture, forming a huge letter ‘C’, with his head nearly touching the ground. An action that not even Lilith could perform was effortless to him. After all, he could twist his spine as he willed like a snake.

With this, he was able to dodge Lilith’s fist.

Even so, the wind from her fist that grazed him still hurt. But still, it could be considered that he was successful in neutralizing Lilith’s attack since he got away unscathed.

He was glad that he found out early on that Lilith couldn’t use any martial techniques. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even try avoiding that attack in such a risky way.

Shiloah promptly responded to Lilith by violently swinging his claws at Lilith, like they were knives.


A sharp piercing noise akin to knife scratching against glass was heard. Five slits were made in the space around Lilith, revealing the terrifying dark void inside it. But the slits were almost instantly closed up again by the world’s self-restorative power.

Of course, Lilith’s natural response was to dodge.

Shiloah didn’t seem to have battle qi or magical power in him. It was a strange and unprecedented power. It put her into a trance before he even got close to her. By the time she came back to her senses, she realized that his long claws were just right in front of her and she wouldn’t be able to dodge them in time.

“Ohoho… die!”

“You wish!”

Looking at the claws that were just inches away from her face, Lilith gritted her teeth.

If she couldn’t dodge it, then she would have to take it head-on!

Lilith didn’t cower from the claws that could rip open space. The luster of jade shone brilliantly on her right hand as it welcomed Shiloah’s sharp weapon!


A muffled sound was heard.

It sounded nothing like flesh and metal meeting.

More metal and stone!

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The moment they clashed, invisible ripples spread out from the point of contact as though a rock had been cast into a still lake.

A drop of golden blood oozed out from where Lilith’s fist came into contact with Shiloah’s claw. It then flowed along her arm and to her elbow before dripping onto the ground. The surrounding was so silent that everyone could clearly hear the blood drip.

“Seems like you’re losing…”


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