Chapter 4-93: So Terrifying

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2200 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1263 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Lady Cornelia…”

Shiloah knelt on one knee and clasped his hand over his chest respectfully when he heard the white-haired girl’s reproach.

“Please allow me to explain, this isn’t my fault this time. I’m actually just a step away from finishing off my dinner… Oh no, I mean the princess named Lesiah. It was Gaz. I have no idea why he couldn’t even handle a brat that has been drugged.”

“I’ve heard enough…”

Cornelia waved dismissively, indicating that she had no desire to listen. But the simple gesture was enough to make Shiloah tremble.

Cold sweat formed on his forehead and rolled down his face.

He knew too well that the calmer Lady Cornelia was…. The more furious she was.

He subconsciously pulled the last layer of tuxedo tighter around him, beneath the black robes that he discarded earlier.

It was almost like he was mentally preparing himself to get skinned alive by Lady Cornelia after this.

Cornelia turned her gaze to Lilith, and Lilith’s muscles instantly tensed. Her body just reacted naturally like she was facing a ferocious ancient beast.

Although this ancient beast was similar to her in stature, her two globes of ‘power’ in front of her chest were definitely fuller than Lilith’s. Even so, she looked no different than a naive and innocent little girl who would hide in her mother’s arms.

However, Lilith’s instinct told her that this young girl was far more dangerous than everyone she met in this Ancient Ruin combined together.

Cornelia’s scrutinizing gaze caused Lilith’s scalp to crawl and made her involuntarily back up a few steps. Under the intensifying pressure, she finally caved in and broke the silence.

“Who are you…?”

Instead of answering her question, Cornelia continued scrutinizing her from head to toe, before tilting her head to look at Lesiah who was behind Lilith.

She spared only a very brief glance, before returning her to Lilith again.

It was almost as if Lesiah was no more than just an ant on the side of the road — something that wasn’t even worth a second glance from her.

And Lilith was threatened by her calm gaze that drifted back to her.

She wouldn’t be surprised if laser beams would shoot out of her eyes in the next moment and incinerate her to ashes.

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“I can’t read you…” Cornelia suddenly spoke up.


Lilith was holding her breath as she braced herself for the enemy’s stormy attack. Hence, it took her a while to realize that what she was bracing herself for turned out to be a random statement.

“How about I help you install a pair of titanium dog eyes? The ones that come with X-ray vision?”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Cornelia actually responded to Lilith’s stupid question very seriously. “You’re different from the other outsiders. You’re shrouded by a mist that someone powerful has cast on you. It hides your past, identity and even some things you do in this world. Even if I can’t read you, I can sense a threatening aura on you. It makes me wonder what can possibly make even me this afraid.”

Even she is afraid?

Lilith lifted an eyebrow.

She had no idea where exactly this little girl, whom Shiloah addressed as ‘Lady Cornelia’, hailed from. But the only thing that could frighten her now, given that saint-level strength had been sealed away would be none other than…

Her black flame.

Although Lilith had yet to fully understand the black flame that was lent to her by the person inside her, she wasn’t surprised that this strange little girl would be afraid of it, given its absurd power.

But then again, this little girl didn’t seem to know what exactly Lilith had in her body either.

“Since that’s the case, why don’t we just part ways here?” Lilith suggested.

In any case, she wasn’t stupid enough to put herself in an unfavorable situation just for the sake of venting her anger.

“You know I have something powerful hidden in me, so nothing good will come out of fighting us.”

“No way.” Cornelia refused firmly while shaking her head.

“You… can’t leave.”

“Why not? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for me and wish to take me as your wife.”

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Lilith clutched the collar of her shirt fearfully.


Cornelia took a step toward Lilith and looked like she had zero interest in her shenanigans.

An intense pressure instantly overwhelmed Lilith.

“You must die.”

Cornelia’s adorable face turned extremely sinister.

“Because you are one of the factors that will destroy this world.”

“Hey, hey, don’t simply blame me! I don’t remember doing anything destructive after entering this world!”

Lilith widened her eyes at Cornelia’s accusation, feeling extremely wronged.

Although she was usually on the more active side, she hadn’t really done many evil deeds since young. How did she end up getting accused as one of the factors that would destroy a world?

And Shiloah seemed to have said something along the same line too… Like they were accusing Lilith of starting the flame that was burning this world.


“Do you have any proof?” Lilith questioned while resisting the sudden increasing pressure.

“I don’t, but I don’t need any to identify that you outsiders are the problem either.”

“But there are so many outsiders here, why did you point your finger at me first?!” Lilith huffed angrily. “That’s not fair!”

It was the same story back when she was on the grassland too. There were a few hundreds of people entering this little world, why do they have to place the blame on a harmless and cute little loli like her?! It was unacceptable!

“If your house fell apart, and the suspects are a group of kittens and a husky.”

Cornelia tilted her head to the side and stared at Lilith with her murderous eyes. “If you were in my shoes, who do you think the culprit is?”

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The corner of Lilith’s mouth twitched.

Damn, she has a good point. I can’t refute.

Cornelia was determined to kill her and didn’t plan on talking anymore. She lifted her slender finger and pointed to Lilith…


A brief sound of something slicing through the air suddenly rang out in the room.

The siren in Lilith’s mind went off as she instinctively crossed her arms in front of her to block an attack that she couldn’t even see.

A sharp pain shot up in her palms, like they had been pierced.

Lilith focused intently, and her eyes instantly widened.

It turned out that what pierced her palms was a barely visible strand of long white hair.

With the enhancement of battle qi, the originally long and soft strand was turned into a thin and fine needle that was as hard as stainless steel. It spun at high speed and drilled through her palms so deep that the length of its other end protruding from the back of Lilith’s palm was about a finger-long, even though Lilith still had White Jade Style activated.

If it wasn’t for her hard dragon bones, the strands would’ve probably drilled through her palms and pierced right into her brain.

Lilith took a deep breath to calm her nerves. While she was terrified by the monstrous girl named Cornelia who nearly killed her with a single strand of hair, she didn’t forget to curse her stupid martial senior brother inwardly.

Didn’t he say that instilling battle qi on long-ranged weapons wouldn’t be effective? So what’s the deal with this situation?! Can he get his a̲s̲s̲ here and explain to me?!!


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